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The End-Times Fight


How - What and Why

I have decided to take a few minutes off between answering email questions before company arrives to touch on this question because I believe it ties into the new book and the current iteration of the Creator’s calendar and book info. 

Question and answers are based on the highly restrictive Free Will system – the 1st Law of the Everlasting Agreement. 

The compound question is: 

What are they (the evil ones) allowed to do here, and, why? 

First, the WHAT – Well, if we go strictly by the scriptural content, they are obviously allowed to augment times/time and calendar systems, which in turn changed up the Creator’s original intent and laws for His souls here.

  • The holy days were completely lost until someone reintroduced the original memorials;

  • Prayer, in general, was made totally ineffective among most because of that, and specifically caused by the entirety of the 1st law being completely obliterated just as Isaiah said it would be, until 2011 anyway;

  • And, with no useable calendar system no prophecy could be understood, leaving everyone totally unaware of so many important details; 

WITH THAT giant Dovetail in place, the extensive downline of new, false-control-narrative systems of expanded religion and geopolitical ways, means and laws instituted were slowly developed worldwide and now entrenched causing most to fall even further away from where they need to be. 

So then, changing TIMES & SEASONS turned out to be a bit more than most have credited it for all this time. Making the resurgence of the corrected calendar system so much more important than most still believe it is, I bet. 

The WHY: Well, the short answer in most minds I bet would be – To control all souls, etc., and yes, that is also true, but not the complete reason for all we have seen and known about from ancient times to this very day. This very day and even more so in the days soon upon us we will see what I am about to explain with even more clarity. 

That understood and taken into consideration, especially in light of the more recent world events even to this past week with more and more movements by D. Trump which all look a lot like he knows something really huge (Yuge), and quietly as he can is gearing up for some major war event, but against who? If we just SEE with our eyes, then we see minutely, like, Russia and other countries are suddenly the culprits, but more than one time we have heard DT speak on this point and when he did, at least twice, he mentioned that they are making arrangements to repel invaders on the ground AND, DIMENSIONALLY! Which literally, everyone took at face value and said he must be using that term in the standard military sense of it. I call BS on that!

REMEMBER, the free will system calls for their side to openly SPEAK that which they intend to do to us because they “believe” in doing so, in passing, that it relieves them of the karmic responsibility of what happens to all of us next when we WILLINGLY ignore it – TACIT CONSENT! And yes, that is a seriously skewed way of using the Creator’s free will system, and NO, they will not get away with it because they are overstepping it big-time. And we know this because our Prophets already told us the end of the story. So there’s that.

But, at the same time, they continue on their ultimate path of destruction, why? Because if they can’t have it, HE can’t be allowed to have it either! Or so they obviously believe, in error.

  No, my friends, capturing and controlling all souls, and or, just causing more souls to be utterly contaminated with sin against the 1st law so that more souls, in the end, are sent to hell, is only part of their game. First, they must GET past the end for that! And to get PAST the end they have a massive fight coming. And I firmly believe that all we have been seeing building up for many years now, and exponentially accelerating in the past ten years or so now, is them gearing up for that fight. (And if those days were not shortened…) 

Ultimately, I believe what we are seeing, now especially, is NOT the making of anything great again, nor is it about saving Europe from their own backward progression, this is ALL about gearing up to fight against the Creator and His Legions. And somehow, they still believe that their physical technology can get that job done. But what else has the Satanic forces of man and demon ever had after being horrifically detached from the Creator, forever? All they have had is their knowledge of technologies which they used, as I said in the Soul Revolution book, to RE-Format this creation space in THEIR IMAGE!  Please recall the original 200 fallen ones who taught man all manner of things that we were never supposed to have introduced here! (See Enoch)

Those fallen have long been enslaved by the Eternal One's Malakim, but their evil-demon-offspring are still here with us. And, now, with their earthbound sycophants believing this to be the way to win the day and control all of the souls here, which as I also said, is much like controlling, by adverse possession, the literal micro-portions of the Eternal Creator, himself – His Macro-Soul. 

The many prophets told us, and Yehshua clearly told us that this was and IS a fight in the heavenly realms and that eventually, that fight was coming here into this lower physical realm. WHY? Because THIS is where the evil insurgents are - The souls of the Giants! And in order to root them out, the forces of Aheeyeh must eventually come here to round them up.

The rest of what the prophets foretold, and what we may be about to actually live through, is the evil Pirate forces final BLACK-FLAG event.

Are we not yet all convinced of at least the fact that the evildoers, both humanoid and ethereal, have long intended on destroying all living things here? On that, I bet we can all agree regardless if you agree with all I just said. 

OK, that was my short answer to this.


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