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Hidden Between the X & Y



There has been allot of discussion of late that surrounds points of the Beacon-Seed. Mainly encompassing the new information about the 3rd strand of chromosomes, which they call [DNA.], and which now we find being built inside everyone who took the jaboo. AND FYI: No one that I have seen is certain that this 3rd strand process is not ALSO happening inside all of the unsuspecting people who have become contaminated by the injectified, from shedding. However, the experts are certain that everyone who gets contaminated, to include pets, are having the exact same chronic medical issues, and death.  So then, my educated guess is that YES, everyone who gets contaminated by them is also being turned into something else in their physical skins for now. And there will be very real, physical consequences for that. 

Certainly this 3rd strand building mechanism, which is alien to this world, is the evil one's answer to the Prime Eternal Creator's original MARK on the SOULS which inhabit the physical bodies in this realm, currently.

The human genome project revealed that the numerical Tetragrammaton which signifies the presence of the Creator – YHVH = Yehovah, which is NOT a first person, proper name as most have been incorrectly led to believe, can also be represented numerically via the Hebrew alphabet as – # 10-5-6-5 from left to right phonetically for English, or, from right to left as it is in Hebrew – 5-6-5-10, is the exact number found written repeatedly within the human chromosome.


THIS is the main reason why I have been so adamantly negative about having contact with the outside from mid 2020. I KNOW the prophecies, and now it is far easier for us to truly know what they meant.  Because we cannot fully know what the prophecy means, or looks like, until we are inside the belly of the whale.

1. Come out of her my people?  Is a warning that only a certain few people will ever heed. To leave their systems as fully as possible before it hits.

2. "Depart, My people, go into your dwelling, shut the doors behind you; hide for a little while, until the indignation passes over." This has long been understood, and maybe misunderstood as being a very short period of time within the last days, like, 3 days of darkness, or 10 days of awe, or whatever other BS they come out with. But, like with all prophecy, few can understand the nuance of it before they are inside it. It is more likely, that beginning with our first Renewal Memorial in 2020, which was literally the day the lock-downs began, that THIS was the literal start day for THIS EXACT prophecy!  At that time, even I thought of this instructional prophecy and wondered. Not that it mattered because I took the military hard line with me and my house, from day 1. 

FYI: As you will see I re-translated this text more literally (at the end) based on the actual Hebrew words in it, and removing most of the many added English words.

Gen 3:15  "I place enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her Seed; It will break your head, and break your (his) heel."

1. Hebrew word for enmity - Eyvah - (  אֵיבָה ) - Is usually translated as Hatred, or hostility and other such words, BUT, it can also be translated as "Blood" as in, "Bad-Blood" specifically. Which is interesting in this case because we are talking about the (Zerah = Chromosomes - Blood - Lineage). You may also notice that the root of the word is- AV - אֵבָ     which can refer to a "father", but more literally means - Lineage - bloodline - seed - zerah. So, the root also upholds the foundation of the true meaning. [An Opposing Lineage/DNA]

2. Hebrew word for between - Bey'en - ( בֵּין ) - Is fine translated as between in many texts, but depending on the context, which I am arguing here, it is far better translated as the English phrase - (Making a distinction) - as in, between one thing and another thing - Meaning - Whatever Chromosomal change the Satanim made back then, they are attempting to trump now with their 3rd strand. However, the Eternal One added His "bad-blood-Beacon-Seed=Eyvah" at that time. You will see this from the RE-translation of the Gen 3 text changes. i.e. I made a [distinction] in the Chromosomes.

3. Hebrew word for Bruise/Break - Shoof - ( שׁוּף ) - In most translations is bruise, but this is not very good. Break is far better in this corrected context. Because the context is about The Eternal One adding something that disrupts all of the soul usurpation attempts by the Satanim.

4. Hebrew word for Head - Roshe - ( רֹאשׁ) - In most translations is translated as "Head", as in human head. But again, there are other meanings which are context dependent. Again, in this case the context is dictating that the Father did something -  added something, which I call the Beacon-Seed, which trumps anything the Fallen can add by their magic-tech. HE added something that is getting IN BETWEEN - making a DISTINCTION between the X and the Y - The woman, and the corruption by the fallen. In this case, the word Roshe is depicting (Power, control, rule, ruler-ship, ability) of the fallen, or Lucifer, specifically.

5. Hebrew word for Heel - Ah'keb - ( עָקֵב ) - For me, in this text, the translation is dead wrong. I have heard the many odd misunderstandings that came out of these words, and of course all of them place "Jesus" in the middle of it all. And although I do not believe that to be wholly untrue, they have all been horrifically misguided as to the details. The word Ah'keb here is being used to depict the very back-end, or the very bottom. i.e. If Roshe is the HEAD/Control/Rule, etc., then Ah'keb is the opposite of that in this context. Ah'keb is the LACK of the Head/Control, or Ruler-ship.


1. This Gen 3:15 text was not written in a vacuum. It is a continuation of the texts before it, in the Hebrew. All of the western punctuation and breaks destroys the meaning. On top of all that, they added words to the beginning and end of sentences to make up for exactly that. They caused fits & starts. 

Case in point: "....and you will eat dust all the days of your life...."  Which is the end of the paragraph directly before Gen 3:15!   And then, they made Gen 3:15 begin with - "....And I will put enmity..."  adding new words.

2. The Hebrew word for He/Him - Hu - ( הוּא) - Here is where they went wrong believing, or forcing the context to be speaking about a man, or a god, rather than a thing. The word (Hu) can be used in several ways, and in this case it will be correctly used to express SELF. I am not the only one to see it this way, some translations used the word this way as well. In this case, this is reflected correctly in English by using the word (It). As in, someone speaking or referring to a thing that they added. In this case, that would be the righteous firewall - DNA Control Inhibitor Code.  More importantly, I know, and have proven via the Hebrew texts that Yehovah is also Yehshua, which is also context dependent; THAT being understood, then it is true that these texts are referring to, and depicting Yehshua as being the one -The Elect one - who, by the Fathers will, added the DNA Control Inhibitor Code, aka - The Beacon-Seed which crushed the ability for all control, and the eventual usurpation of all souls by some other technological means.

So, correctly translated herein, this translation (below) removes the mistaken idea that Jesus/Yehshua is the one being referred to directly as being the one, by some blood sacrifice, to somehow be the single thing that wins the war.  Moreover, as I stated in my Beacon-Seed book, I never say that I fully understand what the DNA blocker - Beacon-Seed control inhibitor code, is. I just show that it is there, put there at some time, i.e - in the beginning... And, that it somehow blocks in some spiritual and super-physical way, the enemy from renditioning souls. Which as of today, no one has to be convinced of since we now know they already did it with their 3rd strand.

What do we now know?

We know that the Eternal Creator, created the DNA Control Inhibitor Code. And, it seems definitive that the all powerful, head-crushing, King of everything - Yehshua, ran the mission to install the DNA inhibitor code; And now we're all good!

Below we have the overly modernized, literally and correctly translated text, and with any extraneous western words removed which created new context. It reads like this with the previous paragraphs ending line just in front, for context:
....and you will eat dust all the days of your life...."

Gen 3:15
...placing opposing dna, distinguishing you and the woman, distinguishing your dna, and her dna; It will break your power from top to bottom."  

Doesn't that make allot more sense within the entire story context to you?


Now look at it again the way they translated it in most bibles, you can still see it clearly now that you understand what the words mean.

"(I) place enmity between you and the woman, between your seed and her Seed; It will break your head, and break your (his) heel."

I put the added and incorrectly translated words which make the most change in brackets, which they should have done in their versions.


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