Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends, So Glad You Could Attend, Come Inside! Come Inside!

Eating People is Already here!


WOW! That was even faster than I predicted two years ago!

Cruelty-Free Meat will be a human treat!

Still, the insertion of celebrities cells -  i.e. human meat, into the equation implies they are researching something slightly different (the acceptance of cannibalism!)

Well, that didn't take long at all!

A couple of years ago when the first few companies arrived on the scene touting their new technology for creating sustainable animal flesh from the alleged "cells" of those animals, and touting all of the great, world saving affects this technology will have on the world at large, environmentally. Of course, the instant I saw this tech, I knew immediately where this would eventually go. However, not until weeks later when more articles came out about these companies, the tech, and how mainstream Judaism lost no time jumping on board, touting how "Kosher" this new meat would be, was I truly aware of how quickly this would take hold - BUT WHY?

Well, at the risk of sounding like that broken record, the bottom line has always been, and always will be about capturing all, or as many Living-Souls as possible by their own free will choice - CONSENT, to do evil. 

Evil you say? 

Yes, read a book written by someone who is not lying to you. I know a guy....

Within a few mere months of the word going worldwide, that they were creating "clean-meat" from the cells of animals, we began to see more articles depicting how they had already begun shipping steaks to specialty, up-scale restaurants. However, a year didn't pass before more manufactures popped up and began shipping to anyone who would partake.  Now in 2021, it has grown considerably, and now we see they are morphing it into the possibility of people consuming "people-meat" which as I have said from the very start, would always be their ultimate end-game because cannibalism has always, verifiably, been the last straw, causing the destruction of most people by mass, biblical, calamity. It 's all happening very fast, and for specific reasons as I have pointed out at length in other blogs, podcasts and books. 

NOW, nothing can be trusted. The alleged McDonald's "Impossible burger" has now been found to be just that, impossible, having been accused of being infused with either a percentage of real animal flesh, or some yet unknown blood additive, or both. Impossible to know for sure. 

All products have been suspect for a few years now as they clandestinely infuse our packaged foods with human tissue and or cells, while selling it as "taste enhancing additives" and the like. All of it geared to one end goal, to contaminate as many Living-Souls with the human flash pollutant. One of the first to arrive on the scene was the HEK-293, the aborted human fetal cell line of "flavor enhancer" created and sold under the brand name of, Senomyx -https://www.naturalnews.com/049367_aborted_babies_flavor_chemicals_food_corporations.html

 So, their goal does appear clear when one understand the actual context of this ancient game. 

Going forward with all this, especially for all those Vegan's and Vegetarians out there who appear gleeful at the prospect of returning to eating animal flesh without the guilt, as well as the multitudes who remain ignorant of GODS original law, and have no issue with eating animals, will never, ever truly know whether or not they are eating humans. 

Either way, given the speed at which they have been rolling this next level shit out, coupled with the propensity of the masses to shove just about anything down their gullets without inspection, it shouldn't be long now. 

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