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Frequencies Determin life - Resets;


Weather, Wellness, Calamity and Rebirth; A Renewed Heaven & Earth

The fallowing information is being shared with me by a person that I trust, but who wishes to remain anonymous.

On a YouTube channel, a Geophysicist pointed out a certain “frequency” that occurred with snowfall in Russia, when observing the Schumann Resonances in Russia. Once the frequency terminated, the snowfall ended. Thus pointing out that “FREQUENCY” caused the snow.

What rise s a concern to me, due to current earthquake and volcanic activity in Iceland, what is the Schumann Resonance FREQUENCY that transpired during these Earthquakes and Volcanic Eruptions in Grindavik, Iceland. Is there a way to correlate a certain Frequency to better understand or forecast / predict weather patterns of all varieties.

Currently being reported, The entire country of Iceland is being torn apart by the constant earthquake and volcanic activity. (At the North American Plate & The Eurasian Plate, which pull Iceland apart, as each plate pulls toward an opposite direction).

Per @Dutchsinse on YouTube, with his Earthquake Forecasting, he has mentioned a “LOW FREQUENCY” that causes the earthquakes, is an indicator of the shifting crust on a Global Scale, (as this frequency is what ultimately causes our world to react so violently).

I’m very curious to better understand if there is a certain frequency for each weather pattern; ie: snow, rain, tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, solar eclipses, total solar eclipse, etc

Leaning into this a bit more, Japan performed a study that spanned apx 20 years, determining tsunamis frequent between the New Moon and The Full Moon. Something that interests me here, is the “harnessing” of solar energy (light & frequency) during the time from New Moon. - Full Moon phases and how it impacts Earth. The alignment of a New Moon is positioned between Earth & the Sun, void of light, ready to begin harnessing light and frequency until fully illuminated at the Full Moon, which then after the Full Moon, looses that light and Frequency until it’s depleted to then repeat its course to harness / collect light and frequency from the sun for another cycle. The alignment of a Full Moon is positioned directly opposite of the Sun, with Earth in the center.

I’m also very curious to better understand the possible Schumann Resonance frequency that transpires during Solar Eclipses? More specifically the one we are nearing, which is a Total Solar Eclipse event, this April 8, 2024, (that will cross the path of the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2021), that will be identical to the event that transpired on June 16, 1806 & September 17, 1811. (If you perform research on current earthquake activity transpiring in The United States, you will see the earthquakes span from Washington, California, Texas, Ohio, Missouri, New York, etc…all across the nation and notably in the same locations reported from the events that transpired in 1811 along the New Madrid, post the 1811 Total Solar Eclipse.

See below link regarding the Earthquakes along the New Madrid Fault Line post this Total Solar Eclipse on September 17, 1811 (which followed the total solar eclipse in June 16, 1806 and essentially crossing paths between the 2 Total Solar Eclipse events).


What I’m leaning to with my theory is I believe the Schumann Resonance Low Frequency Events ( not only cause illness in the beings of Earth, but also Earth itself and may very well grant us insight on what types of events we should anticipate to transpire globally, both with weather patterns and health patterns, from not just the Sun, but the Sun with the Moon and the Total Solar Eclipses).

If anyone here has any insight to offer, I would greatly appreciate the help with my ongoing investigation of these frequencies!

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