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Scorpion Sting - Stage-1


Mankind - Prepare for 5 Months of Hell!

The Yeshurim - Be ready to remain in your dwellings until the indignation's Pass-Over!

Everyone who has read my books or heard my Podcast shows may recall what I have said many times regarding the wild, and even the domestic animal populations, and how they will all start dying off somehow as we near those last few days of Noah; (We have just moved into year-3 of seven.) 

Well, this short news Vlog below is now confirming something that I have been hearing about via several 2nd and 3rd hand accounts this year, along with one first hand account. And although so far the animals who frequent my land appear to be healthy, I have heard from others who hunt that the deer and elk they killed did not look good, nor did the herds they saw while hunting appear to move normally even after being shot into. Even so, and even after telling one guy not to eat those animals that he and his son killed, he remained obstinate and said - "We eat what we kill..."  Now I am certain him and his family have been polluted with some zombie-Prion agent.

Remember what one segment of those eight warnings said about men's minds "burning" for 5 months?  Certainly a Prion infection of the brain can be accurately described as the brain being burned. And it never says they were healed in 6 months...... Or lived past 5 months. Nor does the prophet ever tell us how the infection came, or what affected the majority of people. If you recall I hypothesized, based on that Revelation prophecy which I do NOT have any Hebrew source texts for, that this "sting" could be describing some frequency weapon, which is something that we have heard much chatter about these days. However, that Revelation text says that the "scorpion" is NOT given the power to kill men, but to torment people for 5 months. Which does NOT mean that they wont all die, or remain barely alive from whatever that "scorpion sting" gave them, AFTER 5 months.

And the only part of any of this that I absolutely know for sure, is that near 100% of all the "affected" people will have been those living outside of the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement.   I say NEAR 100% because I must leave room for the prophesy of the "Elect people" who are said to be Unrighteous (by Enoch) because they DO NOT follow the law of the Eternal Creator, but that they DO follow the "Elect one" who "covers" their "sin" of breaking His 1st law of Free Will - aka - The Everlasting Agreement. (See - The Land of Meat & Honey; S. Asher 2011)

So, there will be another, greater number of meat-eater souls/people, who will be covered by the Elect one, who I have been assuming to be Yehshua,  covering them despite all of their incorrect religious assumptions about him, and about the law, and about the prophecies, and about the Eternal One, just long enough whether alive or long dead so that they would get one final chance to CONSENT to RETURN like so many Prodigal sons, to the Father, and to the Estate in which they previously CONSENTED to leaving. As I have shown via the many prophets in my Greater Exodus book, I believe this will occur in the many Greater Exodus encampments worldwide. And, as it has been written, if they will NOT consent to making a full TESHUVAH / Return to the Fathers 1st law of life, that HE, Himself will be here and HE will eject them out and back into the destruction of Greater Egypt which, at that time may still be led by Babylon. Mystery Babylon = Shelanite Judah. Believe me, coming into our GE encampments there will be much gnashing of teeth as they are shown how unfathomably wrong they have been, and been led by their false teachers against the truth of their Mashiach. At which point you will see the next prophecy fulfilled when they all grab hold of the Tzitzit of the true Hebrews in front of them, saying, 'teach us since we now see that you know the instruction of the Eternal, and that everything our fathers taught us were lies and unprofitable'...etc.

 So - Why did the "controllers" both Hu-Man and those Jinn who influence them rely so heavily on cannibalism as main topics in all of the biggest TV shows and movies like:

>The Book of Eli

>The Walking Dead, and so many of the other Zombie apocalypse shows and movies, as well as the vampire movies and TV series?

 Because they were laying the conscious and subconscious land mines that they know will go off in the near future when people, and especially their children, are starving to death. A world wide Donner Party!  The one thing that most people never noticed in these movies and tv shows is that all of the animals are missing. Why would all of the animals suddenly be missing if 99% of the population went instantly nuts and became incapable of doing anything useful, much less successfully hunting animals. THINK about these shows and movies; At the same time they also show us that all of the homes and store shelves are still stocked with food and supplies, left untouched because the sickness incapacitated everyone so quickly. Very good news for those who it does not touch, right?

What does the Greater Exodus through the many prophets tell us?  That the Eternal One's people will inhabit towns and cities along their way which are still fully intact. "My people will eat, but yours will starve, and my people will drink, but yours will thirst." It never actually says HOW His people will eat, but in my Greater Exodus teaching I knew that teaching it to show that a person needed to understand the 1st Exodus before they would understand the 2nd, in principle, would be important - i.e., Mannah falling, instantly appearing water springs, clouds by day, fire pillar by night, etc. However, that does not mean that both events would be 100% identical. Why would they be identical when the times both events occurred in are so vastly different. Our ancestors did not have intact Costco, Walmart's and gas stations along their paths, or suburbs filled with homes and a hundred other surrounding services left mostly untouched.

If such a zombie / Mad-cow-prion apocalypse scenario was somehow an organic event of nature, and people became near instantly incapable of basic tasks, the opposite would be true about the animal populations, they would be growing rather quickly, not dying off. In fact, the animal population would quickly outpace the growth of the very small human population that remained unaffected. So again, I ask why are they showing everyone the exact opposite scenarios in all of these popular movies and TV shows? Rhetorical......Because their plan has always been to cause these identical conditions.

 "And if those days were not shortened....."  RE-READ the Noah Prophecies book!

Dave Hodges show, 1/14/2020https://youtu.be/-NyT10AIIVs

"My people will eat, but yours will starve, and my people will drink, but yours will thirst." - - WHY? Possibly because they forgot how to feed themselves? - RE-READ the Land of MEAT & Honey book!


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