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Following is a short letter sent to a well-known news & opinion blogger

Greetings Henry,

I hope you receive this email:

Some years ago you copied one of my articles into your site, at which time one or two of your regulars arrogantly provided their uneducated, but deeply, religiously driven opinions which sounded exactly like this article that has been sent to me from your site, today. 

As I stated then, and again now, when you either write or post articles with less than the required academic accuracy, as it is here in this article on the Jews sacrificing children to Moloch in Chicago, you do a MASSIVE, disservice to the rest of the actual, lineage, HEBREWS, everywhere.  And being the preeminent Hebrew scholar, and expert on the Eternal Creator's original, 1st law - biblically known as - The Everlasting Agreement, and also on the later, 2nd law - biblically known as - the Ten Commands; as well as who HIS "Hebrew" people actually are, verses who all of the satanic Cabal's people are; AND, where they came from; AND, where they went; which are all points of fact which I have proven clearly and voluminously within my ten or so published books, hundreds of blog articles, and podcasts, I am in a position to make the most educated advisory statement on this topic.

I am merely trying once again to illuminate to you the high importance of this distinction between the two peoples when running such articles. This distinction is especially important for the times we have now clearly entered into.

Maybe a better practice might be to add a top-disclaimer note to such articles - Example:


Simple case point - In the article the writer quotes:

    "They "say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan"

      So, now for sure we know that the Mashiach - Yehshua, fully understood who they were.

      However, and this is a major key point to understand, which is, that neither Yehshua, nor anyone of his time, or for hundreds of years after, ever used the descriptive word (Jew) in any form.

      Therefore, the use of that word in your NT books is another purposeful misuse of language by the cabal.  The Pharaoh-sees then, as the cult remains today, were and are of Babylonian descent and religion, mixed w/some Egyptian culture.  They have no righteous spirituality!

       The "Hebrew" people, culture & law on the other hand, originally, as provided by the "angel of the lord" who was Yehshua at that time if you are still unaware, had then, as we have to this day - NO RELIGION!  The only practice of any Hebrew then, and now, is the practice of living within the spiritual path of the Eternal Fathers 1st law - aka - The Everlasting Agreement

      If you are still unaware that the Hebrew word for Deuteronomy literally means -SECOND LAW, then you should also read my book on the 1st law in the previous link provided.

      This law and the absolute proof of it can also be amplified further in my recent re-translation of the 4 Essene law books which clearly depicts the two separate laws - The Essene Law; New Translation

      Either way, that (Jew) word did not come into use until approx. 1500 yrs later in Europe. Therefore, Yehshua was calling them out for exactly who they were NOT!!!!!  They were NOT tribal HEBREWS like He was!  They were a mixed bag, an amalgamation of the surrounding pagan peoples who lived in "Judea." 

      So, let's correctly translate that accusation -

      "..They who "say they are Hebrew, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan...."

        AFTER their later Babylonian captivity, they returned to Judea as hard core cultural and religious Babylonians. This is yet another point that I have proven using the older Hebrew texts in my Asher Codex Book.  Moreover, and also within that book, I clearly provided the published evidence showing that even to this very day these same cult members outwardly, even proudly, make the distinction between themselves and us HEBREW lineage people that you and many others who speak and publish on these topics still resist doing. 

      I have shown, that within their "Jewish" encyclopedia they clearly tell us that -

      'the Jewish people share NO "Israelite-Hebrew" lineage connection!' 

      As well, in their BABYLONIAN Talmud they clearly call out the HEBREW tribal lineages as being less than animals, and worthy only of slavery and death. Which is why they have been actively hunting and murdering us in mass for centuries; because WE, and presumably YOU, and many others in your American audience carry that prophetic SEED and blessing given to Abrahim, along with a smattering of other people around the world. This is another major area of ancient Hebrew culture, language, and spirituality that 99.9% of the world is still clueless about, to their detriment. Too many non-Hebrew "experts" out there who have believed the cults lies and subterfuge, disabling most from identifying any of it correctly. While at the same time lumping all of us - Hebrews - in with all of them and their horrifically evil deeds ongoing; while at the same time screaming publicly through all of the media that they have always controlled either directly or indirectly, that all of these evils are being done by none other than - THE JEWS in your midst!  Which is exactly why they do certain evils out in the open for all the alleged "Goyim," to see, in case you missed that connection - Which is meant to create another horrific end result for the exact people who have no lineage connection with these demons. 

       Throughout European history these people were called the - Name Stealers - for a reason!  And many of "us", who are also many of YOU, are being tricked by their word magik to do their evil bidding because all of YOU have been generationally made to lose your true, spiritual identity! Which to me is the funniest thing growing up in my Hebrew culture surrounded by people who call themselves by some ancient, derogatory, Roman term - Christians. While at the same time, and amazingly to me, all these so-called "christ-ians" hang on every word and deed of a HEBREW man that we now understand to be the actual Mashiach! NOW, that is funny! You can't make that shit up!

       These are literally, around 2.6 Billion people who identify everything about their spirituality and walk with the Eternal Creator, and who also believe correctly that they are the literal Living-Souls who were created by that Prime Eternal Creator of all things, and all that time doing so while following a HEBREW leader!  While at the same time shunning everything HEBREW! Or, Jewish, as it were...  Come on! There's definitely an SNL skit somewhere in there.. 

      Thus, as I have now explained with great redaction, that this shunning, despite their long and deep affiliation and identification with arguably the most important HEBREW prophet and leader who ever walked the earth - Yehshua - is mostly because they have all been purposely misled by the Babylonian Jew cult into believing that they have no direct lineage affiliation with anything originally - Abrahimic-Hebrew. 

      Additionally, some of this has also been turned into deep antisemitic beliefs among these lost and forgetful Hebrew people - who, I SAY AGAIN, follow a Hebrew Messiah.. While they feel they must be something else?

      • I can tell you with the highest surety that Yehshua/Jesus, WAS NOT a "Christian."
      • Therefore, anyone who actively believes in, or follows Yehshua - aka - Jesus, MUST in fact be whatever he was, which is, yes, you guessed it - HEBREW!

      THIS massive identity lie was a very important strategic move for Satan if he had any chance if winning this war. The Hebrew lineage people, which is by now a lineage/chromosomal factor that has been spread throughout the earth in order to keep ahead of Satan, as was the blessing to Abrahim meant to be used through, and for, was for a time in history looking like an easier moving target and chess pieces for satan to remove from the board in Check-Mate; chasing our ancestors all over Asia and Europe, and now to North America for the final battle which everyone is about to experience if they live past mid-2024. 


      THIS HAS ALWAYS been 100% about satan trapping and enslaving souls, but first, the spiritual identity mechanism which I term "The Beacon Seed", means this fight begins with finding, fixing and killing the Father's people by capturing and enslaving their souls, forever. What do you think the entire CV19 Jab is about?

      Here are some recent blog articles I have on these topics -





      In addition, and this was clearly prophesied to happen to and among the literal Sons of Jacob within their land in the end days, as lined out by Jeremiah and several other Hebrew prophets if one can start viewing those prophetic musings through an entirely opposite set of glasses, and based what I have partially laid out herein. 

      Yes, we received very clear data through these prophets, when the Hebrew is re-translated by someone who knows better, and not set on lying to everyone, or fearful of academic suicide.  And if the prophetic Hebrew understanding eludes people, or not considered relevant, all one needs to do in order to SEE and believe where the true Sons of Jacob are today based on just the NT prophet, is to identify the place where virtually all of the the mass-subterfuge, and all out protracted attacks have occurred to tear down an entire empire; all of which has now been super-charged today as I am writing this to you.

      The main and most conclusive proof is in plain sight! Their cross-hairs have been, and are now most critically on the USA! Its foundations culturally, and spiritually have been quite literally gutted by the demonic Babylonian-Jew cabal who are openly - NOT HEBREW!  

       Why all the concentrated attention? Because satan believes he has finally found and fixed the majority of us HEBREWS here in the USA, and Canada just as Jeremiah told us we would be in these days. Yes, some bad stuff is going to happen in the middle east areas, and surely in Europe because he cannot take a chance at allowing any through the net this time, but, the USA has been utterly marked for total extermination for this exact, and only reason - To exterminate his true enemies on earth. 

      LISTEN, if this was not the true picture, you, your audience, and the world would not be seeing or experiencing all the world-canceling events going on, as promised. 

       Therefore, identifying Hebrew peoples, then or now as being the same as all things "Jew-Ish" is yet another massive subterfuge and lie which the American, and world masses have completely allowed themselves, through apathy, to miss. Only evil will eventually come from it yet again if good people like yourself, and your listeners, allow it by ignoring this massive distinction. 

      You should take some time and listen to my older interview with the late, great, Georgeanne Hughes on this topic here - See shows 5 & 6 - https://www.ahlcglobal.com/pages/free-podcast-peak



      The Essene Law - Re-translated

      You can Join the AHLC Members area for Podcasts by Dr. Asher HERE:

       THIS is the original article in question:

      1933 Chicago -- 100,000 Jews Sacrificed a Baby to Moloch



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