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Seeing through the veil


The Greater Exodus to Eden?

Is it a Greater Exodus?

A great walk to the North and beyond the flaming swords of Malakim into Eden for the "righteous" to come soon - THE EVENT? 

Where only the truly ascended souls are allowed to PASS-OVER

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Fake Noahide Public Law

As some have incorrectly stated – “Nowhere in the Torah, historical writings or the prophets has any list of 7 Noahide laws been given or exist.”

...Slowly, over time building a control-narrative cage around all peoples in all nations to their hopeful, final solution. Subverting beliefs, causing fear and death narratives to live among and inside of most people so that our CONSENT is tacitly given unto deeper and deeper control. By their many blood sacrifice death narratives of animals and people, they cause intense division among the souls of man which creates the chain reaction of additional fear and death to be created by the living souls creative-intentions.

....The sad fact remains, that no western language and culture religious “experts” have had either the academic and cultural background, drive, nor the inclination to find this 1st law truth and the many other related topic truths around it. You never had it because they never cared to know it, or their Creator....

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Noah Movie Review and Commentary

Vindicated by Hollywood? Say-it-ain't-so! Believe me, no one was or is still as shocked as I remain twenty-four hours after watching this movie and even compelled to write my first ever movie review. This movie is a must see, and you must watch it very closely, paying attention and bearing in mind all that I have written concerning Noah and The Eternal’s 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement in my books.   

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The EVENT - The PLOT - Seeing 20/20 in 2020

Time and Concentric circles – This 20/20 video establishes that all time and all calendar systems were and are based in a circular and repeating pattern, which of course appears to be true. However, as they go through this video, we can see them slowly building to the age-old lie of this system being a benevolent system for all souls. 

The Galactic Alignment and Shift – THE EVENT! When we all get to see 20/20:...?


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Perception Is How DNA is Really Made


As I depicted in the Soul Revolution book, our perceptions have been mostly steered and driven by methodically fabricated and accurately aimed False-Control-Narratives. Although I have shown many subdivisions of Control-Narratives, the big three are religion, race-ethnicity, and government controls.

Dr. Bruce Lipton shows how DNA is made at the cellular level and is constantly being manufactured based on our PERCEPTIONS. That DNA is formed and created by the human body and adjusted for GOOD or EVIL by the Soul's INTENTION!

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Aborted Fetal Cells Used As Food Flavor Enhancers

"Public to boycott products of major food companies that are partnering with Senomyx, a biotech company that produces artificial flavor enhancers using aborted fetal cells in many products." 

“What they do not tell the public is that they are using HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells are taken from an electively aborted baby to produce those receptors”

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Luciferian MK-DNA-Soul Control

This female Pathology doctor has a fantastic testimonial that should be listened to before listening to this show or reading its transcript.

She traced and connected that the luciferin bloodlines find and abduct certain people to inflict MK-Ultra sessions on them, usually as children (who do not know to UN-consent) to fracture their physical psyche. However, as I have shown many times through my own work, these are NOT space aliens from other, alleged planets and star systems like some Holly-Weird movie. These are the Fallen ones “other” physical creations that they use to intervene and work between them and mankind. 

They are taken because they have access to the adult or child, and they are retaken again and again because they have already been worked on in this life, or in a past life or lives. 

This could also be looked upon as a crude version of time travel as well. 

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Man's Law - Legal Fictions - Legalese - GOD's Law

This is all no different at all to what has gone on with the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement all this time since Yehshua taught it as an Essene. The facts and details of this original law have always been around here and there; scattered and somewhat hidden; and of course, known by the few orthodox insiders who perpetuated the hiding of it. While at the same time these evil forces worked diligently to divert the minds and attention of the people in all generations to believe and contemplate on other false religions and partially true details. Which, just like how they bury the “remedies” in their volumes of legalese, while at the same time generating all manner of other false control narratives in our daily lives through all generations, few if any ever find the truth of a thing like the 1st law. 

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STAR-GATE Found and Photographed Near the Sun!

This is a Super-Gate that will allow very large craft to enter and leave!

As it was in the days of Noah - The false "gods" of ancient days may be about to reappear through the newly found and photographed StarGate suspended next to the sun! 



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Cardinal Direction - End Day Prophecies

I believe besides the obvious usage of the “ideas and words”, paints another picture entirely which then must be applied to all prophesy, which then answers many questions concerning where all those evil, end of days satanic monsters and previously locked-away evil souls come from to destroy mankind in those days... 

And, in order for the souls caught in the Southern-BELOW creation space to RETURN to their original habitation ABOVE, those souls would have to venture into the DARKNESS-ABOVE them to go NORTH-Qedemah to RETURN back to that HIDDEN place – EDEN!...

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