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Where's the Beef?


Why is our Meat industry closing down?

How can we live without our MEAT?

Many are aware that this was the hue and cry of the sons of Jacob within the first few weeks of leaving their adopted pagan culture behind in Egypt, circa 1440 BCE. They, as many American's and most likely all peoples around the world soon will be crying out as food stuff of all kinds dry up more and more. Most people aren't yet aware, but this has already begun.

Here is how it's just beginning to shape up:

1. National guard in most states has already been deployed to the large food banks; (Hmmm... wonder why)

2. They have been recalling former military for weeks now (To "guard" cities). Meaning, to keep people inside to starve and contain their Stage-2;

3. Last years manipulated weather rained out over 50% of US crops. 

4. Crop experts, last year, stated publicly, that we will now face food shortages at pre-1929 levels due to that failure;

5. The Fony-Corony has now shut down most US meat companies and related support companies. Translation? The US is about to be cleansed of her blood lust prior to the famine - (Egypt, circa 1440 BCE);

6. Now reported, due to supply line failures and historic low purchasing during Fony-Corony, farm crops are being burned, not harvested. This will of course continue on their Nazi schedule, and dumb AmeriKant's will allow it; 

7. Next to go will be trucking, nation-wide, exactly as that trucker said. Most likely after Stage-2 of the Vyroose hits for real.

8. Bill Gates signed an agreement with Cargil - (Meat Co), one of the largest meat producers in the world, to stop meat processing and meat raising, and to switch production over to GMO soy grown in Africa. Cargil meat plants are the ones that closed recently, with 16 other also closing.  

9. Tyson Foods is now the next large-scale meat producer to shutter several plants after workers contracted C-19. Their chairman said “millions of pounds of meat will disappear from the supply chain.” 

> Smithfield Foods and JBS have also shuttered facilities and have warned about meat shortages. Smithfield's president warned that meat supply is “perilously close to the edge.” 

> "Nearly a third of US pork processing capacity is currently offline." 

> Not only that, but pork prices have shot up nearly 30% in the past week alone. 

> And to add insult to injury... beef prices hit a record high. 

> Now is the time to stock up on high quality canned meats for your emergency supply in case the US meat supply falls off the edge. 


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I received news links today, and within them I read this from one of the news contributors, to which I commented:

animals are micro-chipped, vaccinated, sterilized, and if they run off too much, an electric fence might be used. Does this look and sound familiar to what is coming?

Note that the elite were pushing veganism on us. What part of the food system starts collapsing first? MEAT.

Resist all of it."

To which I say:

Do you really believe that it's the evil, gut-eating, satanists "elite" that are pushing vegetarianism or veganism on you? 

I assure you all, it is NOT them that will stop all of the animal & human slaughtering and consumption, it will be the HAMMER of GOD - (Yehovah), who is doing it. This all falls under the old adage - 'You can do it my way..........or, you can do it my way.....but, you will be doing it my way...... 

 I told you this was coming in my books, and in the 7 warnings.  As I said - The Prophets clearly told us - "My people will eat, but yours will starve, and my people will drink, but yours will thirst..."    So then, the only question left is, who are HIS people, really?  Here is a clue, their organization does not start with a "C" or an "I" or an "J". 

  And here is the funniest part of the statement quoted above, a statement I have heard many times now from the majority who continue to resists the Eternal Creators original law. Those always quick to rave about how the evil governments are set to impose all these heinous acts on people, just like it is done to animals, while in the same breath never seeing how ironic and ignorant that entire idea and statement is.  How arrogant and cold do Hu-Man's have to be to not even consider or imagine the horrific, Nazi style destruction they do, or allow to be done for them upon the entire animal population? 

The point then becomes, if it is perfectly acceptable to do to the most innocent among us, why is it then so utterly unacceptable when those higher animals - "Govt" - "Aliens" - "Satan" or his "Jinn", etc., who are clearly above you, and have power over you, try to treat you the very same way? 

THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS - You have already CONSENTED to being treated in this exact way when you CONSENTED, by your actions, via your lifestyle, culture, etc., to do these things to those who are "weaker", less capable than you. It is JUST that simple!   

America / Jacob, holds a special place in human history, mostly unknown yet to most, especially those false religious teachers who strive with our Hebrew prophecies, to no avail. However, as always, all the tribes of earth continue to rebel-ignore the Eternal One's law; so much so, that when I say the word "Law - Torah" they haven't the slightest clue as to what I refer to, but they all will very soon.

America / Americans have not been "Good" all this time. Who is good? What is "good" if it is not an outgrowth of the Eternal's Everlasting Agreement - (1st law). Outside of that there is no, good. America the govt, has literally been on a blood cult, slaughtering campaign of destruction since its inception, worldwide. It began here with the animals, then the forests for ship building, then the Indians began to be murdered wholesale, clear into the 1970's!  While the majority of the sons of Jacob-America, looked away all this time.

500k + civilians in Iraq slaughtered on the altar of profit, with generations of children damaged from the free firing of DPU-rounds, not counting the Afghans and other destruction's from South America to Africa for the same exact reason, and American's now, as things which were long prophesied to come, still sound off like they don't expect to be treated differently? Like they are, or should be somehow immune?  Well batter up bitches, because the Hammer of the Eternal One is slated to start fracking some shit up, and breaking shit like never before, and no one is coming to your aid until the requisite amount of perpetrators, and Looky-loo perpetrators have been slaughtered in kind. Blood for Blood!

  If you can imagine the blood of Kayin crying out from the ground, what has the Creator been hearing from the blood drenched earth since then? Get a clue, and get a grip on something, because this world is about to reap thousands of years murder, and for most of you, this shit is gonna get real sporty. 

As I warned in an earlier email, the famine of Egypt (Circa 1701-1708 BCE) - lasted 7 yrs. Our same exact judgment began on August 21st/2017 with the Sign of Jonah, and will last the same 7 yrs to the final sign (eclipse) crosses the Sign of Jonah eclipse path line on April/8/2024.

In this same 7 yr period there may be the beginning of the 2nd, and Greater Exodus for the few allowed to survive. Just like the first minor Exodus of Jacob's sons was an Exodus away from the food and lifestyle of pagan Egypt, at that time - (approx Circa 1440 BCE), is now upon many of those same souls once again, here. And yes, exactly like it happened with them, their MEAT source was the very first thing to be dried up and removed from their lips. And the Torah clearly proves this point by showing them complaining about the loss of their meat and delicacies.  So, here we go again. 

It begins with depopulating the animals, then the crops, and then you. 

It’s not just the meat they are plowing under the vegetables as well so it’s the entire food chain/supply.
In Wisconsin and Ohio, farmers are dumping thousands of gallons of fresh milk into lagoons and manure pits. An Idaho farmer has dug huge ditches to bury 1 million pounds of onions. And in South Florida, a region that supplies much of the Eastern half of the United States with produce, tractors are crisscrossing bean and cabbage fields, plowing perfectly ripe vegetables back into the soil.

Coronavirus Forces Farmers to Destroy Their Crops

Farmer Carl Grooms has been planning harvests for decades but now he is getting ready to plow under his nearly ripe peppers and beans because there is no market to buy them—and he doesn’t want to watch them rot.
As US food banks handle record demand and grocery stores struggle to keep shelves stocked, farmers are dumping fresh milk and plowing vegetables back into the dirt as the shutdown of the food service industry has scrambled the supply chain. Roughly half the food grown in the US was previously destined for restaurants, schools, stadiums, theme parks and cruise ships.
More on the Govt. demanding a decrease in the food stocks: 

If you have not done so yet, I HIGHLY suggest reading and assimilating the information in these books listed below, and in this order:

  • The Land of MEAT & Honey

  • The Greater Exodus

  • As It Was In The Days of Noah

  • The Beacon-Seed

All books available HERE:


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