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Black Magic-Palliative Potions


The Brew of Fallen Angels - Pharmaceuticals

Thanks for the list and your take on this David, I loved the way you put it. Everyone can read David’s email below my commentary.

Yes, as you heard from that podcast after my parents left here, I watched a very distinct transformation happening quite literally in the car ride to the airport and while sitting, waiting in the airport. After which, a day later the news came to me via my sister that for the first time, and for nearly the entire flight from Denver international Hellport to Tampa, that my stepfather had some kind of wild mental break and reaction. He’s a big man. Very strong and literally has not one single expected physical malady at age 80 other than what they diagnosed as Parkinson’s. Which truthfully, now I am not even believing that it is PD.

So, evidently, he was difficult to restrain and did not recognize my mother for that leg of the trip. So yes, I am now absolutely convinced of what I watched LEAVING him for the first 4 days here of two weeks, and his quick recovery while here to the very last minute before walking out the door. When he came here he could hardly walk at all. Sliding his feet 2 inches at a time using the walker to move at a snail's pace, and falling all the time if someone didn’t assist; to walking with full steps, no Walker or Cain and sleeping ALLOT less during the day. His speech was also fine, although to that point it was only a bit weak.  So, to watch all that drain away nearly immediately upon walking out of this house? Followed by a full on mental break only a few hours later? Along with a very fast decline even further in the days since they have been home? A level of decline that not even his Neurosurgeon expected. Yes, I feel something else has been at work here. And I believe it has much to do with a person's CONSENT to whatever they attach to all pharma products.

I know what we all saw happen here, and my mother was equally shocked the entire time that it was happening, so it was not only us that noticed. But, as I stated in that podcast, (link below), I felt something foreign around me after 5 mins of their arrival here and it got worse over the first three days. It was messing with my good nature and obvious to my wife. Then the Eternal One told me what to do.

As I stated and described partially in that podcast, after feeling some oppression for about the first three days I was finally able to hear for a second or two to receive instructions, and it took several attempts from my perspective, anyway, before I saw my stepfathers countenance change noticeably. Although I felt the weight of something near me, removed quickly. And the lack of that presence was VERY noticeable. 

This list sent by one of the Returned is helpful and does show everyone how this evil scum creates their potions. I would add to that, the new CLEAN MEAT they have devised and now fabricating from animal cells (given willingly and never under duress I’m sure) to make this new “clean meat.”

"The evidence they reviewed suggests that at this point, the meat-making entrepreneurs haven’t quite yet hit the clean meat threshold. Many companies use antibiotics, hormones, even blood products taken from fetal calves, at least during the first steps of the process, to get initial batches of cells to transition from life inside an animal to life inside a vial or dish. Industry surveys discussed by the board suggest that so far, most production systems also require artificial or animal-based additives to keep the cells growing...."

Since these articles began around two years ago, I have read that some companies have been shipping more and more to restaurants.  I also believe I sent out an article on that topic last year where it showed the orthodox Rabbinical clergy signing off on how now even Pork can be considered clean to eat.

 Additionally, many other articles are pushing the new forbidden fruit towards all Vegans and Vegetarians. And, THAT, my friends is certain and obvious, in your face proof that a vast abyss exists between those who RETURN to the first law of the Everlasting Agreement, willingly, AND, those who DO NOT accept the 1st laws commanded path and ONLY exhibit that dietary standard because it was born in them via emotion or social pressures, only. AND THAT should end all of the questions that I receive on that specific question. 

Exactly as I stated long ago and also in one of the interviews that I did with Randy Maugans Off-Planet Radio show; 'that regardless, if the evil scum stop all wars, and hunger and animal farming to eliminate “global warming” etc., the one thing that they will NEVER – EVER stop doing is feeding all souled people and the soulless some kind of mammal flesh.'

THEN, after making that statement many times, many people watched as the U.N, W.H.O spokeswoman touted to the world how the world MUST stop breeding animals for consumption and completely stop the human consumption of animals and cited various social reasons, etc. Then, a year or so later we have the amazing invention of CLEAN MEAT! Which I then believed would take them ten years to get off the ground, but, amazingly, that was the one time I have been wrong… 😉 And clean meat manufacturing blew up in mere months to begin shipping the product to many specialized restaurants, quickly. 

So, are we to believe this new meat product wasn’t fully planned and staged to arrive on time and on target? At the exact perfect time in Hu-Man history while in the throes of a great awakening with droves of souled people leaving the meat table? And just two years later this whole “Get vaccinated” for everything under the sun push, ramps up? And in addition to all that we also have the Nestle company and others now adding an alleged "Sweetener" to their products which are created from human fetal cells! With these people and Archons, coincidences are NOT organic, they are always fabricated. 

In the end, their push to feed death into everyone’s mouth, as I said years ago, will NOT go away, but only change in form, and here we are. Because the Soul-Firewall Fuel is the “blood.”  

So, I ask again as I have so many times; Do you see why the 1st law, Everlasting Agreement is so utterly important, and irreplaceable? 

And all those living in the Everlasting Agreement, while not actively attempting to move others to it, are passively aiding the other side. However, by adding ONLY a few to the Yeshurim side delivers massive blows by the reduction of power to them. I have occasionally harped on everyone about helping me to market, at the very least, the Land of Meat & Honey book wherever possible, and especially on all Youtube or news video sites, and generally, to no avail for some unknown reason.

By dropping in the book sales page link whenever you go to some chat site or video you are increasing the chances of those few who the Eternal One has readied to receive the actual good seed, to FIND the information faster and earlier in their new walk.

I don’t remind everyone of this to sell more books for the sake of profit! I am prolific with this single point because I ACTUALLY believe this stuff. I actually believe that it’s a literal war, both here and somewhere else. And I ACTUALLY believe that when we diminish the enemies power sources from here in this realm, we are LITERALLY affecting and aiding the Malakim in their constant combat against those dark forces in their realms. Which then by default eases the evil hold on us in this realm. 

Would it not be priority #1 for the enemy to blind those who are very powerful (souls) and who have the direct ability to fully eliminate their very existence all at one time? Using all of the false narrative streams of evil consciousness to restrict our knowledge and understanding of the actual situation would make the best tactical sense. While at the same time using our Eternal-Life, Energy-Tether  to combat the forces of the Eternal One they rebelled against in the first place. What is eviler than passively kidnapping so many living-souls in order to pirate their Eternal energy source for use in direct action against the forces of the Prime, Eternal Creator? I will tell you what is worse. 


Just sayin…

The following correspondence is what prompted my commentary here.

From: David H
Sent: Saturday, April 27, 2019 8:03 PM
Subject: pharmaceuticals aka black magic potions 

In the podcast audio, (Coffee-Talk; Pharma Demons) you hit on the possibility of some kind of sorcery being involved in the production of pharmaceuticals. I think that is a very accurate hunch. And when it comes to vaccines the picture gets a lot darker. If you haven't looked into it, here's a list of the witches' brews containing human and animal tissue which CDC recommends injecting into kids within the FIRST YEAR OF BEING BORN: 

  • -Hib (influenza b) - 2, 4, and 6 months - beef heart 

  • -DTaP (diptheria, tetanus, pertussis) - 2, 4, and 6 months - bovine extract (whatever the hell that is)

  •  -IPV (polio) - 2, 4, and 6 months - bovine calf serum and monkey kidney cells 

  • -LAIV (flu a, nasal spray) - 6 months - porcine gelatin 

  • -MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) - 1 year - chicken embryo cells, WI-38 human diploid cells (cell line from an aborted fetus lung from the 1960's), fetal bovine serum, human serum albumin 

  • -VAR (varicella) - human embryonic lung cells, guinea pig cells, WI-38, MRC-5 human diploid cells (from a different aborted fetus lung form the 60's), fetal bovine serum 

  • -Hepatitis A - MRC-5 human diploid cells 

  • Just missing a little eye of newt and wing of bat. 

As I said, that's all in the FIRST YEAR OF LIFE, and that's just the growth medium! 

The subject of viruses, and vaccines, in particular, get really freakin weird, really freakin quick. Based on some fairly detailed reading on the subject over the past 6-12 months I have started to get a sense of what the big vaccine push may be about, and I'll just express it in a wildly oversimplified statement: 'To me it looks like in addition to attempting to put everyone outside the Everlasting Agreement through injecting everyone with animal and human tissues, as well as causing all kinds of chronic diseases which make us sick enough to need to constantly pay for other black magic palliative potions, but not too sick to work and be milked for tax revenue, the enemy is using viruses in the form of vaccines to break our DNA and splice in...well....something else, which is exactly what many viruses do.'

I'm interested in your thoughts on this.



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