Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends, So Glad You Could Attend, Come Inside! Come Inside!

Seeing through the veil


No Dingo’s ate my baby!

...This evil will be allowed to exist more and more as a litmus test against the entire populations of this, and most likely other countries....

 ....How long will it take for heaven to see who, how quickly, and, how many people openly rebel against this now open idea to eat children....?

....make NO mistake in thinking that these aren’t the exact same evil souls and evil fallen ones running this new version of a very old show....exactly those same souls who oversaw the show in Sodom and in every culture before and after them; from 1st Babel to the Mayan’s to the good Ole, American Fetus sweetened Pie, USA!

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Vital Health News

"In just the last few days, Amazon banned vaccine awareness documentaries like Vaxxed after being threatened by Democrat lawmaker Adam Schiff. Apple has also threatened Natural News over articles that cover vaccines, abortions or Satanism, and Pinterest has banned all vaccine searches to prevent users from discovering content that questions the lies of vaccine propagandists. (As a side note, Brighteon.com is becoming the go-to video platform for vaccine truth videos. Vaccine researchers are increasingly posting content there because it’s being banned everywhere else.)..."

There is no doubt in my mind that all of these alleged outbreaks have been purposely caused for two major reasons....

This is, and always has been nothing less, or more than their long-term final solution program for the hidden, Beacon-Seed people. What recently occurred against those "Hebrew" Jewish people in NY should have been your wake-up call.

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'Fallen' the link to their immortality

"....yes, for sure time appears to be the key to any death cycle. And yes, everyone's best guess is that the fallen are outside of this system and in another dimension possibly, and not here with us...."

"....The dark side will stop at nothing to keep as many as possible outside of even the very basics of the Eternal One’s Everlasting Agreement, especially if most of them don’t even know of the Agreement...."

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The A.I City of the all Seeing Eye


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Final Warning!

I hypothesized, based on the known "character" of the Eternal One, in my book Soul Revolution, and regarding the scene in Enoch where the fallen are seen to be finally cut-off from their Eternal-Soul-Tether; that had they not gone full-on Black-Flag on the souls of this creation-space after that, and just remained sorrowful and contrite to some degree, that no doubt the Eternal One would have forgiven even them, or maybe especially them, and all would have been well. But no. 

Then, as the following post and warning will show, they had a front row, center seat throughout history to see how they could still be forgiven. Could it even be, that this creation was allowed to be usurped by them so that they could be directly shown that benevolence through those who they so utterly controlled, misdirected and oppressed? Food for thought. Because in the end, all works for His good and light!

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Yehovah Orders All to be Destroyed without Mercy in (Ai)

Yehovah’s specific instructions on how they should deal with that place and all the people in it; and when we understand that the so-called “sin” of Ai –which was also known to be the core location for all such “contamination” throughout the land....;

....This has all happened before, and it will all happen again....

....the technology being used in and emanating from the town of Ai, at that time to “contaminate” the entire land, was the exact same technology that is now emerging to do the same to this....;

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Brainwashing - Modern Transgender Activism:

"Dr. Robert Lifton, an expert on brainwashing and author of The Nazi Doctors, noted that all cult behavior modification and indoctrination systems involve an “excessive emotional experience demanding total self surrender.” Taking the “candidate” to the point of “total self surrender” was found to be a prerequisite of all effective brainwashing, and in this sense pre-trans youths are already blank slates awaiting a new identity, because there can be no greater a rejection of self than to reject one’s own body and biological self."

"Yardley’s observation on the brutalization of language is important here and worth an essay on its own. In his book Kingdom of the Cults, Walter Ralston Martin observed a similar attack on language by Christian cults; Martin noted it seemed as if there was a deliberate attempt to confuse language and rewrite the meaning of words, making communication either difficult or impossible. If you can distort language you can distort reality itself. As propaganda expert and journalist Stella Morabito has observed, the current trans propaganda “requires more than ever that the bystander reject physical reality in order to accommodate ever-shifting perceptions of others. This is huge.  It … require[s] us to reject our own physical reality and question our own ‘gender identity.’”

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Whole-Foods Supporting Left-Pedo's?

"If you shop at Whole Foods you are supporting the destruction of all religion, human rights, child safety, and everything organic. If you think the Left has not gone completely insane, you may find out later the hard way, and in a way you can’t reverse. Rampant child abuse and sexual exploitation has now been normalized by “progressives” on the left, who claim they are doing all this for “love.”

When the ancient texts speak of a "lake of fire" or other damning place that had to be created for those fallen, angelic beings, and later states that also some other souls as well, will join them there, THOSE are the souls being referred to in those texts. The actual, souled people who are approached with deals and accept, usually a deal to regain and keep all of their lives memories through all subsequent life-cycle...,

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Flanking the Soul

An Elon Musk presentation - Soulless Drones are creating tech provided by the fallen to enslave the souls who are here. Capturing and enslaving the souls into their new, A.I created faux world where no Free Will exists. Souls to be used, forever, as their eternal power source. 

NOW, we all understand what the 5g is actually going to be used for.

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Memories of the Soulless Hu-Man's

"....Then will they all strip their sleeves and show their scars, and say "These wounds I received for the Creator’s Law in my days!" Then shall our names be familiar in HIS mouth as household words, freshly remembered! This story shall good souls teach their children; From this day to the ending of the world, we in it shall be remembered— We few, we happy few, we band of Souls; For he today that sheds no blood shall be my brother!"  

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