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Lost City Found -


The Solomon Connection

I recently hypothesized that all of the lost cities like this one in the Atlantic, and like the massive pyramid and other structures that lay only about 16ft under the surface of the Pacific, were most likely inhabited by the people who aided the Nefilim in cutting down, and processing the crystal trees.

 Additionally, that, at that time all of those landmasses were not sunken down as they are now, and, that this world never had any salt water oceans. I also posit that all of the slag piles they created from the processioning of the giant crystal trees, thousands of them, worldwide, were exceedingly chemically volatile at that time, as some occasionally still are today. Moreover, that this worldwide slag-pile - aka-volcano system, was the real reason for the flood of Noah. In that, I said that what Enoch and Genesis are showing about the water from the "windows" of heaven opening, and from under the earth, was done to save what was left of the creation from the massive burning toxicity. Someone called the HFD! [Heavenly Fire Dept.]

  Thus, all of those former stone building civilizations, and the few who may have still been alive when the Nefilim left, got flooded out. While in some cases, like with the South American cultures who appear to have been disappeared, may have been taken as slaves to work on the other end of that project. Either way, the entire population must have fallen away from the Eternal One's law, and therefore brought this upon themselves as our generations have been doing, in lock-step ever since, as we continue the violence upon this lesser, now reformatted creation space. 

In fact, even the more recent Noah movie w/Russel Crow kind of showed this destruction. They clearly depicted a near totally treeless world  wasteland. And, how it got that way due to their "Zohar" mining. But no one ever said what "Zohar" was; they only showed that the bits of Zohar slag/rocks which they found on the ground to be highly volatile, just like I say the giant slag-piles are still. If you have not seen that movie, I would highly suggest you do so because they clearly showed us that Noah and family were living the Everlasting Agreement more than once.

I also wrote a review of that movie to bring peoples attention to just that, and because of how the entire Christian community worldwide went bonkers on every chat site menacing the world by blowing smoke out their A$$'s with months of posting misquoted and misunderstood scripture against that movie while defending their blood lust. So, I decided to fan the flames with a giant leaf blower and spent weeks with others pasting & posting the link to my review on all those sites.

HERE is that Noah movie review link:


 Many yrs ago I wrote a blog article showing the evidence of one or more of the Hebrew tribes coming to the stone age period USA, most likely via Phoenician ships sent by King Solomon to South America. After that article, Dr. Wong hooked me up with an engineer he knew who found undeniable evidence of iron smelters in the center of the USA which were identical to only one type of design used by the Egyptians, and by the Hebrews later on during Solomon's reign.  That alone puts some of them inside the USA, and that alone is 100% proof that Jeremiah was correct about where the lineages of the Hebrew tribes would end up. If memory serves, Dr. Wong's friend spoke to some Native American elders who told him their ancestors met and worked with these Hebrew people smelting iron.

The Los Lunas Commandment stone

Known for many generations by local American Indians through their ancestors to have been created by a Hebrew traveler. It has always sat unmolested at the base of a mountain in Los Lunas NM. By the looks of the mountain, one can easily understand how some Hebrew travelers coming up from their ships in South America might be reminded of GODS mountain, and stop to do this.

It bears saying that at the very least the local Native America's have known of the existence of this rock for hundreds of years by their oral history, which means that this can NOT be a forgery! Which is why we don't see the Archeo-Haters publicly decrying fakery on this one.

The intelligent, logical and honest person would then understand that if this one is real, then also others found after it must also be real. Bad news for the Shelanite clan.

Mt. Sinai at Los Lunas NM

A related side note: The same smelter machine evidence, and other related evidences have also been found in ruins, in Brazil. Did you know that Brazil is long-known, back to the times of Solomon for being rich in Iron ore? Well, you might also find it interesting to know that the name of Brazil, comes from the Hebrew language, it was named by Hebrews mining iron ore there.

The word for Iron is = Barzel  - בַּרְזֶל - Kind of easy to see how by word-derivation we came out with Brazil, from Barzel.

Other people in other states like New Mexico and Ohio did similar interviews with Indian elders who tell much the same story about the Hebrew visitors that remained among them; which now makes the Native American stories about how they met Yehshua at some point in their history, more likely true; as well as the stories about how those tribes were vegetarian for much of their history until they fell away, again.

I also believe we can see it in the Cherokee faces:

My original research on all this showed how the Hebrew travelers eventually stayed and mingled with one or two of the Native American tribes, mainly Cherokee and Navajo. By my estimation, understanding and experience, the evidence left behind that the Jesuits at the Smithsonian didn't find in time to hide away, was 100% undeniably Paleo Hebrew writing, and culture, although as shown, the entire archeological mainstream of "scientists", have worked feverishly on behalf of the Shelanite Cabal to totally discredit these ancient artifacts as Hebrew, and worse, to discredit the accredited scholars who showed them all what these are.  

Here is an excerpt from one of their online bash fests concerning Prof. Cyrus Gordon after showing them that they were reading it upside down, and thinking it was Cherokee, when it was Hebrew :

"Gordon was quoted as saying that: "Various pieces of evidence point in the direction of migrations (to North America) from the Mediterranean in Roman times. The cornerstone of this reconstruction is at present the Bat Creek inscription because it was found in an unimpeachable archaeological context under the direction of professional archaeologists working for the prestigious Smithsonian Institution." Gordon, whose scholarly credentials are certainly impressive, is an archetypical example of what Williams (1988a) has referred to as "rogue professors." Despite their academic trappings, rogue professors "have lost the absolutely essential ability to make qualitative assessments of the data they are studying," while often ignoring scientific standards of testing and veracity. Lacking the critical standard of most scholars, rogue professors "have the opportunity to rogue or defraud the public..."  END QUOTE (Emphasis added)

**...Despite their academic trappings, rogue professors "have lost the absolutely essential ability to make qualitative assessments of the data they are studying," while often ignoring scientific standards....."

Would you like me to translate that previous statement of stupidity? ** "Despite their academic trappings, rogue professors who will not follow the fake scientific and historical standards set forth by the Satanic cabal will be utterly ridiculed and publicly flogged by their peers into obscurity..."

Truly their unbelievable disdain for truth is openly apparent, but Prof. Gordon is not nearly the only one they have done this to.

The bottom and most obvious line in all this is, that if they allowed anyone who has any serious academic credentials to prove that some, or possibly all of the Hebrew and Egyptian history we were taught to have actually occurred here, rather than there, all would be lost for the Babylonian cabal. And as I always say, you won't know something is true until you see them deny it, and then vigorously attack it.

The Bat Creek Stone

The Newark Commandments box

 Another person who has done a ton of research into all this, but from the Egyptian angle, which is never far removed from the Hebrew involvement, is Bix Weir the economist. Bix wrote a book a few yrs back telling all about the massive, massive, massive, amount of Egyptian gold and objects that two explorers who worked for the Smithsonian in the late 1800's found inside a super giant cavern that can still be seen in the side of one of the walls of the Grand Canyon.   There were even news paper articles written about their discovery at that time. Of course, that area has since been an off-limits, no-fly, MOA - "Military Operations Area."  Additionally, some other explorer scientist had a cable series show about finding ancient foreign cultural anomalies inside the USA. He also did a show on that same cavern, and even found someone who had objects from the Egyptian loot passed down to them.  In fact, I am not so sure that Holly-wood elitist weren't rubbing the worlds faces in it when they made the two block-buster movies w/Nick Cage - 2004 National Treasure, and 2007 National Treasure, Book of Secrets.  So, maybe now we have more of the answer for why in NYC there are big Pharaoh heads on the entrance of one of the tunnels, along with Obelisks and Pyramids throughout the entire USA. Which is why we should at least understand that a large segment of the USA is, New Egypt. With other areas of the USA designated as New Canaan, aka - IsRaEl - Babylon, Mesopotamia, Assyria, Edom, Elam, Moab, and Lebanon, respectively.

 Here below we now have even more evidence which is amazingly intact showing proof of an Egyptian culture, more than likely from Solomon, inside what is now the USA. NEW EGYPT!  And nearly from the beginning, wherever we find Egyptians, we also find the Hebrews.


12,000-Year-Old Underwater City Been Discovered Off The Coast Of Louisiana




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