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The Return of the Nimster!



 Dana Coverstone's Hail to the Chief dream may be on to something big!


This is Ann Heche (ALIVE) the actress who they just told us mysteriously died after a fiery car crash in Los Angeles. There is NO doubt that she was pronounced dead at the scene, and on every news channel nationwide, worldwide, minutes later. But, this is also not unlike the journalist for Rolling Stone Magazine - Michael Hastings, and others, who was murdered in much this same way. Although his crash and the results of it were nowhere near as contained. Additionally, very few honest people who looked at that crash and scene evidence were convinced that it was just an operator error accident. Not to mention that some of the "clean up crew" seen on site by myself, and others, were surely of the Shelanite-Judahite, persuasion. Pure coincidence I am sure.

By all accounts we can identify that Ann Heche appeared in at least two movies that right now, in these times, have to be horrifically unpopular with the Cabal's upper management.  I mean come on, to their evil credit, they are all so busy trying to install Nimrods soul back into his original body out there in Colorado, and just do not have the time anymore to hold hands with their actor-minions while they go off the rails doing and saying things that burn up their precious, evil, giant, Nefilim, dictator, resurrection time!

See - Toxic Skies: 2008, and, Girl in Room 13, be released next month.

As a good friend said when he sent me the news of this crazy and highly disturbing video below, 'Ann sure seemed to work on some conspiratorial stuff.' And I agree, there are many, most now forgotten from most people minds, events just like this one. But we never got to see their helpless victim jump out of their body-bag and try to escape before! This is new ground for both sides - GOOD & EVIL!  Maybe they can add this event into American Ninja?

Now, being reminded from the movie title above depicting the number 13, which the cabal loves to use quite a bit, it is difficult to not see the happenstance of the number on top of the ambulance that was flat out abducting Ann = [63], which, even to me, not being a Christian or New Testament buff, hit me immediately as being another veiled version of what I call the - TRINTY-6. (See my book Soul Revolution) Or, three sixes as they once again subdue this poor woman as she tried to escape.  I say "once again" because they must have caused a crash, grabbed and drugged her, bagged her up, and blown the car.  And no one can scream hyperbole or conspiracy theory, because ALL of the MSM, not some, all of them told us she got burned to death in the crash. Well, NOT SO MUCH! In the video below I can clearly see that she is NOT DEAD, and also, NOT burned. You do not burn as badly as they reported she did, inside a closed car, and still get to wear your light tan, unmarked, NOT BURNED, sleeveless T-shirt as you escape your freaking body bag! 

My prayers go out to this woman, because only the Father and His legions know what they hell they did with her after that. My first guess will be that she is donating her adrenal-chrome to Nimrod.

 And I have not seen her Chem-trail sky's movie yet, but I bet it will not contain the reasons why they have been doing it for so long. My theory is, that they had to get the upper atmosphere polluted enough over time before they injected their NPC - Soulless Drones, and some real ensouled people, with the Soul-Capture Jab. Why? Well, many people have already figured this out, but I believe they are all attributing it to the wrong outcome.  We all know, or should know, that the cabal does nothing unless the action covers more than one result for them; so yes, using the chem-trails to reduce the suns direct Ultra-violet rays is also to help decrease our food growth capability, along with wiping out everything else surrounding small and large-scale farming. However, I now believe that the main reason they need those rays greatly diminished is because their Jab, and the ongoing effects of it in whoever consented to taking it, would be wiped out by that normal amount of UVR! THAT IS WHAT THE SUN DOES! It kills PARASITES! And, that Jab concoction is admittedly, by the producers of it, riddled with a major parasite.  Another proof that this theory has parasitic legs, is, that it is now known that Vitamin D goes a long way at destroying the parasite - aka - (fake virus).  They needed to give their little concoction enough time to grow and spread, uninhibited.






Dana Coverstones latest vision/dream may have something to do with this Nimrod story, the - "Hail to the Chief Dream" (Below)


Sent in by a subscriber:

Thanks for sending this Shanna, and Yes, I have been told before that Steven listens to my podcasts, and read my books. And yes, I definitely hear it in this one, and have in others. But, he's a good guy, and so far, unlike virtually all the others who have used my info, he does not change it to mean or sell something else. In any case, yes, this body of Nimrod story is not going away at all. And yes, like you stated in the post, the Soul Revolution book does build the scientific picture of how they can do this. And if they can, then we all know they have, and will.

Now, since he did get into the whole Babylon and mystery Babylon thing, but as everyone does, still always looks at ancient and modern Israel for all that, which I am certain, it is not there. As I have pointed out many times before, my opinion on it is this:
1. Babylon - as stated in one of the recent warnings via Isaiah, and Micah, is a portion inside the United States. (Eastern) The (Daughter of).
2. Mystery Babylon - In my mind, represents the Shelanite Cabal who has always been Babylonian, and, as a place, Mystery Babylon is ancient & modern day Judea - (Mother of).
3. Egypt, Moab, Assyria, Aman, Edom AND, Canaan/Sons of Jacob, etc.. Also all places inside the USA.




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