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Seeing through the veil


Dr. Asher - Freeman & Randy Maugan Interviews

For those who may have missed these shows:

Here are a couple of shows I did with Freeman and Randy Maugan

Once the false narrative is identified, how do we know which direction to go? Is it best to attack what we dislike or head in an entirely different direction?

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 - (in-ep-toc’-ra-cy) - Ineptocracy

In both religions and government :

A system of government, or religion, where the least capable to lead .....


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Ancient French Map shows....

....images of an old map that is supposed to be documenting where everyone migrated to after the flood...


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Holly-Wud Mass Arrests?

Is it true?  Are the majority of major Hollywood actors, clergy and others arrested for pedo-crimes? Or is there another explanation for their alleged disappearances.  

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Randy Maugans - Consciousness Wave

From the Sign-of-Jonah (Aug/21/2017) to the final sign depicting the full destruction and removal of all evil by April/8/2024 -the 7 years of Jacob's trouble! 

Couple Rev. Dana Coverstones 1st warning to all Christians, with the new 2nd warning, and we can identify clearly that we are correct in seeing these events being timed with.........

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The Elect are Being Warned!

The Elect are Being Warned Now!

As I have been showing for many years, the prophets clearly depict the Father saying that HIS people, who are called by HIS name, not some other name, and who are those who know and DO His instructions - the 1st law - , WILL BE SAVED.  1000 will fall by your left hand and 10,000 by your right, you will SEE it all happening, yet it will NOT TOUCH YOU. And many, many more times the same is said in various ways. But, as I have always taught, the caveat is - WHO ARE HIS PEOPLE? 

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The Messiah Star?

"It’s a prophecy essentially saying that a new Jewish leader will emerge in Israel who will lead it to world domination.

So which star will be that particular star?"

"and my people will eat, but yours will starve, and my people will drink, but yours will thirst!"....

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Where's the Beef?

Do you really believe that it's the evil, gut-eating satanists "elite" that are pushing vegetarianism or veganism on you? 


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Nefilim Name and the Crystal Trees

So, one day I doodled a picture of the flat earth with the dome, and extended the dome below in equal proportion, and it hit me!  THAT is exactly where these evil lying scum got their circumference math for their version of the SPHERE EARTH model!....

Are they talking about "Outer space" and other ROUND planets with alien life forms on them throughout the "vacuum" of "space?"

OR, are they using all those "words/descriptions" to tell the truth; while at the same time leaving the long established Sci-Fi programming within everyone to paint the picture OF THEIR WORDS/descriptions, for them? 

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Scorpion Sting - Stage-1

....Remember what one segment of those eight warnings said about men's minds "burning" for 5 months?  Certainly a Prion infection of the brain can be accurately described as the brain being burned.....

...and, why did they rely so heavily on cannibalism as main topics in all of the biggest TV shows and movies like - The Books of Eli and others, etc....

What does the Greater Exodus through the many prophets tell us?  That the Eternal One's people will inhabit towns and cities along their way which are still fully intact - "My people will eat, but yours will starve, and my people will drink, but yours will thirst." 

So again, I ask why are they showing everyone the exact opposite scenarios in all of these popular movies and TV shows? Rhetorical......Because their plan has always been to cause these identical conditions......

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