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Randy Maugans - Consciousness Wave


The soon disappearing Soulless Drone population!

  For sure this helps us all to know that the warnings we received years ago were real, and accurate. As I watch our calendar "days of Noah & Daniel" count down,

and, while watching major national and world events happening in the same week, with so far two of our 4 Renewal Memorials kicking off major events; and now seeing how on our third, 1st law Renewal Memorial week coming up, other events are now expected to fall on those months, and clocking perfectly with Daniel's prophetic day counts, it has gotten impossible for me to see any of this as being mere coincidence.

Now - Couple Rev. Dana Coverstones 1st warning to all Christians, with the new 2nd warning, and we can identify clearly that we are correct in seeing these events being timed with the Eternal One's "times & seasons", [Creator's Calendar] and NOT theirs! Which is something I and others around me knew had to happen. 

All of the Yeshurim became aware after seeing that 1st prophetic warning from Rev. Cornerstone, where he depicted specific months for major events kicking off. While unbeknownst to the good Reverend, those specific months are also our very specific, Everlasting Agreement, Renewal Memorial months. THAT IS NOT happenstance.

AND NOW, as of two days ago, if you have not heard Rev. Coverstones latest warning based on yet another vivid dream, you should find it. In it he states, that he saw animal slaughterhouses around the world closed up, and filled with demons gearing up for war against all Christians, soon...etc.. Although he is a bit incorrect, it won't be only Christians. It will be against all who continued to partake in the corporatized ritual murder; the slaughter of innocents. THAT is where the sin against the Father and His creation was centralized, and THAT is where HE is showing them their own, and like destruction will emanate out of. 


  • Month of Levi, 15th = Sept 23rd - The last In-gathering feast on this side of the destruction!
  • Dan 30th, = Nov 7th - Daniel's 1335 day! 

The key in all this, is, that the Father would never utilize their pagan "times & seasons" to launch judgement and redemption operations, He clearly told us this through all of His prophets. I HATE your memorials, YOUR sabbaths, YOUR new moons,YOUR prayers, and YOUR offerings...etc. Rev. Coverstone may be thought of as our second witness to what we already saw happening in the world, and in perfect parallel to our calendar days. 

If that is not in your face enough to know that what the Elect one is showing him, is exactly what we have already known, which is, WHAT the ACTUAL and ONLY sin is, and ever was. This second vision is showing them where this sin against His Everlasting Agreement has been primarily waged from, and from where it the judgement for it will now generate from. This could not be more obvious!

With respect,  I don't believe Rev. Coverstone fully understands the details and depth of these visions, but surely he is not meant to just yet. He seems to have taken them only as a warning of coming attacks by evil. Maybe he will come to understand the fuller meaning of it soon. The Yeshurim are the ONLY people within this creation space who can SEE the full and true meaning of these signs. To everyone else they are only basic warnings of events soon upon them. 

As for the OffPlanet Radio show below, it appears that Randy is once again on target. After watching this half of the full show, I really think that if one takes my Soul Revolution book data, and this show, it would be difficult to add much more useful knowledge about what all has occurred within this creation space. 

 FYI: ALL of the Yeshurim going forward will most likely be used in some major way where all those outside of the Everlasting Agreement are concerned. The Yeshurim will be used regarding their knowledge and ability to aid all those deemed worthy to live through this "blood cleansing" event in the next 3.5 years, to the crossing of the final sign over the USA. Which may turn into the Greater Exodus! 

Many Christians and non-Christians are about to be brought through their own Egyptian exodus cleansing event, where HE will remove all of the Soul contamination via the blood, from their bodies. This will open that soul-firewall just enough, and for long enough to allow them to finally HEAR, and hopefully accept why this has happened, and HOW this has happened. Most importantly, HOW to get out of the Egyptian grasp, and back to the ONE they all left. For they are all prodigal souls!

Thanks Mike for sending.

And thanks Randy for hanging in there! 


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