Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends, So Glad You Could Attend, Come Inside! Come Inside!

Seeing through the veil



....the population is being tested to see if they can restrict and induce a limited set of thoughts, thereby controlling popular opinion, coercing human perception to a common reality and in essence stealing their soul from self-determinism without their knowing consent…….”
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MEME TRUTH - Great Reset Redirect

The Great Reset of Continents is upon us now..... GET INTO THE ARK BEFORE HE CLOSES THE DOOR!

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Peter’s Vision Explained -

....So then, regarding that Peter on the roof experience, I will show how that was NOT the Eternal Creator offering animals to Peter. That was the imposter  pretending to be Yehovah.... 


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....when you either write or post articles with less than the required academic accuracy, as it is here in this article on the Jews sacrificing children to Moloch in Chicago, you do a MASSIVE, disservice to the rest of the actual, lineage, HEBREWS, everywhere.
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WHO are YOU, and...

....I have to admit that now it does look like we are on that final crazy train with all of the names, all of the places, and all of the players in their respective positions, and quick-marching towards Act-2.

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The Final Contract Signature

“Elohim” made man’s body in their “image”, meaning, by their imagination of a monster – Golem:

I can’t feel my soul – My soul is gone! 

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Hidden Between the X & Y

There has been allot of discussion of late that surrounds points of the Beacon-Seed. Mainly encompassing the new information about the 3rd strand of chromosomes, which they call [DNA.],....

....the Eternal Creator, created the DNA Control Inhibitor Code. And, it seems definitive that the all-powerful, head-crushing, King of everything….

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Is the Greater Exodus Imminent?

...The Hyksos are on their way now to sac Egypt, like the first time....

...And the Greater Exodus is about to begin!...

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Return of Nimmy 2 - Crushing their Heads

No, this is not so much the same way everyone has been understanding any of their bible verses, but this version of it all completely confirms both the Hebrew prophets and Yehshua, although I think the prophets in the Hebrew language, and Yehshua through the writings of the Essene law books are clearer when they tell us almost all souls will be saved....;

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The Return of the Nimster!



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