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New ‘supercontinent’ - Great Reset Proof


Free-Will System Alert!

(See MSM article below)

If this isn't proof of them showing us that they know all about the way the 'resets" work, nothing is.

Many may recall my theory on this reset topic; that there are no such thing as "fault lines" or "continental drifting", but that both of these are just pseudo science explanations to the dumbed and forgetful masses for how the Creator's system here really works.

I believe all of the continents, including the ones you cant see right now because they have been dropped down into the cleansing oceans like a city sidewalk elevator platform - (Atlantis & LeMuria), are all able to be sunken and lifted by the Eternal Creator's forces. So then, the Noach flood story would also appear to be enhanced by the light-sides use of heavy rains as the earth rumbles and the ocean waters rise up with awesome force around the edges of the portions of the continents being pulled under, while others emerge from their depths. That would be allot like living on an island inside a flushing toilet.

And that is why the so-called elitists work diligently between "great resets" to upgrade all of their Monster-Tech.They know what few others know; BUT, I also do not believe that they know exactly the day or the house of the next Reset.

At which time, and after hundreds, maybe thousands of years, they emerge from their bunkers with totally reworked historical lines, religions, weapons, and other tech. All of which are used to go out against the now indigenous populations which have grown in number, but have lost all of their tech and sophistication, etc.. Exactly why all of the so-called "explorers" like Magellan to Lewis & Clark are needed. They were all actually secret agents sent out to FIND, and FIX the remnants that the Father allowed to PASS-OVER during the great event. After which, forces are sent out to re-subjugate as many as possible in order to have the manpower to begin their expansion projects all over again between that next reset interval. And, as our resent history clearly shows, any tribal populations who wont go along, get to die. And any populations that they can be reasonably sure are of the original Hebraic seed, they actively hunt and murder to extinction; or so they always hope.

  But, strangely, here they are giving us their Free Will alert (To mitigate their Karmic load) about everything I just explained concerning the continents movement. While, as always, using their utterly ridiculous time-frames in hundreds of millions of years because they know that people have absolutely no frame of reference for such expansive time frames, and or, distances. But, I do thank them for all but proving my hypothesis correct.

NOTE-1: "Free-Will Alert" = In my parlance, means - The Satanic enemies of souls requirement, while working within the confines of the Prime Creator's 1st law of Free Will - To provide continual, overt, alerts to the mass populations in which they intend to manipulate by their own tacit, or direct CONSENT; thus, as they believe, providing them a Karmic distance. 

NOTE-2: FYI; It is NOT their place or responsibility to show us, or teach us to SEEEEEE! All of the correct data for such things as the Father's law of Free-Will, and many other things are out there, but usually cleverly hidden in plain sight. But, if you don't know about those things which matter most, and the enemy telegraphs their next blow, but you never SEEEEE it because you do not know, what you do not know; then guess what, it's YOUR fault that train hit you, and yours.

Is it fair play? Hmmm.... What's fair? Fair is totally subjective at best. Are they seriously edging up against the free will line..yeah, I would say so. And soon, they will cross it completely, and that will be the very last second of freedom they will ever have again.



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