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Is the Greater Exodus Imminent?


Is the Eternal One beginning to warn His people, and the elect?

Will events like the invasion of the USA force this prophesied Greater Exodus migration into the wilderness again, as His mighty ones utterly destroy His enemies on the earth, starting with America?

The pictures herein show the new Space Force logo and statement of intent.

Needless to say, that for all my years of teaching I have warned that pretty much everyone was misidentifying all of the Nation-State players in end-times prophecy, including the State of New-Judah - aka - Mystery Babylon, but most thought me way over the top on all of that.

Well, here's pie in all their eyes!

Because this logo, which personifies the mission of Space-Farce, in which they clearly state to be OVER the entire world of governments, proves beyond any doubt now, how correct I have been to identify the USA as "Original-Egypt", all this time.

In addition to that, to say that the USA- Egypt, with all of its ancient neighbors to include Babylon, Ammon, Assyria, Moab, Canaan, Edom, etc., are all inclusive in the prophetic end-time events that pretty much everyone on earth, misunderstands. And by, all inclusive, I mean that all of those nation states are literally found here in the so-named USA through all time, and of course, in the end days as dark spiritual forces at work in the exact same ways they were, the first time.

The ancient, demonic, Cabal have minimally mirrored those lands of the middle east like a movie set with certain and few archeological trinkets which are now proven to have originated from the USA long before it was recast as the USA, and most likely done after the last Reset in order to misdirect the people of the "new world", and totally mislead the soul-lineages of the Eternal One's "Jacob" to believe that they are anyone but.

This has been a total redirect!

They directed generations of unsuspecting peoples worldwide into believing that the so-called 1946 "Land of Israel", Egypt, and all of the other surrounding ancient/modern States there to be ,in-fact, where all this history occurred.

NOTHING could be 6,700 miles further from the truth!

1. Babylon - as stated in one of the recent warnings via Isaiah, and Micah, is a portion inside the United States. (Eastern) The (Daughter of).
2. Mystery Babylon - In my mind, represents the Shelanite Cabal who has always been Babylonian, and, as a place, Mystery Babylon is ancient & modern day Judea - (Mother of).
3. Egypt, Moab, Assyria, Aman, Edom AND, Canaan/Sons of Jacob, etc.. Also all places inside the USA.

And now, I don't even have to argue the case any longer! Because this is so in your face even I cannot believe they did it so overtly.


Space Delta?

My first thought would naturally be that this is a reference to Delta-V, but knowing how the Kabbalah black magick priesthood permeates all of NASA and beyond like Buzz Lightyear, I believe this Delta reference must have another, darker agenda meaning to them.

Could it be a hidden reference to the Hebrew letter [D=Dalet], which in Hebrew means door, or doorway? Then I ask:

  • A door to where?
  • Or for who?
  • Does it open out, or in also?
  • Is it connected w/CERN?

And since anyone who follows my work already knows that I have shown these name stealing, language confusing, contract enforcing demonoid, soulless, Hu-Man drones, as a rule, to employ like a stealth weapon, their own form of Semantic language manipulation-(see blog on that here), therefore, surely their use of the Delta, rather than using a letter closer to the top of the pack, like Alpha, which to me would make more sense since this is the first iteration of the Space-Fools organization, must mean something much greater to them.

In the end, when I see a direct, or worse, a hidden reference to a doorway, or gate, I instantly must associate the language with an act, and that act, always, throughout known history, seems to revolve around the Cern-Babel-Tower technology, and also with the children of the fallen ones - the giants - trying to escape their eternal fate.

And what about the No:18?

Again, this is the first iteration of the organization is it not? And for sure we all know that they love their number magick. So, this does mean something more to them for sure. And soon, as more people see these logo's, I am more than sure we will find out many more hidden gems between the lines.

The more obvious thing I see right off in logo #1, below, is:

At first glance it might appear to have 3 vectors associated with those three delta shaped craft, but they cross paths, so I'm calling it 6 vector lines. Because what would this logo be with the number 6 in it?

It also appears that at least two of the three delta shapes are pointed directly at stars or constellations. The middle one is clearly pointing at Orion's Belt. Again, an obvious choice based on all the Egyptian mythology we have connected to Orion.

Additional insights on all this sent to me from a reader after seeing this article; Updated on 9/11/22:

 "So, it looks like all the stars in the logo are part of the Orion constellation; that's about Egyptian as Pharaoh's head, or a sphinx, like the Delta 18 logo. To me, Orion = Osiris = Nimrod. The lower star that the delta is pointing at is Rigel. They say it's the 7th brightest star in the sky; and its the one by which all other stars' brightness/magnitude is classified by. The name Rigel is derived from the Arabic name Rijl Jauzah al Yusra, meaning "the left leg of Jauzah." Rijl means leg or foot. Some websites are defining Jauzah as Orion, or "central one."

The delta on the right of that appears to be pointing towards a single star that I cannot identify off hand. My educated guess would be Draco's of course. Maybe someone can clear that up for us.

The delta craft on the left just seems to be heading off into the ether, or maybe it's escorting their mother-ship getaway craft? 

Of course, there are plenty of other crossed lines in there to keep allot of the Masonic signal hunters going a while. In the end, it's just more of the same.

The #18?

What can I say about this. Within my knowledge base, the most esoteric that I get with any numbers is knowing that the #6 in ancient mythology is supposed to be designed as a picture of the fallen ones coming down from heaven onto the earth.

But the 18, when added together - 1 +8=9, And just like the number 6, the number 9 has the same, but opposite mythology attached to it. Meaning, the #9 was designed to be a picture of the fallen angels return path back into heaven after they win the war against the Prime Eternal Creator.

I know, I know, but we should give them at least a 'that-a-boy' for their optimism.

And the hits just keep comin!

At the very least they never seem to disappoint.


  • WE ARE in Egypt right now.
  • We are spread out all over Egypt.
  • Greater Babylon - the daughter-of, is in control still.
  • Mystery Babylon is still controlling the daughter of..
  • The Hyksos are on their way now to sac Egypt, like the first time.
  • And the Greater Exodus is about to begin!!!
"The 18th dynasty of Egypt were the first dynasty of New Egypt! - Delta D - 18. And the story that archaeology/history tells is that those rulers were not from Egypt or Africa... always some "other" species, just like today."

I have never been very sure that the Greater Exodus would happen in my lifetime, but I am now beginning to see the signs of it on the ground.

I highly suggest everyone re-read this recent warning that I was given. And if you have not yet, I would because it seems to go hand in hand with this new revelation, and also with all of the warnings that Yehshua appears to be giving certain Christians.

Although I received 7 highly specific warnings between 2014 and 2019 which are published in my 'Days of Noah' book, there are two more recent warnings that I published in 2022, below:





AND, for the latest warning by one of, if not the only Christian preacher I take seriously, see below:

Dana Coverstone's latest vision/dream may have something to do with this Nimrod story, the - "Hail to the Chief Dream"


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