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Seeing through the veil


Return of Nimmy 2 - Crushing their Heads

No, this is not so much the same way everyone has been understanding any of their bible verses, but this version of it all completely confirms both the Hebrew prophets and Yehshua, although I think the prophets in the Hebrew language, and Yehshua through the writings of the Essene law books are clearer when they tell us almost all souls will be saved....;

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The Return of the Nimster!



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Semantic Language Manipulation

"How do I limit you without lying directly: Which of course, in the Eternal Creator's eye's, is not a "gray" area that He will allow, forever.  Here are a few examples...."

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Big News! The Khazars are a Thing Now!

As well as the following article by our friend and scholar Cliff High is written, I still have to ask, do the extended details that are left out of this, matter?

the Shelanite cult has sought to root out for all generations, but have not yet been able to identify, because it is some type of "Spiritual DNA"....

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Woman Holding 2011 News Paper

Just when you thought there was no hard evidence left in the mainstream to prove all this to be a mass depopulation plan being carried out here in 2020 to 2024.

This is the perfect gift that keeps on giving. SEND IT!

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Lost City Found -

...lost cities like this one in the Atlantic, and like the massive pyramid and other structures that lay only about 16ft under the surface of the Pacific...

 ...more evidence which is amazingly intact showing proof of an Egyptian culture, more than likely from Solomon, inside what is now the USA....


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I Was Shown - UPDATED 3/8/22

Is the Eternal One showing us that the total initial number of Yehshurim / refugees, will number only 7,500?

For me, this all feels imminent, and meant as a heads-up

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Reincarnation >Re-Set

..."Why would anyone be so absolutely dedicated from nearly birth to death that they work endlessly, and with 100% focus towards such a world "Reformatting" event that they themselves will never see, or experience?..."

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Full Reset Instruction Doc-

I REALLY hope this puts to bed all of the system worshipers out there who continue to believe this BS....

"Post RV, many will need answers as why their spouses, parents, friends, co-workers, and neighbors are suddenly wealthy... this is a very honest review of the 70-year GCR/RV journey."   NOT!

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The Snake Heads -

The Canaanite "gods" wintered in the Mayan countryside! Is this new evidence of the connection I found many years ago? Or is this just more modern false narrative subterfuge?

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