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For many years this hypothesis of the USA literally being the land where all of the ancient civilizations would be found again during the end-days has intrigued me greatly, but not until recently has it emerged to be of far greater importance than I originally believed.

Shelly sent the above pic of her visit to the Mississippi, and talking about why the water is disappearing all over:

Then Shelley said -  "He explained to me that the water was full of blood from women using mifepristone and flushing babies down the toilet and shower; and that we can’t see it, but He can - IS HE BURYING THE BLOOD?

"On January 13, 2021 in the first SCOTUS ruling on an abortion issue since Amy Coney Barrett was sworn in, the court ruled that individuals seeking to abort children with the use of mifepristone...."

My answer: That is a VERY good observation - Burying the blood..  The blood cries out FROM THE GROUND...

I got deep into that topic in the Land of Meat & Honey - How we pour blood into the water-works 365 days a year from various sources which cannot be filtered out! 

  But here, to the point of all the missing water in the USA and other countries, as I said weeks ago as this issue worsened exponentially, this is one of the largest signs of quickening judgement.

  And since water is literally the life blood of this creation-space, I ask - What do we do when someones blood is contaminated?  We TRANSFUSE them with UN-contaminated blood!  (Waters Above - Waters Below).

  So, then, by extension, how would this be any different?  In order to eventually, soon hopefully, fulfill the ending prophecy of a RENEWED heaven and RENEWED earth, would mean that all this renewal most certainly has to begin with the water below, which obviously dictates the quality of the water/air above.

 Additionally, all of that is not even taking into consideration the massive poisoning of the air all this time by chem-trails alone, which worked its way into the water, and the ground.

  Moreover, this is also not taking into consideration the massive amounts of Blood-Sludge that the industrial farms use as fertilizer derived from all the murdered animals.

Interestingly, and this may give more context;  Yochebed, mother of Moshe, Aaron and Meriam, was forced to work in the very large abortion "clinic" in Egypt. It was set up to reduce the Hebrew population. Most people do not even know that the entire abortion process was created by them.

  So, going with the prophesied, but more hidden understanding that the entire upper east coast of the USA, down to near DC = Babylon, and out to the Mississippi river, all being New Egypt, does it not make sense that we are #1 in the world once again for that evil process? 

  #1 among nations in child murder is yet another MAJOR earmark proving this landmass as being the clearly prophesied new land, or, (new world) which the tribes of Jacob were moved to. Yes, we were moved "through" Europe, the UK, and other countries, but the landmass now called the USA was the final resting place of the lineages of Jacob as very clearly prophesied and mapped out by Jeremiah.

WHY do you think the cabal infiltrated the USA most of all the countries in the world, and has always had the USA dead in their sights and marked for total destruction of it's people, and the usurpation of our land?

The topographical landmarks that Jeremiah provides, alone, marks it as being the USA, indelibly. 

  Which then means, that for all the prophecies to happen, again, the land mass would also have to replicate the first place; thus, we have:

  • New Egypt -

  • We have Babylon (the daughter of) -

  • We have Canaan/Tzion (the daughter of), along with all the other known antagonist lands in between.

Adding, and coupled with all that we have seen here, and throughout the world within only our short lives, even without the benefit of modern history which is all in question, we can now see how the ancient prophecies foretell the "overlayment" of the ancient lands, on top of this landscape in order to replay, the final play, using all the same players.

 Truthfully, I do not deem it an overstatement to say that if YOU are here now, and you have come to the knowledge of these many truths in your short life this far, that it means you were there in ancient times as well, and, it means you are very important to the play. Because to me, it has never made any sense at all to play the same game with different players if you are trying to get a specific set of players off the contaminated field, and back home. The names were not changed to protect the innocents, and all the names are HERE; just that the playing field was greatly expanded.

THEN, add in the exact "X-marks the spot" where I showed how the 2017 [Sign of Jonah] Great American eclipse line, and the coming April-8th-2024 sister eclipse lines, cross exactly on top of an area in Southern Illinois called (Little Egypt), which I would call, Lower-Egypt given the revised history of that place to obscure all these truths.

COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE?? Hmmmm..... This info drastically changes the direction and locations His people should be heading off to.

AS I AM WRITING THIS - Shelley from TN finds and sends me this news. LOOK at the name of the newspaper, AND the article!

The Daily Egyptian | Reproductive and abortion clinics to open in Carbondale

AND, if more proof is required - Home - 2024 Solar Eclipse - https://eclipse.siu.edu/

Therefore, more than ever I would highly suggest everyone get ready for Acts 2 & 3 coming soon:

  • Two being the utter destruction of Egypt, Babylon and all of their sisters;

  • With Act 3 being the Greater Exodus! 

And I can only assume the Final Act to be that prophesied renewal of the earth. So, for me, being a person and teacher who has steered away from teaching on future prophetic events outside of teaching on the prophesy of the Greater Exodus with no given time frame, I have to admit that now it does look like we are on that final crazy train with all of the names, all of the places, and all of the players in their respective positions, and quick-marching towards Act-2.

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