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Frequency of the 5th Root Race -


Prayer Intention of the 144,000

As per the blog posted yesterday, in regard to how frequency has the ability to impact earth weather events, in addition to human health and well-being. With the mindset of how the low frequencies have a negative impact, one might believe that the higher frequencies around us and inside of us have a positive impact on many levels. Many may recall my Beacon-Seed hypothesis wherein I also believed Yehshua acknowledged this when saying that His Malakim see the good wheat. The Yehshurim / Sons of Light / Beacon Seed, have become "opposite" to this world by way of the Eternal One's 1st law, and thus project that difference in some way that we cannot yet see.

The following information is being shared with me by a person that I trust, but who wishes to remain anonymous.

Edgar Cayce's Root Race: What i believe is, that this Race (seed) is the one that goes after the Root of All Evil - The 144,000 Righteous; praying Righteous prayers every Sabbath but most importantly, Petitioning Evil on the High Memorial Prayer Days. Thus, raising the Frequency above all the rest. (Even though I believe Edgar Cayce had an understanding of this, however, he could not fully understand it as his soul was fire-walled from consuming animals). 
Additionally, this Root Race is called the 5th Root Race, the conception of this Root Race I believe without question is what we are working toward now. See below where I have arrived at this conclusion.
  • Enoch 97:11 (“work wickedness & eat blood”)
  • Enoch 102: 2 & 102:9-15 (The animals are righteous and humans have consumed them).
Thus, this is not just about blood, but consumption of flesh & blood = The Soul-firewall.
(My explanation to each section from the Edgar Cayce 5th Root Race website explanation below, in Red).
"The term root race refers to the gene pool in the human family. In older, esoteric literature and in legend, terms like life streams, life waves, new people, or even advanced beings were used to describe groups of folks who were decidedly different from their parents and grandparents. The more there were, the more assuredly they bore the mark of evolutionphysiological and psychological traits characteristic of gene mutation." (E. Cayce)
This is the "Life Waves - Frequency from our Prayers''. Not every prayer will obtain this frequency, as per Enoch, the prayers must not be for personal, worldly gains and must only ever be for good; for Justice. IE: Our Friday Sabbath Prayers and especially, the Petition for our Memorial Prayers for Justice, to be raised to The Most High, within the Divine Courts of Heaven. The 144,000 Righteous, praying this prayer will obtain a Frequency that will alter the Entire Frequency of Earth. (We have all been different from everyone we have ever known, including our families. We have been outcasts in society due to our faith / beliefs. This is not gene mutation, this is what Enoch refers to as "The Remnant of a Remnant").
  • Number of Righteous (what I suspect is the 144,000); comes from Enoch 47:3-4 .
  • The prayer of the righteous (The Memorial Prayer for Justice); can be found in Enoch 98:3.
Beautiful Enoch, he prayed for us upon receiving his 2nd Vision, that our Creator and Father in Heaven would not destroy all of Humanity. This is what Enoch refers to as this "Posterity on Earth, Seed of Righteous / Children of Righteousness / Brotherhood of Light / Children of Light (also described this same way by Yehshua within the Essene Gospel of Peace). What Shmuel likes to refer to, as "The Beacon Seed".

"DNA alters over time as a result of how people respond to the needs and stressors of their environment; these changes can be accelerated if transformative events, such as near-death experiences and spiritual breakthroughs, occur in numbers large enough to jump-start the evolutionary process. Once the new traits overspread land masses and population groups, a genetic “makeover”a species-wide-alterationcan result. That shift is now happening. Think of it as an update within the human family." (E. Cayce)

This is not the case and I believe they are wrong here, as I mentioned above. This is best explained within The Book of Enoch, from the Ethiopian Bible:

Please read Enoch 81: 7-11, Enoch 82: 1-6 from the Ethiopian Bible translation - (Lushena Books Inc. Publisher):

Enoch 81: 7-11

  1. And I recounted to him the whole vision which I had seen, and he said unto me: 'A terrible thing hast thou seen, my son, and of grave moment is thy dream-vision as to the secrets of all the sin of the earth: it must sink into the abyss and be destroyed with a great destruction. 8. And now, my son, arise and make petition to the Lord of glory, since thou art a believer, that a remnant may remain on the earth, and that He may not destroy the whole earth. 9. My son, from heaven all this will come upon the earth, and upon the earth there will be great destruction. 10. After that I arose and prayed and implored and besought, and wrote down my prayer for the generations of the world, and I will show everything to thee, my son Methuselah. 11. And when I had gone forth below and seen the heaven, and the sun rising in the east, and the moon setting in the west, and a few stars, and the whole earth, and everything as †He had known† it in the beginning, then I blessed the Lord of judgement and extolled Him because He had made the sun to go forth from the windows of the east, †and he ascended and rose on the face of the heaven, and set out and kept traversing the path shown unto him.

Enoch 82: 1-6:

  1. And I lifted up my hands in righteousness and blessed the Holy and Great One, and spake with the breath of my mouth, and with the tongue of flesh, which God has made for the children of the flesh of men, that they should speak therewith, and He gave them breath and a tongue and a mouth that they should speak therewith:
  2. 'Blessed be Thou, O Lord, King, Great and mighty in Thy greatness, Lord of the whole creation of the heaven, King of kings and God of the whole world. And Thy power and kingship and greatness abide for ever and ever, And throughout all generations Thy dominion; And all the heavens are Thy throne forever, And the whole earth Thy footstool for ever and ever.
  3. For Thou hast made and Thou rulest all things, And nothing is too hard for Thee, Wisdom departs not from the place of Thy throne, Nor turns away from Thy presence. And Thou knowest and sees and hearest everything, And there is nothing hidden from Thee [for Thou sees everything]. 4. And now the angels of Thy heavens are guilty of trespass, and upon the flesh of men abideth Thy wrath until the great day of judgement.
  4. And now, O God and Lord and Great King, I implore and beseech Thee to fulfill my prayer, To leave me a posterity on earth, And not destroy all the flesh of man, And make the earth without inhabitant, So that there should be an eternal destruction.
  5. And now, my Lord, destroy from the earth the flesh which has aroused Thy wrath, But the flesh of righteousness and uprightness establish as a plant of the eternal seed, And hide not Thy face from the prayer of Thy servant, O Lord.'
Therefore, it appears that those people throughout all generations who we may identify as the "Posterity on earth", "Seed of Righteous", "Children of Righteousness", Brotherhood of Light", "Sons of Light", "Eternal Seed", or the "Beacon-Seed", are only here today or in the future because the Super-Righteous Enoch asked the Eternal One for it to be.
There is also THE PRAYER! Which may also be, The Song!)
"Enoch 90:5 "For I know that violence must increase on the earth, And a great chastisement be executed on earth, And the unrighteousness comes to an end: Yea, it shall be cut off from its roots, And its whole structure be destroyed." 
Enoch 90:8 "In those days violence shall be cut off from its roots, And the roots of unrighteousness together with deceit, And they shall be destroyed from under heaven."
Enoch 90:11 "And after that the roots of unrighteousness shall be cut off, and the sinners shall be destroyed by the sword...shall be cut off from the blasphemers in every place, and those who plan violence and those who commit blasphemy shall perish by the sword."
"Of the many versions of root races that have emerged, the most well-known are from Theosophy (through Blavatsky, Leadbeater, and Powell), and from Edgar Cayce. The Theosophical version names seven progressions of such evolutionary change, beginning around 18 million years ago with the entry of spirit into matter (the First Root Race) and ends around 8,000 years hence when humankind is said to transcend the need for schools and social structures like what exists today (the Seventh Root Race). Cayce, however, spoke of that initial appearance of the First Root Race as happening further back in time?around 4.5 billion years ago. Curiously, he pegged the rise of the Fifth Root Race between 1998 and 2015. No one knows why he never mentioned any other evolutionary leap beyond that. (E. Cayce)
I began my Vegan journey from a "Knowing" that I received from our Father in Heaven. From this moment in 2012, this forever changed my life and thus was the beginning of my awakening. Shmuel published The Land of Meat and Honey in 2011, along with many others that he knows were awakened during this timeline.
"The time-span applied to a root race is considerable. For instance, the Fifth, according to Theosophical records, covered the years 10,000 BCE to 3,000 BCE in right-brained megalithic cultures and 3,000 BCE to 2,400 CE in left-brained modern cultures. The prediction is that during this period consciousness separated into two hemispheres–East and West–would fuse back together; a global leap in species refinement. This prediction, together with Cayce’s approximate dates of 1998 - 2015 for the entry period, is enough to necessitate that we take a deeper look. Thus falling within the time-frame of 1998 - 2015. (E. Cayce) -
The Root Race began with Enoch, and awakened as per promised to Enoch. Enoch's life fits with the above timeline. 
Amazingly, the Hopi tribe, worldwide in 2012 believed in this same idea and attempted to gather the required 144,000 "Righteous" people in prayer in the hopes of unleashing the Father upon all evil. Although their efforts were an amazing accomplishment in such a time with no internet, it would appear their failure lies in the total misunderstanding of WHO the Father sees as being "Righteous." The Creator-Father can only hear such petitions when those crying out for justice have no blood on their lips. THAT is what the 144,000 must be!
  NOTE: It cannot be stressed enough that these Hopi and their many new age companions, although having the correct idea, also did not have the Enoch calendar days to execute these events on. Thus, as stated already, few of them were likely in a spiritual place to be considered "Righteous" as designated clearly by the Eternal One - (No blood or Flesh), nor did they have the correct timing for such supplication to get through the open Portals to receive them on the FOUR Intercallary Memorial Days.
Link to Harmonic Convergence Article / Hopi Indians:
"Harmonic Convergence and the Spiritualization of the Biosphere The Harmonic Convergence Global Peace Meditation occurred on the dates 16–17 August 1987. Widely publi- cized in the world media, especially in the United States, the event called for a massing of a minimum of 144,000 people at dawn of August 16. An emphasis was placed on gatherings to be held at sacred sites around the world.
These sites included the Great Pyramid, Egypt; Lake Baikal, Siberia; Ayres Rock, Australia; Glastonbury, England; Macchu Picchu, Peru, Mt. Haleakala, Hawai’i; and Mt. Shasta, USA. By all reports the event attracted many times the 144,000 called for and made it the most unique global event of its kind. Subsequent events such as
the stock market crash of 19 October 1987, and the end of the Cold War, early 1990, were ascribed in part as being due to the effects of the Harmonic Convergence. Accord- ing to one of its principle organizers, Jim Berenholtz, never before did  eople from so many different cultures and religious persuasions gather to pray for peace . . . it was the largest pan-spiritual event in history."
Does that sound eerily like Isaiah speaking about the Everlasting Agreement?
Isa 24:5  "The earth is defiled under the inhabitants within; because they have transgressed the Torah, changed its law, breaking the Everlasting Agreement.
24:6  Therefore has the curse devoured the earth, and they who live in it are desolate: therefore the inhabitants of the earth are burned, and few men left."


One more thing to align with the "5th Root Race", the Number 5 within the Schumann Resonance. See images below: 

The Following two illustrations were done by Matt Haines. We love his simple and direct depiction of what happens when we pray with our hearts intention, and of course at the correct times and why on the mechanical level. We hope these illustrations help all of you get a better understanding of what is happening when we do this as the Eternal One created it to work.


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