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Seeing through the veil


Israeli Defense Force Soldiers Going Vegan 0

I have been shown an Israeli scholar that teaches much the same thing as I have been for thirty years now. He is quite excellent, and if you listen or read carefully (subtitles in Vid-links below), you will see that he not only teaches from many of the exact same Torah & Prophets text that I have used to prove the existence of the forgotten 1st law, but he also teaches them in the identical order as I have in my books.  
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How humans are not physically created to eat meat 2

“You are what you eat”, is a slogan that I love to use to show the mental aspect of vegetarianism. When animals are slaughtered, fear and aggression enzymes are shot into their muscle tissue. They remain in the meat until the consumer ingests the flesh and adapts the same emotions. Colon cancer is rampant! This is caused by the slow evacuation and putrefaction of meat in the colon. Lifelong vegetarians never suffer from such an illness. Meat eaters believe that meat is the sole source of protein. However, the quality of this protein is so poor that little of it can ever be utilized by humans. This is due to its incomplete combination of amino acids [the building blocks of protein]. Fruits and vegetables are high in nutrients; the very thing the body needs to live a long disease and pain-free life. The same cannot be said for meat. Nutritionally, the alkaline-based digestive system of humans will not properly break down substantial acid substances of meat. 
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The False, "Plant" Sentience Argument of the Blind and Unwise 0

"Meat eaters who use this argument are typically attacking vegans on two contradictory fronts. On the one hand, they say that humans and animals are different, and these differences explain why meat eating is okay. Then with “what about plants?” they do the opposite, linking all of creation together — "All-One!” as Dr. Bronner would say. Unfortunately, by dismissing the distinction between killing plants and killing non-human animals for food by linking them together through aliveness, they also erase the distinction between killing plants and killing humans. "
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New Moon Over China? 1

Scientists are hoping to hang the man-made moon above the city of Chengdu, the capital of China’s southwestern Sichuan province, according to a report in Chinese state media. The imitation celestial body — essentially an illuminated satellite — will bear a reflective coating to cast sunlight back to Earth, where it will supplement streetlights at night.

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Discovering the Mystery of the 3-6-9 of Creation! 2

I was finally able to see so clearly for the first time, after decades of periodic contemplation and searching on this subject of the 3-6-9 after Teslas quote, which to me seemed more like a challenge, and now what all of you will be able to see within Martin Kenny's working model presentation of the overall, Cosmic Egg theory, is that the entirety of this and most likely all other "creation-space" creations are represented in their parts in Three's - Sixes and Nines! And culminating in 12! 

The KZ Mafia Infiltration and Coming Eradication of the Cult 0

"When they “sell their souls” what actually happens is that their souls are snatched away, and they become inhuman or soulless and take on the characteristics of Baal, that is they become increasingly psychopathic and evil."
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Nike's Shoes New Label has a Magic Hex- Updated on 10/2/18 0

It’s a Hex for sure, to control people, but what's interesting is the 3-6-9.  Remember what Tesla said, or actually didn't say about the 3-6-9?
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Soulless Drone People? 0

Corrado Malanga, a renown Italian (retired) scientist, and ufologist hypnotized that thousands of people, regarding alien abductions, after questioning their souls directly, (apparently only souled humans are abducted), and that their abduction accounts led him to believe and claim that only 20% of humans do have a soul!...
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Belief in creationism, conspiracy theories both based on the same thinking error 0

Cell Press says that a teleological thinker, for example, will accept as true propositions such as “the sun rises in order to give us light” or “the purpose of bees is to ensure pollination,” he says. “This type of thinking is anathema to scientific reasoning, and especially to evolutionary theory
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Like Goliath of Gath challenging David and JEHOVAH, Gog and Magog opposed President Polk with every weapon at its disposal. Here are just 5 in that awesome armory: