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The Elect are Being Warned!


 Remember -Remember the 1st of November!

Thanks Shanna for sending the video, and yes I agree, they are being told. But listen to WHAT they are being told:

 As I have been showing for many years, the prophets clearly depict the Father saying that HIS people, are those who are called by HIS name, not some other name, and who are those who know and DO His instructions - the 1st law - WILL BE SAVED.  1000 will fall by your left hand and 10,000 by your right, you will SEE it all happening, yet it will NOT TOUCH YOU. And many, many more times the same is said in various ways. But, as I have always taught, the caveat is - WHO ARE HIS PEOPLE? 

Enoch, as I have also shown many times, clearly tells us they are those who know and FOLLOW THE LAW of the Eternal One. But as I also have shown, right up to yesterdays podcast, there is also ANOTHER, people - the elect, but that they are UN-righteous because they DO NOT follow the law of the Eternal One, but they do follow the ELECT one. I have shown through the GE prophecy that these "elect" which are people, a mixed multitude that will come out of many nations and tongues, are NOT ALL "Christians". But somehow they are decent enough to have their souls COVERED by the Elect one / Mashiach, who most believe to be Yehshua, but I still believe there is room for this to be AHYH directly, in the persona of YHVH - "I Will Be...."  These peoples are one of the Two Sticks that will come back together to be grafted in to YOU, who are the Yehshurim!

  So yes, I would like everyone to watch and HEAR what this Christian woman is saying, (in the video below), which is basically the same prophetic warning that we received several years ago, only we got it in great detail. These 7 prophetic warnings are found in my Noah Prophesies book. We, HIS people, who are KNOWN by His NAME, who have His MARK on our foreheads and right hands, meaning - What you believe & what you do - are those who received all the detailed warnings, first; years in advance - Why?

Answer - Providing you ample time to build your Ark.

  I truthfully was not at all sure if the rest of the Christian and other religious sects would be told in advance, or how that might happen, but I have to say I am relieved and amazed at what I am now seeing in these last few weeks. I, for the first time in my long life in this walk, do believe these few, unknown preacher-teachers who are popping out with such prophetic warnings, to not be merely emotional contrivances or pay-for-play types. But I have to say, it seems a bit on the late side. I am not, however, surprised that these warnings are coming just prior to the closing of the Ark door. The ARK, this time around, is the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement.

 There will be the Yehshurim "sheep dogs" inside the ark; sheep outside of the ark, goats mingled with the sheep, and wolves just beyond all of them charging, on the attack.

THE ELECT'S WARNING: Here is how I am seeing these prophetic warnings coming out of various Christian sects; just as there are clearly two "peoples", the Yehshurim, and the Elect, now we can see there are two levels of warnings. As stated previously, we were warned in great detail, from years back, and since we have been watching events click down our calendar days as expected.

  In contrast, their warning is late, and very generalized. In fact, the only specific part of their warning that I can see right now, is that they are being told to ready themselves spiritually, mentally and physically. WHY?  Why "Brace yourselves?"

 The Yehshurim, or, at least I, was NOT told to brace myself.  I was told to build an ark. Put up walls, fences, be ready to be 100% self sufficient, and believe me, He supplied everything for us to do just that. WHY?  Because the Yehshurim are promised to be protected and provided for, BUT WE STILL HAVE TO MAKE THE MOVES, AND BUILD OUR ARKS!  Get it! 

  And my other educated guess is, HE is WAITING for us to finish before He allows His Legions to hammer it out, but, we ALSO KNOW that there is a clock ticking, and we are supposed to be working within that time frame to get done - It goes both ways.

  The woman in the second video below also appears to have somewhat of a handle on what I am saying about an ARK, but at the same time, just like Rev. Coverstone, they remain clueless of the details. WHY?  Because when someone, especially the Creator, or His Malakim, tell you to "Brace your butt", it's very clearly because your butt is about to be run over, to some extent. It sure as hell does NOT mean you wont see, feel and hear everything that comes your way.  It also, does not mean you are about to be "raptured" out of the enemies way.  BRACE YOURSELF FOR IMPACT means just that! 

  So, then, your question should be - WHY are they not receiving the many prophets blessings of total protections and provisions as I loosely quoted at the start of this writing?   Where is Psalm-91 and many others in all this, for them? Answer = Because there are TWO distinct peoples in these times, as I previously pointed out. Those inside the Ark, and those outside. BUT, life boats will be available in due time for the elect.

  The Elect will be covered to some extent, but believe me, before they get through this and into those GE encampments, they will have been tested hard, and their bodies will have been purified of all blood, just as HE did to my ancestors during the first Exodus. It would have been MUCH better to seek Him out in pure truth to FIND and DO the Everlasting Agreement before all this came, and the door closed. We need to collectively turn our prayers towards all of the Elect, wherever they may be, going forward.

REMINDER - Levi-15th = (Daniel's 1290th day - In the current Enochian calendar iteration) - is our IN-gathering feast, which means that all Yehshurim must have themselves wired tight in the 1st law; AND, it is also better for anyone coming into this path of the Everlasting Agreement, to do so fully by Levi-15. That said, there is still a grace period of 45 days from Levi-15 to Daniel's 1335 day = Dan 30 on the Creator calendar.

  1335th day approaches: Dan/Oct: Interestingly, Levi, Dan & Gad all clock in time from day 1 to 30 with the Roman calendar. I have never seen this happen before. My feeling is, this is also another significant occurrence.

  Remember-Remember the last of October!  DAN-30! = Oct/31st - Hell-oween!

  When Dan begins, the Black Horse that rules that 91-day quarter is the Horse of Famine.

  On Dan-30 the ARK door of the Everlasting Agreement closes for good, separating the current fullness of good wheat-(Yehshurim), from the not so good wheat-(Elect), and from the fake wheat/Darnel = tares, and, from the wolves.

  Gad-1 = Nov 1st!

 Gad-1, if you recall from my earlier data on all this, is when Daniel's abomination begins in some fashion. I did a podcast on what "Daniel's abomination that desolates", actually is.

 NOTE: I was shown something from the NT by someone concerning this 30 day period of Gad; He mentioned that this 30 day period will be the time when, somehow, the Elect peoples will be divided, he based this on the story of the 10 virgins, which was not well known to me: Half slept, while the other half remained awake, and found the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, and were accepted in. I have shown this same thing with Yehshua's three parables, ending with the prodigal son story, via podcast. So there may be something to this 30-day period for them. Let's hope so.

 The Grand Kick-Off: (Based on the current calendar iteration)

  After Gad-30 we run into our final Renewal Memorial for this year - Benyamin 1!

  Benyamin-1 is also November 1st!

  Concerning the month of November 2020, I refer you back to Rev. Dana Coverstone's prophetic dreams video. If you have not yet watched this, you need to, and see how all his months, which he was shown, line up with all of our Renewal memorial months.

( Rev. Coverstone here - https://youtu.be/SAZGxTiX6bY  ) 

Female pastors warning video - https://youtu.be/VEFhn1YlJ-c

Strangely enough, the woman pastor's message is also telling people to have one month's food on hand for what is coming. I am not sure if that was her thinking, or part of her dream warning, but for sure that is nowhere near enough. But then again, we never really know how the warnings of the prophets will pan out in real life. So, no matter what I am told directly, or shown directly, or read about prophetically, I always know to leave room for it coming to pass in ways that we never considered. Meaning, if the Elect are warned to have food for 1 month, that may mean that they will be brought to the Yehshurim encampments much sooner than I expected. Remember, if this is the Greater Exodus time, which I now tend to believe it is for reasons I expressed in one of my last podcasts, then the GE encampments will be fully supplied with food and water and protections by the Eternal One, via His mighty ones.

 For now, build the Ark that you are able to build, and ASK for what you do not have. BUT, if you don't get it, don't believe that you are not within the Everlasting Agreement. Understand that HE knows you won't need it.

Be strong, be fearless, FAITHFUL that AHYH will Protect & Provide in all situations; and SEE all of the Malakim who surround your Ark. Your enemies are already surrounded by the most horrifically dangerous entities ever created. Their hubris blinds them to it.

 YOU are FREE!  Now we should work to get more of these Elect free.

Some of the date, data herein is subject to minor changes based on the next and hopefully final calendar iteration. 



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