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- The true plan of the Nazim - 

This topic is, in a roundabout way, exactly what I got into about the Khazarians from their earliest Shelanite beginnings in the 2014 Georgeann Hughes shows. Although this speaker, as they all tend to do, is beginning his history lesson from more modern times compared to how far back I tend to show it. Regardless, this video's content is still useful knowledge for people to have and pass on. 

As you all might expect, there are a few points that I do not agree with and find in need of clarification. His main premise is that all “anti-Talmudists” are their biggest threat, and that is, of course, true, but that also coverers everyone else throughout the entire world. The speaker, not knowing the full extent of the enemy he speaks of, also does not understand that an even bigger threat to them exists, mostly hidden.

Truly, the hardcore Yeshurim are their biggest threat from the super-spiritual aspect. Which is why they have been using the Shot-Gun tactics and attempting to eradicate entire populations where they even suspect the Beacon-Seed to exist in small number. I believe I lined this understanding out in detail last year in my Beacon-Seed book. That the threat to them and their ultra-dark souls has now become more grave than ever as the hidden and unknowable Beacon-Seed travels through their evil lineages, and all the lineages of man to inoculate and eradicate their evil seed line, forever. The Eternal One's Beacon-Seed is stepping on that serpents head! FYI: The "Beacon-Seed" as I call it, is my hypothesis, which, on its face may appear to be a way to discriminate between the majority and some alleged "chosen people", but it is NOT! 

Following are a few major things that this man also does NOT make a distinction for:

  1. Nothing “Jewish” is or ever was from any HEBREW culture or lineage. Not in truth anyway. This is why I coined the “Shelanite” brand for them based on their true Canaanite lineage. I explained this in my Asher Codex.

  2. The “Nazim” or “Nazi’s” were ALL Babylonian-Jews (Shelanites), and they NEVER hunted or killed ANY other Shelanites. Their plan was always as it remains still, to find-fix and exterminate the Beacon-Seed which appears to run from Seth, through Enoch, Noah, Heber, Abrahim...etc. They were killing and have ALWAYS killed “Hebrew” lineages, NOT their own evil seed line. THIS IS A MAJOR DISTINCTION WHICH ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE MADE!

  3. The Yeshurim are all of the original Beacon-Seed line.

  4. All those who come and are in-grafted are also of that Beacon-Seed line or changed to it just as the prophets explain. Just as Abrahim was told it would happen.

  5. At this moment in history, all those who are Yeshurun – (The Yeshurim), are the few leaders of the prophesied emerging change to “Renewal.” 

Therefore, leaving all of that out; not knowing that the 1st law exists, while also knowing that those who subverted even their 2nd law of death, along with the rest of humanity who have barely kept even that 2nd law through thousands of generations to this very day, still cannot fully comprehend the much greater picture in all this. Which is why we constantly see them, as we see in his video, tending to pick up this story from only hundreds of years back, and not thousands of years.

And in doing so, they still cannot see their true enemy, much less the full extent of what that enemy is doing and has planned for their FINAL-SOUL-SOLUTION.



 Thanks, Ron for sending the related video. 

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