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MARK of Kayin


 - MARK of the Beast - 

Thanks Alan,

This one is interesting to me because being on the outside of Christianity, but so close to it, I have recalled many times hearing Christians express this one both ways, which was odd to me at first because I always figured that all of the NT had to have been spoken and written in Hebrew, by Hebrews. And, much like I did with the Essene books, when I read the NT, I would translate the sentences in my head back to Hebrew as they would have been spoken commonly, and in most cases this is difficult to do because the books have obviously been changed so much. On the brighter side, these purposeful changes make it far simpler for me to see WHERE they edited, and or redacted it. Which in turn also tells us allot. Those who read my books can recall how many changes I have shown. Also important was bringing your attention to WHERE these changes were made. Because WHERE is actually more important to the investigation than the WHAT. Because when the WHERE keeps popping up in the same places, then they give away their position, right? They give away the overall false narrative they are building by the foot prints left behind in their changes. Additionally, coming to the realization that anyone so high up in these religious cults making such changes, also proves that said data was highly important to the masses, which is why they spent so much time hiding it. Which then in turn also shows us that most of the other information before or after said augmented data is most likely mostly irrelevant. So, now, this question of the MARK being ON or IN, in Revelation is much the same. If I had another life-time I could have done the same work through the NT as well, which would have helped cement all the work I did to prove the changes in the Tanak.

  Another interesting point while we are in Revelation and on the topic of the MARK, is a point I have contemplated being important somehow for years now, which is, how we see a MARK playing such an important and ominous role in the beginning with Kayin, and ALSO in the end with a majority of people. People, who actually, may all be direct descendants of Kayin for that matter. Souls who are predisposed at the soul level to take the MARK. All given time to re-CONSENT to making Teshuvah, but do not.

Remember now - Gen 4:7 ["If you change and do good (Kayin) there is acceptance; but if not accepted, your offense will cause you to fall down (as in illness), through a gate, (into Meta), towards your desired domination." ] This is nearly the most literal translation for this text. Although with the addition of the Metaverse idea which I think applies.

Question is, what was the MARK of Kayin? Truthfully, and as I have shown in my books concerning some major topics of belief and rituals, and how they were changed by their Scribal application tool of using one meaning of a certain Hebrew word over the original meaning of that word in context, and intent. In this case, one of only a couple of the most literal ways to interpret the Hebrew word (Ote) is (sign) or (signal), and even more literally - (beacon!)  And as always, there must be a Yin & Yang to all this, therefore, as I depicted in the Beacon-Seed book, most people have the "light Beacon" built into their souls which the dark side has continually attempted thwart or eradicate from existence in all generations, therefore the opposite (Ote) must also exist. And the opposite beacon-souls will ALMOST always choose evil, over good. They CHOOSE another god to save them! (Pharma, which leads them through the Meta gate).

 So, back to this video and the question of [In or On] in regard to the MARK; I say IN, because given the new data conclusively showing that everyone taking the jab to be emitting a SIGNAL or BEACON with an associated serial/batch number, while also having their bio-signs and locations recorded and tracked in real-time by some yet unknown organization; and given the fact that this same idea and word (Ote) had to have been the way this MARK of Revelation idea was originally expressed in their native Hebrew tongue at that time, and NOT in Greek. Moreover, coupled with the beginning of all this with Kayin, then I believe probability falls on the side of (Signal-Seed / Kenite souls) whose original fathers tendencies remain in them throughout time. These are embedded tendencies, (MARKED), which can at any time be ignored and changed on an individual basis; no more or less than any Beacon-Seed soul can decide to, at any time, run away from the Eternal One and His law. It's the Yin/Yang of Free Will.

There is no doubt that Kayin's MARK was physical in some way, but I don't believe it was physically observable, rather, I think it was felt, or perceived by other like-minded souls, a "signal" that connects evil tendencies. In kind, there is no doubt now that all the Jabbees are emitting a signal which is now proven to be working as a "beacon", which is being picked up by another source. Thus, in hindsight, Genesis started this trend, and Revelation ends it. Which may logically mean that both MARKS are the same type of thing. Therefore I do not think it is far fetched to say that all of the Jabbees will be met with some horrific end, and after which, receive the reward of total domination after falling/passing through the "gate."  (Meta)

Have modern Bibles been tampered with to disguise the true description of ‘the mark of the beast’?


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