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Return of Nimmy 2 - Crushing their Heads


 - The Resurrection of Nimrod!

 Crushing their Heads:

This may be one of the most informative videos most will see this year - (below), especially towards the 40 min mark for those who stick with it all the way through. Also, anyone who has studied my work is already aware of most of this.

One point to watch for which he speaks on regarding the Babylonian-Judahite cabal, their world control system, and specifically where it concerns their DNA;  He’s  quoting, saying that they believe that their own Reptilian, tainted DNA line, and also the DNA line of Moshe (Moses), are the only two DNA lines that are viable for all their satanic "Soul Transference" science which they have been doing - (Taking a soul and inserting it into a new biological body or a machine body). YES, this has been done many times successfully, and they have told you so in science journals, and from Holly-Wood. 

 The problem with what I saw in this researchers interpretation of what the Cabal believes about these two lines of DNA is this; He seems to be interpreting their understanding of these two lines, as them believing that BOTH of these lines of DNA, theirs, and that of Moshe, as one and the same - i.e. both tainted. 

 NOT TRUE!  What I call the [Beacon-Seed] lines, which is NOT only DNA based, comes through one of the original three bloodlines - The two "righteous" lines are [ZERAH], and, the line of [FHAREZ] - (Most times incorrectly spelled - Pharez).  The 3rd line of DNA is called - YAHUDAH / Judah. This line from ancient times is understood as being UN-righteous for a specific reason regarding the 3 original sons of the man Judah, which I detail more in the Asher Codex book. Interestingly, that UN-righteous line of Yahudah is the one we are experiencing in the last 3500 yrs, give or take.  YES, there were 3 sons of the original Judah. Two were VERY bad, and the one who lived made it by the skin of his teeth.  

DISCLAIMER - This does not mean every person who has, or is following the Babylonian cult religion of JEW-DA-ISM, is of that original UN-righteous line, or bad people. It is a very small, core element we are dealing with here.

Cont:  The problem with this researchers misunderstanding of the attention the Babylonian cabal is giving to the line of Moshe, is, that - Abrahim comes through the Righteous line of Fharez, and 14 generations later, so does Moshe! And even worse, if someone wants to continue in this line of belief - that the lineage Moshe came through was tainted, then that is a major issue for anyone who believes that Yehshua is the Elect one - aka – the Mashiach/savior! Because 14 generations after Moshe, came Yehshua inside that same, Righteous line of Fharez. Ooops! 

So then - WHY? 

WHY is the cabal so interested in the "seed " of Moshe?  Well, because it is quite the opposite of tainted!  Moshe's line of this skull-crushing seed is the original “TERMINATOR seed”, which has caused ongoing, irreversible damage, and major harm to the shrinking cabal DNA numbers.

This seed line's power is something that almost no one on earth knows about unless they are part of the cabal who is affected by it, or someone who had an open-minded and honest Hebrew scholar grandfather like mine.  In short, they have always been searching for and trying to utterly exterminate the carriers of - The Beacon-Seed;  which is my term for it, and title for the book which explains it.  Meaning, it is an ancient and hidden understanding that to my knowledge had no name. For now, the shorter explanation of it, is – “a soul-based-firewall-infiltrator" of a spiritual nature that works through, and beyond the DNA of our physical bodies. It is the one spiritual weapon that the cabal knows all too well, and has worked so hard to keep from public awareness, because awareness strengthens the weapon.  It is the weapon employed since Genesis. The one that they have been trying to eradicate because it has been wiping out their original, more pure bloodline numbers since long before Abrahim was told about it within the blessing which was given through him. The "blessing" that ran "through" Abrahim, literally.

 The Beacon-Seed is the ultimate spiritual trump card.  And the Cabal has spent all their time trying to stop it.  And now you have the real answer for why the cabal had to grab all power from all major nations from behind the scene as this researchers video below clearly shows; because these Luciferians needed direct access to their national armies in order to facilitate major and continuous wars. WHY? Because tracking single-sources or larger populations of Beacon-Seed carriers proved far too slow. They never found large enough pockets of the "blessing", to outpace it. You have all of history to show you where they looked, we have all read about or seen the evidence to this very day of where they tried to wipe out the Beacon-Seed - 

 (Listen here for that interview on this topic - Shows # 5 & 6)

I don't know all that much about the many conflicting details surrounding the Christian/Jesus story. I only know him well through his earthly walk as an Essene master living the Eternal Fathers 1st Law of the Everlasting Agreement, and of his further work as the Eternal Fathers - Elect one who intercedes on behalf of all “elect” people, to the end. Which is the part of his work that appears to parallel closely to that of what most Christians believe Yehshua's main job is for most of the souls of mankind.  I also know, and have proven though the Hebrew texts that Yehshua/Jesus, has gone through time using two persona's to rule all things for the Father, and both personas are also closely related, but vastly misunderstood through all religions.

These are Yehovah & Yehshua, and both have the same root meaning - Savior.  However, the Yehovah character is seen, in many cases, acting as a punisher, and protector, and until now always separated from having any direct connection to the Yehshua personality.  However, I have shown via the Hebrew texts that they are one and the same. Moreover, neither one is the Eternal Creator of all things.  

 Additionally, and not to confuse, but the so-called "Yahweh" name and persona is either another entity altogether, or, as I highly suspect, a persona used by the fallen ones to confuse everyone through time as I have also shown to be the case - That there have been at least three entities mankind has been dealing with all this time, and will again soon:

  1. The Prime, Eternal-Creator
  2. Yehovah/Yehshua


  1. Yahweh = One or more of the fallen Impostor of Yehovah! And soon to be imposter of Yehshua! Always the one causing mankind to fall away from the Father's 1st & 2nd laws. He is the one who is murdering and causing to murder both man and animals through wars and sacrifices, throughout the texts. THIS is the one who confused Abrahim, and to almost cause Abrahim to murder Isaac. And Yehovah-Yehshua was the "angel" who stopped Abrahim.  (Again, read the Beacon-Seed book for more of this understanding)

The shortest summation ever of the seed conflict from Genesis, to these end-days:

Yehovah/Yehshua was the one in the Garden putting the curse upon the Reptilian-Seraphim-Lucifer, and his fallen cadre.

  • The curse which does what? Ultimately, CRUSHES THE HEAD OF THE REPTILIAN = SERAFIM, their souls; but first, by crushing their attempts at physical replication, and the subjugation of all of the Fathers created souls on earth!
  • And how does this happen? Through the bypassing of, and ultimately the reduction of their DNA. And by bypassing their corrupted DNA, which science has now proven to be what the soul uses exclusively to capture and transmit all data upon death, they diminish! Thus, if the soul uses the DNA to store up and transmit all knowledge and earthly experiences into the "spiritual record system", which we also believe the cabal has access to, via the fallen ones technology and Kabbalah magik, which they use during their ongoing reincarnation process for world control, this then creates a spiritual, and possibly an invisible biological avenue wherein their corrupted seed is bypassed by and through the blessing of Abrahim, via the Beacon-Seed, which is then passed through the birth of another child (some being cabal children)who are endowed with the Beacon-Seed, crushing the "head", or the "top", or the "best" of their corrupted seed line which has been dwindling their numbers for a very long time. 

"and the devil knows his time is short..." Literally! 

  AND NOW you also have your historical answer for why the few and very specific Babylonian sects of Jew-da-ism, (orthodox), always sequestered their families together wherever in the world they lived. And why they have, like other lesser known but also related religious cabal sects, have so much in-breeding. Because they have known about this, and have been dodging the Beacon-Seed as much as possible, while at the same time doing everything possible, worldwide, to utterly destroy it.  However, at some point in history, which I tend to believe to have been right before WW1, they concluded that the Beacon-Seed - (Righteous-Zera) - was moving too fast. So, they went bigger and began massive world wars in the attempt to eradicate the seed.  And here we are yet again, at the brink in 2022. There end comes in early 2024… (See: As it was in the Days of Noah; The Noah Prophesy, here)

If you are a student of war history, you should have long asked the question of WHY it seems that so far all of the massive world wars included only "Christian" nations killing each other???  Also related to that; have you ever seen an orthodox Jew-da-hite fighting in those ranks? Ever? Hmmmm.....

My answer to this has always been the same - That the blessing that came through Abrahim is also directly connected to the so-called, "lost tribes" who were never lost. That idea is a 100% fallacy created by the cabal in order to insure that their UN-righteous, tainted, reptilian line which they call Judah after usurping the name of one of Jacobs 12 sons, who had ZERO connection to the original man Judah, would be able to assume total authority of all biblical texts, laws, interpretations, and to create an ever expanding air of authority in which they have been able to clandestinely usurp, and control all of the worlds major powers from behind the scenes.  That understood, the original 12 HEBREW tribal peoples were all, not some, all eventually scattered into Asia and Europe to continue spreading that head-crushing Beacon-Seed far, and wide - "Like the sands of the sea, and the stars of the heavens."  Are you finally understanding the importance of this curse & blessing? 

The Luciferian cabal thought they would be able to completely cut off and separate the majority of souls from eventually being returned to the Eternal Father by having those people CONSENT to taking their soul-separating, satanic, sentient goo - (See Harold Klautz video below). Which we now know rewrites and adds to all DNA.  But, thwarting them at all turns is THIS Beacon-Seed, to which they have used the highest, and most corrupted  minds in science to locate for targeting, and eradication, which is yet another story I wrote about on this topic many years ago, 



We are evidently, and prophetically at the point now, in history, where the Babylonian cabal could not weed out much of the good wheat from their majority of fake wheat, so now the luciferian plan appears to be centered around murdering all life, completely, and by any and all means possible. And it would appear now that their science fiction, was not so fictional at all. Because now they are admitting to being fully capable of creating actual walking dead, zombie life forms from bugs to "other living things.." Are any of us believing when they state - and other living things, that they mean anything other than humans?  So, as of this week here is where we are at. And as I always warn people, when the cabal lets it out that they are able to do some new scientific feat, what that really means is, they have been able to do it for at least 30 years already, and have it perfected.

So, if anyone is still under some delusion that the components in the 2020 DNA manipulating jabs were for fighting illness, rather than creating the walking dead, then be deceived no longer.

They will soon use their 5 or higher "g" frequencies to control many people who took their jab:


And when I say - "What we know", I mean it has been physically, on video, scientific repeated, thus proven to be true, regardless how it makes you feel:

  1. The CV jab is filled with a substance coined as "Graphene”; it is NOT thatIt is what other scientists like Harold Kluasz-Vella told us it was many yrs ago when it was easy for everyone to just ignore his findings and direct experiences with the substance known as (Black-Sentient-Goo). Anyone who has taken the CV shot, is now filled with this demonic, sentient oil substance which is aided in its electrical connections and assemblies via the nano-tech which is also proven to be in the jab. I will leave one of Harold's newer info video's below if you dare to know way more than most.
  1. We now know, that by the implanted systems inside and growing in all of these people who took the jab, both alive and now dead, that they all give off not only a strong frequency (signal), but can also receive signals. Are you beginning to see the connection now between their Necrobiotics tech, and the times we live in?  Tech by the way, which I am absolutely certain they had perfected 50 years ago.  

Quick Summation:  THIS IS WHERE ALL OF YOUR ZOMBIE MOVIE HOPES AND DREAMS ARE ABOUT TO COME TRUE IN REAL-TIME!  Yes, many of these people who died from the jabs got cremated, so they are no longer a threat. But all of those who lived can obviously be turned in-mass, or just regionally, at any time. And, regardless of how diseased they may be or may soon become, means nothing when these demonic maniacs turn them all into Zeke's! 

 "Necrobiotics is "the practice of reanimating and manipulating the corpses of animals and other living things."

For those of us who don't know how to read in between the lines, "animals and other living things" means PEOPLE!



NATURE journal reveals how graphene - aka - [Black goo] - can be used to assemble radio frequency electronics in biological systems:

 I realize that all this goes against most people religious bias, and not so much the same way everyone has been understanding any of their bible verses, but this version of it all completely confirms both the Hebrew prophets and Yehshua, although I think the prophets in the Hebrew language, and Yehshua through the writings of the Essene law books are clearer when they tell us almost all souls will be saved, in the end. We also see this, "all saved", idea clearly provided within the prophecy of the Greater Exodus. Which is most likely why the cabal worked so hard to keep that one hidden all this time, as well. 


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Jim Stone - Malicious Intent!

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