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The Messiah Star?


Who is Jacob? And Who is Edom?

Following is some of my own commentary on portions of this article for teaching purposes only: 

As you may already suspect, there are major points with this article and opinion that I do not at all agree with, and with good cause. Quoting Rambam directly below, this is the only portion that I do agree with.

Article quote:

“The Rambam - [Moshe ben' Maimon] (a 12th Century rabbi who helped shape modern Jewish lore) brings this verse about a star appearing as proof that the Messiah will come one day,” Rabbi Berger told Israeli media. “But he says it will come from Jacob, and not from Esau (the eldest son of the prophet Isaac). More specifically, from the tribe of Judah.”

NOTE: In reading my work, specifically where I show the Rambam commenting on the true name of the Eternal One, you would already know that the Rambam, in my opinion, was NOT working to "shape" Jewish lore, so much as many times he is very cleverly uncovering old truth that those before him covered up.

He bases his argument on the Torah. Specifically, the Book of Numbers 24:17:

I see him, but not now;

I behold him, but not near —

a star shall come out of Jacob,

and a scepter shall rise out of Israel;

it shall crush the borderlands of Moab,

and the territory of all the Shethites. (Shelanites???)

Directly after this quote the writer, based on the Orthodox Rabbi's opinion writes-(assumes), the following: 

"It’s a prophecy essentially saying that a new Jewish leader will emerge in Israel who will lead it to world domination.

So which star will be that particular star?"

A new "Jewish" leader will emerge? And from "Is-Ra-EL"... But that is not at all what the RAMBAM - Moshe Maimon said; and as anyone who has read my work should recall, I take the Rambam's opinion over anyone other "Jewish" rabbi past or present.

As always, they shift all things over to encompass them (The alleged chosen), which is always meant to give them full authority over all texts, meanings of texts and eventually, all people. These are the Shelanite-Serpent seed! And anyone who has followed my work knows full well that I have proven beyond any doubt, using the Hebrew texts, along with their "Babylonian" Talmud, and their "Jewish encyclopedia" and by their own words, saying over many generations, that THEY ARE NOT OF ANY HEBREW LINEAGE! 

 This of course, is not to say or believe that virtually every single person in the world who identifies themselves as a "Jew", whether of the Orthodox persuasion or not, are not of the original, Jacobian seed line, many of course are. However, I have clearly shown that this other, non-Hebrew sect has long established itself as the world authority over all things "Jewish", which is fine, because as I have also shown, those things are NOT of any original Abrahimic-Hebrew source or culture; more to the all important point, they are NOT of the true Prime-Eternal-Creator source. And if not from the Eternal Creator source, then from which other source?

IN the end this will all be about the Beacon-Seed, which their evil science has been desperately attempting to uncover and target, and not about the seed lines of men. "The Beacon-Seed"


It might appear strange that the Jewish rabbinical college from ancient times to this very day continue to identify the modern day USA with ancient Edom, that is if it wasn't all so poetically evil of them. You see, in my learned opinion we have to recall the history of the land of Edom, which flourished for a long time, only to be stamped out by the Babylonians! 

 So, how does that relate at all to the self-admitted, non-Hebrew lineage, Ultra-Orthodox "Jews" of today? 

Simple, if you understand who "Mystery Babylon" is!

SHELANITE-Judah, who were, as I have proven in my works, were nothing more than an amalgamation of the many pagan clans around them. They usurped the identity of a portion of the sons of Jacob, and have built their failing, evil kingdom on that ever since, and for one end as I have shown in other works - Messianic-World-Domination. 

Shelanite-Judah was pagan from its inception, and only added greatly to their paganism during their time in Babylonian hands. After the Babylonian King saw fit to allow the most zealot of them to leave in order to rebuild their pagan temple in "Salem", in order to broaden his own power, and tax base, they merely picked up where they left off, but now as cloaked Babylonians -  MYSTERY BABYLON!

Not such a mystery really, they only see the USA - who I call "Mystery-Jacob", to be the modern day Edom because it has always been them - Mystery Babylon - who has clearly undertaken the role of overtaking and destroying the USA - Edom, all over again. 

Will it work?   No!  The prophets clearly explain how all this will go for them, for the masses of the sons of Jacob in America, and other countries. 

Look at where we are today in this new years first Renewal memorial which occurred on Neftali-1 (March 11th) - (Based on our current calendar iteration). If you were paying attention at that time, you will know that what we have going on currently, began on that day.

Where we are now is literally the same timing as when the first Hebrew tribes began complaining about the loss of their animal meat after leaving Egypt on March 15th. This current Fony-Corony insanity has now, as of about 2 weeks ago, shut down almost the entire meat growing and packing industry. And as of last week we are seeing more and more reports and articles on that topic, all of which are complaining or forecasting ultra-doom due to the loss of all animal meat products. Additionally, as I depicted in yesterdays blog article - WHERE"S THE MEAT? - Now I am seeing many individuals across the spectrum complaining about the loss of the meat products. 

In my opinion, we should see this timing and the growing murmurs of the loss of their blood lust, nationally, as being an exact parallel to the first Exodus, even down to the literal timing of it when measured from our corrected Enochian calendar system, being between 30 and 45 days out of Egypt.

So now begin watching the rest unfold from here on based on that same 1st Exodus event. Recall how many times in my books and podcast teachings that I said - 'You cannot understand the 2nd Greater Exodus until you fully understand the 1st one..'  That holds most true right now. 

First they received the knowledge of the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, telling them that from there on they would eat ONLY Mannah, and never again the flesh of any animal; then they received the understanding and law of the 7th day Shabas. They constantly complained against Moshe for removing the meat from their lips, and then they rebelled against the simple instructions for the Shabas, and some broke it.  So, then the ruling came down that all of the sons of Jacob would, until after the end days, remain INSIDE their dwellings on each Sabbath day. Again, a rule no Jews ever paid attention to, even writing their own new laws circumventing it, but I have proven this instruction to be the original truth on the matter. 

 So, directly after our 1st New year Memorial Day, what happened to "Mystery-Jacob?"

  • They were all forced to remain in their dwellings!

And after that? 

  • The animal meat was forcibly removed from their mouths!

What comes next?  Rebellion against the punishment of the Most High!

At which time they will all be handed off to be led by another "entity", to another "mountain", where they will be put under yet another "law." 

"and my people will eat, but yours will starve, and my people will drink, but yours will thirst!"....

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