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The Final Contract Signature


A better Translation of Psalms 139:13 – 16

As I have shown in the Soul Revolution book from Genesis 2:4, that this original creation-space was “eventually” usurped after the souls of this place consented to choosing the ways of Lucifer, over the original, 1st law of the Eternal One. Then (it appears) that the physical forms of man were made “in their image”. I also show this to be the case as all souls are the creations directly from the Eternal One, and no other, but, that later in Genesis these “souls of light”, had their light-[Ore], covered with “skin”. Fact is, without a Living-Soul, no physical body can be animated. I also show via other ancient texts, as this process was well-known to the ancients, that after the physical bodies were made by the fallen ones – [in the depths of the earth] – that it then took some yet unknown intervention by the Eternal One, via Yehshua, to actually animate the original bodies. THIS is where I believe the internal, secret changes to the original Luciferian DNA structure, were made by Yehshua, which is exactly why Lucifer has been trying to re-create man again in his image by any means so that he can once again feel like he has full contract ownership by signing his name to the DNA as the person in the following video is depicts as happening via the CV-VX. The only major change I would make to her video would be to clarify that Yehovah is NOT the Prime Eternal Creator, but as I have shown through the Hebrew texts that Yehovah and Yehshua are one in the same person/entity, doing two different jobs. Most Christians will see how correct I am in this understanding within these corrected Psalm texts.

I will reiterate; The Hebrew texts in certain, important areas like these, have so many basic words missing that should be there. This of course, not being a random issue as I have proven countless times in my books, was done to obscure later understanding. In this case, I believe it was done to obscure who did the work against Lucifer so that much later after the birth of Yehshua no one could connect the dots to him as being the Elect one. I will also point out that the better English word used in vs. 13 (Purchased) is also key here in identifying who this purchaser of souls, is. Because as far as I know, there has been no other person in history of whom it has been said that he (purchased) souls by doing something. Of course, it goes without saying that what he actually did to purchase, or “capture” the souls away from Lucifer has nothing at all to do with the lore of him being a human sacrifice on a cross.

As for this and all of my re-translational work, I remind that some English words have to be added between the very few Hebrew words that even exist in the texts to make them readable in English. I will add brackets around the added words. ALSO, I always try to find the best English word to closely fit with the overall meaning of the Hebrew, although so many times this is only a near-rhyme at best. Also remember that there are no punctuation in the Hebrew as you see them disrupting all Western translations of the Tanak texts. I will add some here in the more appropriate places. All phonetically written Hebrew words that exist in the Hebrew texts are italicized.

139:13 – Whereas, you purchased my body, defending my mother’s womb! (Beacon-Seed)

       14 - I worship you above all, seeing and revering [your] set-apart [work]; hiding [your] possession [within] my body [with a] designating-mark, exceedingly!

       15 – My (otsem) structure was not hidden from [you] when [I was] prepared in secrete, fabricated deep within the earth.

       16 – Your eyes saw my Golem and re-wrote all my inscriptions, in a day - [12 hrs], they were determined UN-alike;

               What an awesome idea it is to me, oh mighty one, to crush the Head of them!  (To crush the leader of them)           

In Jewish tradition, the golem is known as an artificial creature created by magic, to serve its creator. The word “golem” appears only once in the Tanak (Psalms139:16). In Hebrew, “golem” stands for “shapeless mass.” The Talmud uses the word as “unformed” - “imperfect” – “corrupted”, and, according to Talmudic legend, Adam was a “golem,” - Meaning “body without a soul” for the first 12 hours of his existence. (Sanhedrin 38b) – IN A DAY!

 The Hebrew word “Otsem” is rooted to “Etsem”, meaning Bones – Meaning the structure of… Now, make the connection back to Adam’s bone.

Asher Torah genesis translation - 14 So, elohim cast a deep sleep on the man; and He took of his *curve, and He created flesh in its place - Chromosomes. 15 The Eternal fashioned the *curve that he took from the man, into his opposite, and He brought it to the man. 16 And the man said: 'This is bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh? This one will be called *Hawah, for from me was it fashioned.' 17 They were both naked, the man and woman, and did not perceive it.

“Elohim” made man’s body in their “image”, meaning, by their imagination of a monster – Golem: Extremely interesting here how they used the Hebrew word, (Tselah) = (Curve): And today we have the Double Helix Curve known to be the very DNA curve from which proliferates all life. In summation here, we have more textual proof, as we also have in Enoch, that the Elect one created all things alongside the Eternal Father, him being the #1 Son of many sons, and thus, the Elect one – aka – Yehovah-Yehshua, has bone crushing dominion over the HEAD of the fallen ones. I believe this is also clearly stated in early Genesis. Thus, it appears here that he clandestinely made eternal changes to the Golem physicality of man, marking man with his literal, spiritual name – Yehovah -YHVH, within the chromosomal network as shown in the accompanying video.


Divine Image Destroyed – The presence of God erased by CV-9 VX

Here is the confirmation - The name, in both spiritual & physical representation - The MARK of the Creator has been changed within all vaxxxed people to - 10-5-666-5.

The human genome project revealed that the numerical Tetragrammaton which signifies the presence of the Creator – YHVH = Yehovah, which is NOT a first person, proper name as most have been incorrectly led to believe, can also be represented numerically via the Hebrew alphabet as – # 10-5-6-5 from left to right phonetically for English, or, from right to left as it is in Hebrew – 5-6-5-10, is the exact number found written repeatedly within the human chromosome.

  Additionally, when the so-called "junk DNA" was gone through it was revealed that it contained additional Hebraic scriptures, maybe the complete scriptures, whatever that looks like; I excitedly await illumination on that one. Back in the 90’s, and through to when I began writing my books on these topics in 2010, I had already followed all of the Human Genome projects work. I do recall some of this about the numerical [name] coming out in later years, but not for very long, nor did it get any mainstream play that I recall.  

   As I stated from only a few months into the CV-Jaboree, I firmly believed it to be a soul-disconnecting MARK on whoever willingly took it, and here we are!  The first step was CONSENT! Which must be so because outside of consent is the 1st law of Free Will which the fallen know better than to breach.  

  As in the Garden the first time, all souls must now RE-consent to siding with Lucifer by taking his long-awaited Signature-Mark, although none of them understood this to be the case when they took it. The Mark of this soul-capturing jab is Lucifer’s signature over-ride program which he believes gives him total dominion over all the living-souls who ignorantly, but also willingly received his Mark. All done with very little transparency!

His jab contamination over-rides the original “Beacon-Seed” Mark that YHVH-Yehshua put there when these bodies were originally created in Lucifer’s image, and in Lucifer’s secret place as the scriptures clearly prove when translated literally. It appears the dark side and their hu-man cultists throughout time have been feverishly working to drive humanities technological progress in order to get us back to the point where we can be used to formulate Lucifer’s elixirs which would eventually hijack the originally installed YHVH-10-5-6-5, Beacon-Seed - [Tselah]- Helix-Creator-Signature which locks the Living-Soul to the original Creator, and thus, by their revised hunter-killer mRNA, along with all the additional death-cult contaminations' within it, they over-ride and usurp the YHVH “presence” of the Creator from the physical body which then somehow captures the Living-Soul within.

  Thus, Lucifer, finally, after all this time, lays claim to those souls as his personal property; or so he believes. I have had no doubt for two years now that all of this is true. My original theory on this was cemented into a solid hypothesis after hearing no less than 3 accounts from known associates within my sphere of Torah influence who had family members utterly flip out screaming the same phrases directly after being jabbed - I can’t feel my soul – My soul is gone!  In addition to those direct accounts, we have other 3rd hand reports by medical professionals, and even from those within the original jab testing trials who lost their minds, screaming uncontrollably, reiterated those exact same words. In my mind there is just no mathematical probability for that to be happenstance.

  I also believe we have mounds of circumstantial evidence worldwide from reports of these peoples personalities changing dramatically, and rather quickly for no other apparent reason.

  All of that understood, I have it on good authority and understanding that in the very end, and regardless how all these contaminated people die, that this evil plan only further and finally condemns Satan and his minions to their final, and very eternal end. AND, that all of these souls, regardless how mind-controlled, ignorant, or fearful they were which led them to acquiesce to such evil, will be saved in the end. Mark my words on that!  Yes, as the prophet tells us about that time, there will be horrific anguish and gnashing of teeth upon hearing and being shown the great evil that they followed, even worshiped over the Eternal Creator, while at the same time shunning the truth when it was periodically re-introduced to them throughout their days. But, at least they eventually get inside the gate.

And that is NOT to say that all of those people will be spared whatever horrific issues and reality awaits them now in the physical realm, oh no, they will be sacrificed in a myriad of unthinkable ways by the one who lays claim to their bodies. But, not one bit of this reality has ever been about the physical, or the body, it has only and always been 100% about the Living-Souls who consented to hearing and following that 2nd voice, to a 2nd mountain, to live by his 2nd law.

So batter-up people, because this is going to be Mr-Toads Wild Ride on crack!

© S. Asher 2022

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