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On 12/31/2019 8:40 AM, Nathan wrote:
Dr, Asher, I found good info in this video.  I don’t agree with his opinion on the calculating time and cycles with the moon per say though.  Thoughts?  (VIDEO BELOW)

Oh yeah, this is Eric Dubay cat is an excellent researcher and presenter. He has the best flat-earth vids of them all.  And he is correct overall about this time issue. I have, many times wondered if time was just another way of clicking us into a slots like slaves. And when you think about it, if we lived only by the counting of the sun-up / sundown "Enochian" system, and count the days to the memorials, we are NOT really clicking away and adhering to "time." as it were.

If you think about this, like Eric says, mans calendars and clocks are programming devices, we MOVE TOWARD each minute and hour every waking second. We chase time! And although many people stop chasing some time when they get old, they chase it still in new ways until they run OUT of time, and die.

But, when we live as we should be living, outside of such a "modern" society based on time that locks us in from when we wake to sleep, and by living outside of their system by using the Origin system associated with Enoch as we have it, then we are NOT CHASING time anymore. We are merely waiting on the Creators "system" to wash over us. And, at certain points which the ancients called "memorials", which are NOT technically DATES, but events that are known to be events held in Heaven, and not man made, (as above-so below), then - THE FATHERS "event" arrives over us at our position on the ground. We do not chase anything TO that event, it comes to us.

And as we know, THE FATHERS event, was later bastardized by the evil ones who re-designated it as FATHER TIME, or KING TIME.

The only issues or consternation that we have had over the Origin, or Creator's event schedule, has been over finding it again out of the Enochian texts which no one has been totally successful at doing yet because the entire system here is a giant time piece from what little I can understand so far, but I have yet to find anyone who presents it that way, so, too much remains missing.  

And the only reason why most of the people using it now believe it to be yet another "calendar" system, is because those of us searching it out all these years and presenting the findings to you all, have kind of been forced to utilize some of the same material props and word designations that we are all used to hearing, in order to teach it to others; i.e (using the word calendar, and or creating a physical calendar for people to learn it and keep up with it more easily at the beginning).

And even then, most who are hearing it or trying to learn it and use it, are still mostly confused. And NOW we know why certain experts like the Prophet Daniel, the master Astronomer of Babylon, were so damn important to the civilization around them, and after them. And although I am fully appraised on what the Babylonian's did by bastardizing parts of the Creators Original system to use as their own, which was then taken and re-bastardized further by even dumber people called Shelanite-Judah, and the Romans. I also know 100% that Daniel, and later Ezekiel both also used the Creator's original event schedule, called - [ לוח שנה קדוש ] - [Luahkh Shanah Kadosh] - [The template of Holy repetition] would be the most literal translation, while also forced to follow the TIME based, Babylonian calendar which both Judaism and the Roman calendar still depict to this day.

 Daniel and his friends were saved several times because he kept what he knew to be The Eternal Ones original path; Ezekiel was the same, along with Elijeh and Elisha, and Yosef in Egypt, who, before there was a Moshe and some so-called 10-commands, Yosef told his bosses under sexed wife that he would rather go to prison than defy his Father instruction. What instruction?? And later he became 2nd in command over Egypt!  That guys wife? Not so much.

All of these men and others understood the basic truth of the original law and the Sabbath from Genesis, and they kept these basic things without fail. They did NOT attend any of their extended or close families pagan holly-days like many do each year for Xmas, and New Years, mingling themselves with those who remain rebels to the Eternal Creator's original instructions.  These men listed above never voted for a King or a Pressy-Dent. But they did live under the 1st law of the Creator while flipping everyone else the bird in full view, like Daniel did.  So, if any of you ever wanted the "formula" for being completely protected during horrific times, I assure you, now you have it in the 1st Law of the Everlasting Agreement. 

 And although myself and a couple of other smart people are still working on more minor details concerning the Creators "calendar", we also know that those who live this path daily and wait for the rotation of the Renewal Memorials and keep them, and the Sabbaths, will always be covered even when we don't have all the details. Although I have faith that when we truly need the fully corrected Enoch calendar, He will find a way to get it to us, like He did with Moshe.

We know this because Moshe was covered, and all those with him were also covered when they also did not yet have all the details. And then a Malakim came to Moshe and provided Moshe with those missing details saying - "Today is the first day of the first day, of your first month for you." 

FOR YOU!  Not for those pagans back there in Egypt, but FOR YOU!

And by providing that last bit of location data to a man who already had all the other data he needed, they were finally put back on track to watching for and waiting for the Sabbaths and memorial days to fall on them. NOT for them to chase!

"One Sabbath, Yehshua was going through the grain fields, and as his talmudim walked, they began to pluck some heads of grain, also giving some to others. Then Yehshua said to them, "The Sabbath was made for man, not man for the Sabbath.

TRANSLATION - The "Memorial" - (in this case the Sabbath) - was made to FALL on man, and NOT for man to CHASE the Memorial.

Summation - In this world and it's many purposely convoluted false narrative slave systems, TIME is the unperceived CAGE for souls. And knowing this, now you may notice how all the anti-GOD people have no issue with TIME and it's many restraints, in fact, to the contrary, they flourish inside of it. Always seeming to be anticipating the next point of TIME to their next appointed event.


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