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1st Law of the Everlasting Agreement

For reference, this blog was started on Oct/3/2023 on the pagan Gregorian calendar; As per our "Sacred Calendar" - aka, the Enochian Calendar, (We are currently in the month of Dan.) - The Sabbath always falls with the Malakim “Uriel” (Tuesday) morning – DAY-7 / See attached calendar HERE:

FOLLOWING are the first day of prayers which are part of the LAW of the Everlasting Agreement. These are, as you will see from their translation which came directly from the original Dr. Szekely translation of the four Essene Gospels of Peace books, they are in the Kings English. They can also be found within my re-translation of Dr. Szekely's books which is linked below. For now, we left the original translation alone to get this out to everyone quicker.

Yehshua’s Instructions to us are clear as day, which you may find located within “The Essene Gospel of Peace the Complete 4 Books in One Volume”, “The Essene Book of Moses, The Ten Commandments, pages 61-64; Total of 30 Laws (All lines that contain ‘Thou Shalt’ displays each law). Our Daily Communions that fall in the Morning and Evening are a part of these laws.  (This is not Angel Worship; this is Communing with whom Our Father has appointed to us as part of His Everlasting Agreement – 1st Law) to communicate and receive their daily aid. I also tend to believe, based on the evidence found within the revised and clarified re-translation of these Essene texts, that these daily prayers are part of that Law. Meaning, that by omitting these prayers, we are only walking a portion of His 1st law.

I can also see that these prayers can be understood as the Fathers Direct Energy Weapons for all souls to wield against the fallen and all of their demonic and earthbound sycophants. The Weaponization of prayer like this makes all Yehshurim powerful warriors, and allies to Yehovah-Yehshuas' legions!

ALSO SEE my Re-translation of those books here - Essene 1st Law:


  1. Gregorian Calendar day of TuesdayURIEL
  2. We commune with Uriel this entire day, in addition to thy Earthly Mother this morning.
  3. 30 min. window from Sunrise before the portal for this communion closes.
  4. “When you open your eyes in the morning, even then before your body has been called by the Angel of Sun, say to yourselves these words, letting them echo in your spirit; for the words are like dead leaves when there is no life in them of the spirit. Say, then, these words:
  5. ‘I enter the eternal and infinite garden of mystery, my spirit in oneness with the Heavenly Father, my body in oneness with the Earthly Mother, my heart in harmony with my Brothers, the Sons of Men, dedicating my spirit, my body, and my heart to the holy, pure, and saving Teaching, even that Teaching of which of old was known to Enoch.’
  6. Pray at Sunrise:
  7. ‘The Earthly Mother and I are one. Her breath is my breath; her blood is my blood; her bone, her flesh, her bowels, her eyes and ears, are my bone, my flesh, my bowels, my eyes and ears. Never will I desert her, and always will she nourish and sustain my body.’
  8. Intention behind the prayer:
  9. ‘And you will feel the power of the Earthly Mother flowing through your body like the river when it is swollen with rains and courses mightily with a great noise.’

--  --  --  --  --  --  --  --  --


  1. Thou shalt worship thy Heavenly Father on the evening of the Sabbath.
  2. Gregorian Calendar Evening of TUESDAY – URIEL
  3. We commune with Uriel this entire day, in addition to thy Heavenly Father this evening.
  4. 30 min. window from Sundown before the portal for this communion closes.
  5. Pray at sundown:
  6. ‘The Heavenly Father and I are One.’
  7. Intention behind the prayer:
  8. ‘And close your eyes, Sons of Light, and in sleep enter into the unknown realms of the Heavenly Father. And you will bathe in the light of the stars, and the Heavenly Father will hold you in his hand and cause a spring of knowledge to well up within you, a fountain of power, pouring forth living waters, a flood of love and of all-embracing wisdom, like the splendor of Eternal Light. And one day the eyes of your spirit shall open, and you shall know all things.’

The Original 7 Laws of the Everlasting Agreement

Love your Eternal Father with all your strength, and all your power, so that eternal life will be yours:

  1. The seventh day is the Shabbos: you will remember it, and keep it upright. The Shabbos day is the light of Aheeyeh, your Creator. In it you will not do any daily work, but search the light, the kingdom of Aheeyeh, and all things will be given to you.
  2. For six days you will work through the Malakim, but the seventh day you will dwell in the understanding of your Creator, who is the righteous giver of the 1st Law.
  3. You will not take the life from any living thing. Life comes only from Aheeyeh, who gives it, and receives it back.
  4. You will not debase love. It is the sacred gift of your Heavenly Father.
  5. You will not trade your soul, the priceless gift of the loving Aheeyeh - for the riches of the world, which are as seeds sown on stony ground, having no root in themselves, enduring only for a short time.
  6. You will not be a false witness of the 1st Law, nor use it against your brother; only Aheeyeh knows the beginning and the ending of all things, for His eye is single, and in Him endures the upright, Everlasting Agreement.
  7. You will not usurp your neighbor’s possessions. The Everlasting Law gives to you much greater gifts, even the earth and the heavens, if you keep the Instructions of Aheeyeh your Creator.

[Where is THIS law among the Ten laws given to the disobedient ones on Mt. Sinai? – Proof once again of TWO laws!]

 And Moshe heard the voice of Aheeyeh and sealed within himself the Agreement that was between Aheeyeh and the Children of Uprightness – The - Yehshurun.



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