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Seeing through the veil


Soul Wars!

When the dark entities of the fallen come to you or others, how do we know who is truly speaking? Is it your dead mother, father, son, daughter, etc., and if not, who and why? 

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Plot To Steal Your Soul and DNA

"...this was the birthplace of the Manhattan Project, one of the most game-changing projects in the history of the world.  We will reveal in further articles how complex the spider web is woven – how millions of people are impacted on a personal level – and how this is just the beginning of a Terminator-style Artificial Intelligence grid which has nothing positive in mind."

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....This topic is, in a roundabout way, exactly what I got into about the Khazarians from their earliest Shelanite beginnings in the 2014 Georgeann Hughes shows...."

...His main premise is that all “anti-Talmudists” are their biggest threat..." 

....Truly, the hardcore Yeshurim are their biggest threat from the super-spiritual aspect...." 

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Did They Really Find the Exodus Mountain?

...The main crux of their issue is that at that time the entire area in all directions where the Peninsula Mt. Sinai is alleged to be, was still 100% within the land of Egypt! This is a total deal breaker! The messenger's instructions where exceedingly clear and the entire plan revolved around them being led OUT of Egypt...!

So, feel free to trounce your blood laden soles/souls all over the Arabian Sinai grounds like Ron Wyatt did, because it is not holy ground...."

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The End-Times Fight

The many prophets told us, and Yehshua clearly told us that this was and IS a fight in the heavenly realms and that eventually, that fight was coming here into this lower physical realm. WHY? Because THIS is where the evil insurgents are!...

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The Noah Prophecy

A companion book to the Creator's Calendar Guide book:

Connecting Noah’s cataclysmic event days to the coming End-Times events!

AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOAH... Without the philosophy behind this seemingly simple phrase, which is directly intertwined throughout the tapestry of the original Creator's calendar system, no one can truly understand the nuances of the prophecies from beginning to end of days.

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Warning of Three Years!

“This is the prophecy that Yehovah has spoken for Moab BEFORE…. BUT NOW, Yehovah speaks saying – ‘IN THREE YEARS, like the term of a hired hand, the honor of Moab [USA] will turn to disgrace, and there will be a VERY small remainder, NOT many!” 


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THE FOURTH KIND - Their Will be Done - He is god  

From “ancient aliens” to magic, to white or black witchcraft, to demonology, to Jewish Kabbalah, to Mormon rituals for dead souls, to American Indian soul walks, etc., people, usually unknowingly open themselves up too many deeper, ancient evil sources that were originally created by some evil stream of consciousness, and, that which can act directly upon their souls before they come to know it....,

CONSENTING to the truth or relevance of that thing; which then opens those people up to whatever may be hiding behind that seemingly benign narrative stream of consciousness. ALL things are derived from some consciousness!

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Hebrew meanings of the Soul

In the Genesis-1, we are shown that the physical bodies we now have were imbued with that exact same Chai Nefesh, but as I have shown in my other works, NOT for the reasons most of mankind have been led to believe.

Or so they tried to falsely Narrate to everyone. So, then, why stipulate this again specifically unless they were trying to make a very specific point? - THAT NOT ALL BEINGS HAVE SOULS!

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Noah movie – Understanding the Skin and Tefillin

Dr. Asher, I will be watching this one numerous times. Still thinking through the serpent sloughing out of its skin. Was it exiting it's covering and moving to deception?

If we remain within the full context of Noah’s time, and all the came before him, it could only be referring back to Adam and Hawah’ s indiscretion.  That the director depicted the snake skins use around the arm during certain rituals w/ Noah as a prop of remembrance of that fall and of their light being COVERED/WRAPPED in skin.

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