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Why I'm Seeing 11:11?


This paragraph from Isaiah - aka - Yehshua, was one of many I used in my LMH and GE books to prove who that remnant will be - "The SECOND time", in the Greater Exodus. But today, it finally dawned on me why I have been seeing these two numbers so damn much in the last 2 plus years - 11.1 & 11.11... Almost daily.

Isa 11:1  "And a shoot goes out from the root of Jesse, and a branch will bear fruit out of his roots."  ( I notice this did not say "bear meat" from its roots.)

NOTE: How can anyone bear "fruit" from the lineage of Jesse (Pharez line) outside of the Fathers 1st law?  If one is living generations outside of the Everlasting Agreement, it means they are NOT in agreement, thus, they cannot bear "fruit".  So then, none of this can possibly be speaking about anyone who lives outside of His 1st law.  It can only be referring to those very few who CHOOSE to live inside that 1st law (Yehshurim) - This is just a mechanical truth. We cannot have one without the other. The corrected Essene books clearly prove, beyond any doubt, that Yehshua was teaching the 1st law of life. Therefore, another mechanical fact would be, that if a person learns and lives the 1st law, then that person/soul, who made "Teshuvah", is by absolute default RE-invited back into that root lineage of Jesse. Which is a lineage that long proceeded Jesse by the way, back to Enoch and Noah. But it may be that it was Jesse who finally put the line back on track, so it makes sense they would pick it back up from there using his name.  Therefore, this 11:1 number is the "signal Sign" and marker for the actual "Fruit of Jesse" - aka - The Yehshurun person.

NOTE: In all cases, the term "Grafted in" is just another way they translated "Teshuvah."  Grafted in, is NOT a different or separate process. There can be only one!  All souls were created equal, and some broke the Agreement and got CUT OFF. Thus, they all need to be RE-grafted into the original root! (Prodigal sons) And ALL souls can do that by Teshuvah!

A good measure and picture of this was the clear cut instructions provided to Abrahim to ALLOW ALL newcomers who made "Teshuvah" into his tribe, (IF) they remained and followed THE LAW that Abrahim already knew so well from Noah, to understand that they would be considered from that point on as "home born - aka - Sabras."  Aka - Grafted back in to the root!

  Yehshua kept and taught ONLY about the 1st law. Therefore, anyone who finds and keeps that 1st law is, by default, of Yehshua as well.. - (If you have seen me, you have seen the Father...) Meaning, I am the living example of the Father through His Holy Law of the Everlasting Agreement. 

Anyone who does NOT keep the 1st law is NOT of him, and they do NOT know him!   AND THAT is why it was written that "in that day" he will tell them, I never knew you!  I feature this scene as being one when they are standing, or kneeling before the Father being judged, and they look over at Yehshua for help, and he says....

 Will their souls still be saved through his protracted covering as the Elect one, is he truly the Elect one as we see in the book of Enoch? The book seems to show that, but I have never been convinced of the several translations that I have. But yes, I do believe in the end that the Father will show great mercy on most. Allowed through the gate, but just barely. THAT is why there will be great gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair and clothes in that day. Because hearing it, and coming to that immediate realization that he never even knew them, all that time?  Will be devastating. But not as devastating as being eternally disconnected had the Father not given mercy.

Isa 11:11  "And, it will be in those days the Eternal One will again set His hand, the second time, to recover the remnant of His people that remain from Assyria, and from Egypt, and from Pathros, and from Ethiopia, and from Elam, and from Shinar, and from Hamath, and from the coasts of the sea."

NOTE: So then, if 11:1 designates WHO His people "actually" are, then when combined with 11:11, it depicts how they will be recovered; both in the flesh first, then their souls.

REMEMBER FROM MY BOOK - The 22nd and final Hebrew letter (Tav), literally means (Mark or Sign) upon someone, or something.

And, 11+11=22 which is the Tav. In this case it somehow came out in the modernized Hebrew and English translations to fall on verse 11:11.

  • The Root is designated and depicted.
  • And, how the root will be saved is then depicted.
  • The listed locations from where the root will be saved from are no longer literal, individual, physical locations, but only national designations for where all of these people came from in the first place.
  • The evidence appears to show that all of these people migrated and settled in one "melting pot" location for the end-days events. Guess where that is...

And although many people have various ideas and versions about what the 1111 means, and or why many people seem to be drawn to it more than any other particular arrangements of numbers these days, I now believe that He has been drawing my attention to it all this time as a way of reassuring me of the final, and imminent, outcome.


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