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Big Pharma - Big Hubris


As they knowingly kill people w/insane price increases!

Yet another reason why the "establishment" has recently been found in the mainstream speaking out so loudly against people who chose not to murder other sentient beings for their food requirements. 

As many of us have witnessed recently, the growing, angry voices taking up flanking positions around the entire culture and lifestyle of eating clean; specifically against all people who chose to eat either Vegan or Vegetarian. So far we have seen grossly outlandish and quite literally insane arguments that can only be eclipsed by the myriad of ridiculous and totally unfounded lies concerning the reason why so many people are now choosing this lifestyle, but also about how these same people are part of some grand conspiracy to thwart humanity and even so far as to state that the Vegan/Vegetarian plan is to "change the DNA of all humans so that future humans will be born without souls!"  Yes, that is what was stated on national news here in the USA. 

The following may seem like a wild connection, but after reading this article concerning the crazy price increase in this drug in particular, I instantly thought of these rash anti-Veg claims of late which appear to be a new, fear-porn narrative. My thought was, that it has now been proven many times, and for many years actually, that changing to a fully Vegan diet completely reverse Type-2 Diabetes and now they are showing that fasting will reverse even Type-1 as long as the diet is continues after. Problem, for big Pharma is, that the combination of intermittent fasting and the change to a Vegan diet is curing pretty much every so-called or alleged "disease" known to man. And THAT my friends cannot be unknown to that evil empire industry. And, an industry by the way, that our govt fully indemnified against all possible legal actions by the hand of Congress if you are not aware.  So, not only can no one regulate these corpses, but they cannot even be forced to regulate themselves now.

Thus, I was not surprised to see this article, nor do I think it overstepping to make the aforementioned connections as I have here. Our growing awakening, just as I stated in my Land of Meat & Honey book back in 2010, would eventually and as we are seeing now in the last five years quite clearly, begin to squeeze the life from the Evil Souls of the Giants, and that when that happened, I posited in that book and others after it, that they would either die off, go away or lash out with another worldwide calamity. 

In the end, the bottom line in this is, that before their souls can be released from this Eternal Life, not so Merry-Go-Round, they have to live long enough to learn this, and the other. 

If you haven't read it, do so!

If you have, start dropping the sales link into any and all videos you can find on the many topics connected to this book!

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