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Yehovah Orders All to be Destroyed without Mercy in (Ai)


The order given was that every living person in Canaan be put to death.

No mercy for the women, children or the aged; Yehovah’s instructions were as clear and brutal – Why? 

Some minor background: 


a'-i (`aye – Always written with the definite article, [ha-`ay-ee]: It’s translated meaning is close to "the heap or the ruin" – It’s a close root word to – awah – also roots to Hawah): Recall what Adams’s wife’s name means? – [DESTRUCTION]

Ai – Most believe it to be a city east of Beit’el, and next to the town of Biet’aven; which is not accurate as you will see. 

NOTE – I once heard a big-time preacher pontificating on this topic of why “god” had the sons of Jacob kill everyone in Ai and all throughout Canaan. And building the listener up with his long winded, kindergarten level understanding of the story, his great and final summation to them all was - God commanded them all to be put to death because every man, woman and child among them, were “sinners.” And the wages of sin is death!    WOW!   

12,000 inhabitants of Ai were killed and every structure in Ai was burned to the ground, with their king relocated under a giant pile of rocks. Much the same as Jericho, and likely for the same reasons. As well, at the same time the neighboring town of Beit’aven was also sacked and burned. 

Beit'aven = Can be translated as – [house of idols, ruin or emptiness]: 

What most don’t know or connect about these seemingly two separate towns – [Beit’el & Beit’aven - can be seen in Hosea - 4:15; 5:8 and 10:5, is that [Beit’aven] is actually a renaming of the original town of [Beit’el], which of course means [House of God], and then renamed to Beit’aven because it was no longer the house of God, but the house of ruin, allegedly in reference to the animals worshiped & murdered there. 

Amos 1:5 refers to the “Valley - Plain of Aven,” by the Hebrew expression - “Bikath-aven.” Or – Plain of Idols or ruin. 

Hos 10:5 “The people of Samaria dread because of the calves of Beit'aven – [House of ruin]. And its people will mourn over it; also the priests who rejoiced on it for its glory, because it has departed from it.”  

Some odd wording there, and the English is fairly accurate. So, the people of Samaria are in fear because of whatever is going on in Beit’aven, which I say is the same thing happening in Ai. Meaning, they are in fear because it has not touched them yet. And the priests of Beit’aven are in fear because they realize they are about to be sacked. That much everyone agrees on. Yes, everyone else believes these verses to be speaking of other things, but stick with me here. 

Hos 10:8 “Also, the high places of Aven, the sin of Jacob will be destroyed. The thorn and the thistle will come up on their altars. And they will say to the mountains, ‘Cover us! and to the hills, Fall on us!’   [Same as the other prophets speaking of the same things occurring in the end days]. 

Was it all just about animal idolatry & murder? 

Because when we read about Yehovah’s specific instructions on how they should deal with that place and all the people in it; and when we understand that the so-called “sin” of Ai –which was also known to be the core location for all such “contamination” throughout the land – I touched on that point in one of my books concerning Biet’aven – but truthfully, the severity of the action against ALL people young and old has always probed at me to look deeper at the “why.” But actually, until recent years we really didn’t yet have the tech language or the alleged technology which is only now widely known about, to pull these two things together as one.

And this one question nagged at me - Is it truly even possible - as the texts submit - for any town, large or small, anywhere, to have 100% of its inhabitants be completely evil to such a degree that even the babies need to be slaughtered in such ways? AND, for their infrastructure to be burned and leveled? 

Look at the shear size and contamination of Jericho, and then recall that Rahab existed there uncontaminated, and eventually spared by Yehovah. So, are we seeing the age old and misunderstood, double-minded, and arbitrary “god” entity – Yehovah - in all this? Or, is there something much deeper and more sinister at play in it all, and the texts, as always, don’t readily allow us to see the deeper truth so easily. 

I mean, think of the fabrication and ritual of the alleged Golden calf fiasco while Moshe received the law. How is that at all different in “deed” or severity than anything happening in Canaan? In fact, I would propose that what Aaron and friends did was far worse, since by that time they had a front row seat seeing the actions of the Eternal’s mighty ones. But the inhabitants of Canaan, and Ai specifically get sacked and totally eradicated, along with their infrastructure for the exact same thing? 

There is most definitely something more happening in all this, and my hypothetical position is that it may have something to do with what is now emerging in our time. I am always reminded of a great mantra that they said all through the 1990’s TV series – Battlestar Galactica, which was – “This has all happened before, and it will all happen again”  And in my culture we have always had a very similar expression which I know to be 100% accurate, which is – “That which the Eternal One did with our fathers, He will do with our progeny.” Which means the exact same thing as the TV series mantra.

As I have shown, in small parts from my still under construction – ben’Asher Torah – and in connection to what we have found to be proven in our modern times from the 1950’s to only a couple of years ago; and along with my proving through better translation that the Tower of Babel was NOT simply a tower structure, but a weapon created to break through the dome – or, as stated – “To shake the head of heaven.” And now, in our modern times, so have our weapons been used to that same end by the U.S, and by the Russians since the 1950’s. Nothing really changed. It only goes away and then later, reemerges. 

My main and hypothetical point here concerning the utter destruction of Canaan and here in Ai specifically, is, that the technology being used in and emanating from the town of Ai, at that time to “contaminate” the entire land, was the exact same technology that is now emerging to do the same to this new world. And they didn’t even attempt to change its name – They still call it - A.I 

Of course, as I have shown, the Hebrew pronunciation of the name Ai is not exactly – [Aye-eye], but – [Ha’ayi], but only a core few people from my side of the fence have ever known the original, more accurate pronunciation of it. The reality is, that the entire world and regardless of culture or language pronounce that ancient towns name as – [Aye-eye = A.I]. And everyone’s various bible versions, to my knowledge, have always rendered it in the text as [Ai]. And also, the original accurate meaning of that name still stands as an accurate description of what our modern, alleged, [A.I] computers may soon turn out to be – RUIN - DESTRUCTION! As I have shown the root of it to be previously. 

Thus, my hypothesis summation is this; That the reason why  Yehovah gave orders to destroy so utterly, with the complete annihilation – elimination – extermination - liquidation - massacre, ruination and total extinction, to include all possessions and entire infrastructures, was because the fallen ones had already colluded with them to create the same A.I systems that we now have nearly before us today. Difference is, their systems went out far and wide by that time and infiltrated the brains of most of the people in Canaan and most certainly threatening to jump those borders like the virus it is. Or, it could be that everyone else is correct and "GOD" is just an arbitrary, vengeful entity.. 

And before you get all negative about such a technology being able to exist at that time or before, I highly suggest you read my chapter on the “A.R.C of the Covenant” Plasma Frequency Generator weapon that Moshe removed from the Giza pyramid in my Asher codex. Because I clearly show through various Dead Sea Scroll War text, and Tanak texts, that it was a super high-tech weapon, and showed how and when they used it, what it did, and how it adversely affected certain people within its proximity. So, if that existed, it’s kind of difficult to dismiss out of hand that other tech existed. 

Stating the obvious, I posit that Yehovah was not sending in thousands of Hebrew false idol worshipers to eliminate masses of other false idol worshipers. He was sending in recovering false idol worshipers to utterly eliminate the beast A.I system before it went any further. And here we are again today! Moreover, is not the exact same end result prophesied by our prophets to occur again.

Do our prophets not tell us and warn all leaders and their many sycophants that just like the King of A.I, and everyone in Jericho and other places, that they also will be relocated under giant piles of rock, in that last day?

The end….no pun intended!

S. Asher    ©2019



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