Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends, So Glad You Could Attend, Come Inside! Come Inside!

About Us

The AHLCglobal has become a growing global community of souls finding their way home!


There is only ONE Prime Creator source, and there is only ONE source path of LIFE that the Creator, created and institutes within all Creations. There has been and continues to be no other original and direct path of LIFE by which a rebellious soul can once again be redeemed to his true creator. No other idea, precept, religion or person has ever or will ever precede the creator's original path, nor supersede it.

Every other alleged path to a Righteous state as proposed by men have been proven fabrications and extensions of preexisting pagan death cults. If what you currently believe and worship revolves around death and the blood sacrifice of animal or man, then that thing is either an all-out lie or a complete misunderstanding from those who may have once followed the Eternal Creators righteous and benevolent path of light & life, but been lead away by the subterfuge of others.

Within all of my teachings, books or speech I have never once proposed some new religion or the amendment of any other existing religion. I have been single-minded and proven only the evidence of that minimal, original 1st law topic which was given to provide.                                      

Religion is for those who seek reward

Spirituality is for those who seek their Creator



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