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Seeing through the veil


Man's Law - Legal Fictions - Legalese - GOD's Law 2

This is all no different at all to what has gone on with the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement all this time since Yehshua taught it as an Essene. The facts and details of this original law have always been around here and there; scattered and somewhat hidden; and of course, known by the few orthodox insiders who perpetuated the hiding of it. While at the same time these evil forces worked diligently to divert the minds and attention of the people in all generations to believe and contemplate on other false religions and partially true details. Which, just like how they bury the “remedies” in their volumes of legalese, while at the same time generating all manner of other false control narratives in our daily lives through all generations, few if any ever find the truth of a thing like the 1st law. 

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STAR-GATE Found and Photographed Near the Sun! 1

This is a Super-Gate that will allow very large craft to enter and leave!

As it was in the days of Noah - The false "gods" of ancient days may be about to reappear through the newly found and photographed StarGate suspended next to the sun! 



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Cardinal Direction - End Day Prophecies 1

I believe besides the obvious usage of the “ideas and words”, paints another picture entirely which then must be applied to all prophesy, which then answers many questions concerning where all those evil, end of days satanic monsters and previously locked-away evil souls come from to destroy mankind in those days... 

And, in order for the souls caught in the Southern-BELOW creation space to RETURN to their original habitation ABOVE, those souls would have to venture into the DARKNESS-ABOVE them to go NORTH-Qedemah to RETURN back to that HIDDEN place – EDEN!...

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1967 Warning of Satanic-Global takeover & Enslavement 0

This has been the greatest head-fake of all time! To make themselves socially synonymous with those they seek to destroy - The true Hebrews! While at the same time usurping our Hebrew Nationality and using our people's plight of mass-destruction as their own war-cry against anyone coming against them who may divulge their true identity and agenda, as being ANTI-SEMITES!

Being so old and so completely accurate and now contemporary again, makes it epically important and utterly shocking to those people who are only now in the last 2 yrs hearing some of these points...

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Life is in the Blood! 0

"It’s being tested in patients over the age of 35 as part of a clinical trial called ambrosia! 

The rich ingesting the blood of the young to foster longevity — is now a reality and an actual business in the United States. Not only is it a business but billionaires are actually admitting their interest in it...."

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Water Levitating - Clemson University Tests 0

Maybe then, the gain in frequency eventually causes the WATER-BODY to eject, leaving only the living-soul behind intact. And possibly leaving the soul here, in the same place as we see written in the prophets and also stated by Yehshua. AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF ADAM.

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Rockefeller University Study says Genesis Story is Accurate 0

“We now have two decades’ worth of direct measurements of the rate at which human mtDNA mutates, and it matches exactly the 6,000-year timescale and rejects the evolutionary timescale (see ‘Genetics Confirms the Recent, Supernatural Creation of Adam and Eve’ and references therein),” he wrote. “Thus, taking Stoeckle and Thaler’s results to their logical conclusion, we can revise their statement to ‘Modern human [mitochondrial DNA] originated from conditions that imposed a single sequence on these genetic elements’ about 6,000 years ago.....”
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Satan's Reptilian Death Hand 0

Festive Satanic statue added to Illinois Statehouse

Facebook/The Satanic Temple - Chicago Chapter

"The statue depicts that hidden-hand, while also providing other significant nuances that paint the picture as I have shown it to be in the Asher Codex book; a reptilian (Seraphim) entity which fooled them into murdering and most certainly consuming the flesh of the animals in that Garden setting....."

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Archon Control and New Age Teachings 2

"Being positive can mean acknowledging something negative because it is the truth, seeing it for what it is. If you believe a lie, even if it seems positive and makes you “feel good”, you give away your free will and that has spiritual implications. In these times of transition, it becomes imperative to seek truth and strive towards objectivity so we don’t take the “wrong” turn into entropy." 

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Truthful Emerging Science Proving DNA Coupled to Vegetation & Bio-organisms 0

"What is this “new holobiont” of which they speak? Consider the traditional holobiont concept which introduced the radical idea that humans are “ecological units,” and are best defined as being comprised of all the species which inhabit it, including the viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi, and even other animals like helminths, as part of its microbiome. But this view did not include vegetal or animal contributions of microRNAs, represented by our food....."

  Had I not taught for years and finally published the books - The Land of Meat & Honey and Soul Revolution in past years and prior to emerging science and articles such as this one, you would believe I based my conclusions on their work. 

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