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I Was Shown - UPDATED 3/8/22


The Meaning of 322!

Outsiders reading this blog will not know exactly how I came about the recent idea of the number 322 in context with the March 22nd date. Those who known me and have learned from me were told, and know the background for it.

After seeing the Roman date, I looked at where that date correlated with our corrected Creator's calendar, and here is what that looks like.

  1. The day we were on was Zebulun 12: Counting from 13th.

  1. There are 33 days to 3-22

  1. 33rd day falls on our Neftali 15

  1. Neftali 15 is our first planting day of the new yr.

  1. And, Neftali 15 is also the Greater Exodus Alert/Caution day to watch each year

We are already watching this next Neftali 1 - Renewal-Memorial day and month to be yet another escalation of greater proportions given what Dana Coverstone recently conveyed, coupled with the fact that his previous "calendar" vision of event escalations all occurred on our Creator Calendars Renewal-Memorial event days. Which by the way, is a calendar system and special event days that Coverstone has not one clue about. Therefore, those calendar visions he had were not meant for him or the Christians, they were meant to warn the Yehshurim. Clearly this has to be the case, because the man has no clue at all what the great importance of those dates are. Only AHYH's people know. The Days of Noah Prophecy

In the past few days since becoming aware of that March date for this year, [assuming it is for 2022] and with the epiphany of this seemingly disconnected number - 322 being integral with that date, but also feeling it had its own specific and separate meaning which I thought came into focus very early that morning, or so I initially believed.  Initially, I figured that this date had its own meaning to watch for on that day, and after that I simply landed on the obvious context of that 322 number having its roots in the Shelanite-Nazi occult.   Overall, at that time, I thought it was simply telling me to watch for horrific evil on that date. Since last week that 322 number has popped up in my face three more times, and from three completely different sources. And just yesterday, 2/24/22, after filling my online shopping cart with various sundries, and upon checking out I was startled by the final price after shipping - $322.76  And you may be wondering what the 76 has to do with any of it. To my surprise, one of the three sources from which this 322 came at me last week, and this week, was a pod-caster talking about how one of the planets was aligned on 2/22/22, and how the last time this alignment occurred was July 4th 1776 - AND, he also made connections to the 322 numbering with that planets arrival! 

Truthfully, as much as I am generally known for not considering any of these odd happenstances with dates, numbers, or Gematria in general, that shopping cart final price was a bit difficult for me to just blow off as chance. In fact, I am thinking that the mathematical probability of that exact number coming up for me in a random shopping cart after I chose one of 5 ways to ship the merch, to be fairly close to impossible. Especially during the last two weeks of 322 sightings.

All that understood, still, this morning I continued to feel uneasy, like I was missing something, so I asked. And, while in prayer and contemplation about it, that small voice was not so small this time when blurting out - GENESIS 3:22!  And after I went to the Hebrew Genesis 3:22, I was compelled to keep going until it stopped. Here is what I was shown.

The following texts have been largely re-translated from the Hebrew to a far more literal form than found in any of the horrifically mistranslated bible, "versions."

Gen 3:22 And Yehovah, the mighty one, said; ‘Behold, man exists separated from wisdom, and perfect order – Evil!  You (Satan), dislodged and cast out by force, seizing also from the tree of life, devouring life, eternal!”

If this Genesis text is a statement to me, and to the Yehshurim as a whole, is He making a direct statement here about the current condition of most contaminated souls? And once again about the entity (Satan) who caused it, again? It does appear that way to me. In other words, a warning that His hand is about to loose the Elect one - as Yehovah - The Hammer, on the majority of mankind; and for the final time on the fallen ones.

"Dislodged & cast out by force!".... This must be a direct reference to the prophesied event of Lucy-fer being ejected from heaven for the final time.

Ex 3:22 “Women will demand from the inhabitants, and from the house of the lion [Judah] – Silver utensils and gold-infused clothing; putting [them] on your sons, and on your daughters, spoiling the Egyptians.”

Again, after the Gen 3:22 destruction of New Egypt -USA- and surrounding Babylonian territories, this appears to be a reference to the 2nd and Greater Exodus of peoples out of cities and populated zones. And like the first Exodus, the same instruction to loot the Egyptians for whatever you need for your families to survive and thrive under those horrific conditions around you, has been given.

Additionally, you may be wondering about the use of the tribal name of Judah in that corrected text. Well, the Hebrew is clearly depicting a lion, or young lion through the word used there, and not at all correctly translated in any other Western texts for the obvious reason.  Moreover, it is clearly a call-out in two spots - Calling out the "inhabitants of Egypt" to be spoiled, and also calling out the Lion. And since we all know that I have absolutely proven the case for the ancient prophecy of the 2nd Greater Exodus, which is clearly an End-Times event; AND, we all also know beyond any doubt whatsoever that the occult band of Shelanite, "false Hebrews", has historically been behind virtually all of the subterfuge to capture the souls of AHYH for their father, the devil; AND, since we also know that this Shelanite horde loves to masquerade as "Judah the Lion", THEN this literal translation, for the first time, called them out, directly. NOT to be confused with the actual, Hebrew tribal people of Judah who are also prophesied to be reunited with Joseph, and Ephraim / Manasseh during the GE.


The Hebrew word / name – Gereshom = Refugees

Num 3:22 “Counting the number of all males from month one and above to sons upward; numbering 7,500.”

Is the Eternal One showing us that the total initial number of Yehshurim / refugees, will number only 7,500?  Well, that is a remnant for sure, but this would NOT include all of the elect who would follow.

Again, this next entry continues the context of refugees during an Exodus passing through cities where all is provided for them as they go. And providing the assurance of safety by Yehovah/Yehshua with the admonition to not fear.

Duet 3:22 “Do not fear, for Yehovah, your mighty one, he overcomes!”

Leviticus was left out as I imagined it would be before I even got to it. After the book of the 2nd Law (Deuteronomy) it all stopped abruptly for me. This is all there was.  For me, this all feels imminent, and meant as a heads-up.

In addition to - Updated 3/8/22

So, either my brain won't stop thinking about this number after I thought I had dropped it and moved on, or, there was more that I needed to know.

 Early this morning, an hour ago around 4:30am, I had this quick dream of a Hebrew word that I did not recognize right off, and it was spinning, like 3 revolutions I think, and that was it, I woke up.

 When I saw it, it looked like this - תתג = TTG, or phonetically - Tag, or Tagg, which didn't jog any Hebrew meaning to me right off. Then I had a thought about the Hebrew number represented there, which is never my first thought, but it hit me that from left to right - תתג = GTT = 322! Like literally - "Three" & "Twenty-Two.

 And yes, I know, TAV is the 22nd letter, which then technically makes this - 3 - 22 - 22, numerically, but that's even worse because that way it brings us back around to this 3-22 date NOW being specific to the year 2022! Before we really didn't know if my first dream meant it was in 2022, or another year to come, but now it appears we know.  However, that's not all it's telling me because it was spinning slowly, and I knew that also meant something. 

So, I didn't understand the spinning for a few minutes, and then I thought to reverse it, like, spin it around - גתת  which now did make sense to me, and shocked me, because גתת  or Gath phonetically, which can also be found spelled like גת = Gath - is a generally UN-used word in modern Hebrew, but I know it because of the ancient language familiarity. And when I say modern, I mean after the time of Yehshua.

  גתת  or Gath, as it was used back then most generally means WINE-PRESS!  And when added to, and thought of in the context of my previous 322 dream, I ask, does that help make us understand what is being said here?

But wait, there's more:

EVEN WORSE - When I thought to reverse again the Hebrew letter Gematria using only the basic individual related letter/numbers - Meaning, NOT by using the number 22 for Tav this time, but only using the straight forward number Gematria for the number 3, which is Gimmel-(G), and Beit-(B) for 2. 

So, this time for the numbers of 3-2-2, I got...

322 in reverse = 223 =  גבב = GBB, or, the very ancient word "Gibeb" - Which can be spelled slightly differently depending on it's specific use. But they all pretty much say and mean the same thing -

"To MULCH", and "HEAP up in a pile."

That is the most literal way I can say it. And holy $#@! is that bad. Because I believe that is speaking directly about most of the USA - New Egypt, Babylon and their twisted sisters.

See map from yesterdays email below.

And keep these meanings in mind as you re-read my first dream portion to all this:

[ Wine-Press -

To heap up, pile up, mulch:]

 Again, I cannot recall who made and sent me this map, or why, but I recalled seeing it when I read that email from Dr. Wong about the oil reserves in Montana, which I commented on yesterday after finding that map pic deep in my files. Routinely I toss all pics and memes sent my way after sending them on to save space in the drive, but not this one.


That said, I augmented this pic to show the basic border lines of Abrahim's original borders, which as per Gen 15 & 17 are FAR larger than any of this, but for now I am mixing old and new. If we go by Abrahim's borders, that would extend North into CA and east to the east coast covering most of the Mid West and downward covering some of North & South Carolina, and Georgia. Way larger!

 AND, if you go look at that larger Abrahim journey map, I think we can now identify what the Shelanite cult has been doing. They, with the aid of the US govt, took over Kuwait first, which is the most eastern edge of that map; then we went and took Iraq, which is next up the north-eastern border line; in addition to that they have been working feverishly on Syria which is next on that same border line going north; also been working on Lebanon for yrs to begin with; and finally, we are only now this past week hearing of the imminent downfall of Egypt. That would conclude the entire matter for them.


BUT, the final battles and all else will not be happening over there, and they are NOT the ones who are supposed to facilitate any of that, only the Father and His Elect-one are supposed to make all that happen. And, the Shelanites know this! Which is exactly why they are working so hard to utterly wipe out the USA. Because in their broken brains there can be only one standing. And they believe that if they wipe out the real, prophesied one, then only one will exist in the end - Them..

Problem for them is, that by facilitating all this against the Sons of Jacob in the USA, they are actually aiding the prophecies for this time without knowing it. Thus, the real Megiddo will be where that battle is fought, which now makes ALLOT more sense because the area in Canaan where they always tell us this will happen, is not really that large an area compared to the prophecies description; but, the entire heartland of America sure as hell is, and then some.

 However, I don't see those borders coming back into play until after the Greater Exodus and most of the population is gone.

Either way, if this picture has any relevance to our current reality, and I now tend to think it may, then allot of questions are being answered for many of us.


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