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Warning of Three Years!


אזהרה אל שלוש שנים!

Zahar al Shelosh Shaneem!

Warning of three years!

 “Upon o the high mountain, hoist a flag, raise a voice to them; wave a hand, and let them come to the doors of the nobles…”

 READ Isiah 13 – 14 -15 & 16: Because it may soon be upon us all!

Isa 16:14 – “In three years, like the term of a hired man. The honor of Moab (USA) will turn to disgrace, and then there will remain a VERY small remnant, not many! 

Isa 13:4 – “The sound of commotion is inside the mountains like the sound of an enormous people, like the crescendo of the kingdoms of gathering nations; Yehovah, master of legions, is assigning officers for the legions of war. 5 They come from a faraway land, FROM THE END OF THE HEAVENS, brought by Yehovah as his weapon of anger to devastate the entire land!” 

This 13:4 text does not at all appear to me to be speaking of a standard military force as we know them to be. It is also evident that they are NOT coming from INSIDE of our Antarctic-ice-containment-ring. This force is something coming from outside of our protected area. The commotion from inside the mountains at first might appear to be speaking about earthquakes, and it may be. But, if the latter verses are not referring to human armies from this place, then that commotion, if we keep it all in context with itself, maybe where these forces from the END OF THE HEAVENS are coming from and through. i.e. Through the mountains; as in, portals. 

13:6, “Wail!! For the day of Yehovah is near; It will come as a sudden attack from the Almighty One! 7 All hands will become weak and every person's heart will fail. 8 They will be terrorized; aches and pains will seize them, they will be in travail as a woman with child. Each man will be shocked seeing his friend; their faces become inflamed – (red-highly agitated). 9 Behold, the day of Yehovah is coming; a day of cruelty, rage and burning anger to make the land desolate; He will annihilate the sinners from it!” 

First off, we once again need to identify that the mighty one doing all the “Destructing” is Yehovah and NOT Aheeyeh. With that, we clearly see that this attack comes so suddenly and 100% by surprise to all, and the attackers so shockingly aggressive and destructive that all hands and hearts will give up hope. We can also see the description of a terror weapon that obviously DOES NOT KILL them immediately, but causes great pain, intense agitation and eventually killing those who it affects. REMEMBER, those who are sealed by AHEEYEH will NOT be affected by anything to come. And lastly, that ultimately, all “sinners” will be annihilated. Which does sound like a final, physical death.

NOTE: I do NOT believe any of this as described here and by other prophets, one example would be in Revelation, in which I believe the scorpions that sting and cause these same effects for 5 months is speaking about this same event; that none of what this enemy will do will be physical at all. I believe they will attack the brains/minds of most people which will, in effect, cause all of the above like a zombie apocalypse.

Isa 13:10, “The stars of heaven, their constellations will not radiate their light; the sun will be dark at the time of rising, and the moon will not reflect its light. 11 I will visit evil on the land, and on the twisted ones their own lawlessness, and I will end the pride of the wanton, and bring low the ego of the strong. 12 I will make a man more valuable than rare gold, and people (in general) more precious than the gold of Ophir…” 

I do NOT believe (13:10-12) to be saying that the sun, moon, and stars should be taken as literally darkened as most will teach this to mean. I believe, given the fact that AHEEYEH will never remove these items from our view because we absolutely require them daily, that these kinds of texts are speaking more to the general feeling surrounding the stated events. Meaning, everything will be so utterly and unbelievably bad, in ways unimaginable to even conjure right now with our best Sci-fi imaginations, that everything inside or out will be dark in the deepest sense of that word to all those affected by this. ALL who DO NOT KNOW the NAME of the Eternal One, His law and have His SEAL upon them – The 1st Law! Which then brings us to – “I will visit evil on the land, and on the twisted ones their own lawlessness…”  This word, Lawlessness, which is generally translated as “iniquity”, is best translated as exactly that – LAW-LESS, “without the law.”  Which law? There can be only ONE! Now, all recovering Christians should harken their memories back to that horrific prophetic statement by Yehshua which he stated and obviously directed to ALL those who “thought” they believed and or understood anything he taught and or said, correctly; “Depart from me you who are LAWLESS, I never knew you…”  OUCH!  

(Lawless = Without the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement!) 

13:15, “Anyone found will be pierced, and anyone who is gathered up will fall by the sword. Their children will be cut down before their eyes; their homes will be pillaged, and their woman ravaged.”

13:20, “It will not be inhabited FOREVER, it will not be settled from generation to generation; nomads will not pitch a tent there; nor will shepherds make flocks there. 21 Martens will lie there, and their homes will be inhabited by ferrets; Owls will live there, and demons will dance in it; 22 cats will howl in their mansions and jackals in their places of recreation. Her time [Moab-USA] is soon to come [in 3 years], her days will not long endure!” 

Anyone found will be pierced, and those rounded up will be killed off. Children included. Utter destruction that literally makes the entire landscape uninhabitable, forever! THINK Reason for Greater Exodus!  ALSO: Who is doing this “finding, piercing and rounding up, etc.?” For me it is doubtful that these actions are being carried out by the forces who come from, THE END OF THE HEAVENS; Keeping it all in context with itself forces me to understand that all this is being done by those, “affected people.” 

14:1, “For Yehovah will show mercy to Jacob. He will choose the sons of Jacob again and give them rest upon their land. And the proselyte will join them and be grafted into the house of Jacob….” 

Again, there is a myriad of prophetic texts which I have shown in my Land of Meat & Honey book and in other works which show us this same picture. Jeremiah killed it on this topic! And pointing out the “Proselyte” as being those who will be ingrafted to the tribes? – RETURNED to make TESHUVAH! I say that’s kind of in your face. Who are the proselytes in our world? Christians, Muslims, Buddhist to name the obvious ones will be the lions share of ingrafted mixed multitudes who will be saved somehow, and long enough to be presented with the Everlasting Agreement to be CONSENTED to at that time.

If you have not yet read the Land of Meat & Honey and the Greater Exodus books, in that order, now’s the time. 

Take care to read Isa 15 & 16 intently and understand it for our modern times:

16:13, “This is the prophecy that Yehovah has spoken for Moab BEFORE…. BUT NOW, Yehovah speaks saying – ‘IN THREE YEARS, like the term of a hired hand, the honor of Moab [USA] will turn to disgrace, and there will be a VERY small remainder, NOT many!” 


This warning of 3 years came to me about two months ago, and truthfully, at that time, I just ignored it because I thought that the previous 7 warnings in this same vein which began for me in 2015 to be enough warning to everyone. I really did not think anyone wanted to hear yet another thoroughly negative warning from me. Additionally, at that time and until this recent – PASSING-OVER event day, along with the High-Renewal-Memorial Day came where the legitimacy of the system was finally, fully confirmed to us, I did not see or understand fully yet the expanded meaning of this particular warning, and thus, thought it to be somewhat redundant to the other seven. Aheeyeh brought me back to this warning several times in those months because I was ignoring it. However, not yet being fully convinced of the calendars validity, I never even considered the two to be connected before this past Memorial. It took the passing and final vetting of the calendar system on this past memorial, with its checks & balances to snap this warning back into my mind, connecting the two. So, it all worked out, even with my procrastination. 

The Sabbath day directly after the 1st Memorial of 2019, I was brought back to this Isaiah prophecy yet again, but this time it finally clicked – 3-YEARS!  As previously stated, prior to fully vetting our calendar revisions and watching them work through the final two memorials of 2018, and passing those tests, and then through this year’s first memorial which fell on the pagan Roman calendar date of March 13th, and also passing that test, was I finally fully able to embrace the calendar and be confident in its meaning, and most importantly, be confident about where and when this year’s FIRST day was. Because, if you are following anything that I have been doing on this calendar issue for over ten years now, you should know that without the correct FIRST day of the new year, you are fully sunk for anything and everything after that. Aheeyeh clearly stated through His many prophets that He has HIS memorial days and everyone else has theirs, and He HATES all of theirs! So, if you are not finding and coming before Him on His days, you are and will remain thoroughly screwed; especially where the coming prophetic events are concerned! Nothing could be more tragic than screwing this up now via laziness or disbelief. I know His people, the Yeshurim, were always meant to know and have the original Creator timing system, and I also knew that He would have to show it to us before the times prophesied in it. AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF NOACH, AND IN THE DAYS OF MOSHE, AND IN DANIEL, AND IN THE DAYS OF YOHANNAN. 

We count to 7-days and we count to 7-years! – [See: The Creator’s Calendar book 2019] 

As I show in the new Creator’s Calendar book, we count the dark side of the moon phases for 7 years and then on the way back we count the lighted phases for another 7 years and vise-versa. At this present time, we are counting the DARK side phases. Also, I believe the mechanics of the moon proved that we are in the 2nd year of the seven-year SHMITAH count as sighted on this past – Passing Over – event day/night. 

There is some question that this latest Passing-Over event showed us a ¾ dark side moon phase and NOT the ½ phase as pretty much everyone else predicted it would be after last year’s obvious ¼ Lighted side phase moon. Which, at that time last year, if it was clearly showing us a ¼ lighted side, then obviously the darkened side on that night last year had to have been a ¾ dark, which is exactly what everyone saw last year. But for now, let’s put that aside. Because if all of us were wrong THIS year, believing we saw a perfect dark & light 50/50 moon phase, and it was ACTUALLY a ¾ dark side moon phase that we sighted, then we will know for certain by next year this time because if it was a ¾ dark side moon event this year, then next year it will HAVE to show us a FULL dark moon on that night, and no one can possibly mistake that. 


“Like the term of a hired hand…”  In ancient understanding, this phrase has a concrete meaning to it. The “term” or “work time” of the hired man was exact. His start and stop times were exact! His pay was based on this exact timing. As this term is used in the scriptures several times, it is always there to tell the reader that there is ZERO room for interpretation. THIS WILL be in 3-years’ time (if) the start date is correctly known. 

As I stated, this now became a significant warning to me because now I was finally provided a clarified and confirmed START date. Before having this start-date which renews itself on that exact same day each year without fail, I had no way of knowing or even believing that the Isaiah prophecy or the specific timing of 3-years as depicted in it, had any concrete meaning in our time. Now I believe I do. And after leaving me alone about this warning for months after bringing it to my attention over several Sabbaths, I continued to ignore the order to express it openly. Even on this past Sabbath day [after the 1st memorial], I was slightly surprised that I was brought back to it again, but this time with more urgency. And although I have these texts nearly committed to memory by now, I went ahead and reread them again anyway, but this time it all popped, the cogs meshed, and I finally saw the calendar connection. NOW I had the start date! 

An End to hostilities

In my original 7 warnings which began in 2015, but which I held back for two years until the context of those prophetic warnings became apparent to me in mid-2017, it is made clear that when the insane attacks and catastrophes come, that it will all come and end in ONE years’ time! (And if those days were not shortened, etc.) THIS DOES NOT mean that other, lesser but also bad events will not precede this final year of utter destruction. Prophetic warnings of birth pains come to mind. 

Will this 1-year period begin in 2022? 

Will it begin at the mid-point of a new presidency? It could begin before I guess and lead through, and end by the time of the 2023 Renewal Memorial rolls around. For me, it does appear that it will begin in earnest in 2022 for a one-year period, but I will have to watch closely and give this more thought, as should you. 

Another point, and as I tried to express on the moon phase picture above, is that in the 6th year of this Shmitah counting will come the blessing year or Agricultural double portion year before the Sabbatical year where no crops/food can be grown. Meaning, His people (The Yeshurim) and all those who have become attached to His people, the mixed multitudes – (Elect) - will be provided double of everything they will need to survive in that 7th year. And, as per the Isaiah 13-14-15 & 16-chapter prophecies, along with several other prophets who present identical events, there will be no other people around anymore. 

Additionally, within all of this, there will also be the Greater Exodus event leading everyone to some other unspoiled area of the earth which we will inhabit and prosper. 

The year and number 2022 is also not lost on me. 22 being the final letter (Tav) in the Hebrew Alef-Bet. Having the meaning of - The END. 

Another interesting and odd point that Nathan brought to my attention this week was that certain, and possibly all online calendar programs that allow you to skip ahead to see moon phases and to see how calendar dates line up in various years ahead, etc., seem to end, or not work past the year 2022. If anyone has the time to do more checking on that point, do let me know what you came up with. 

 S. Asher © 2019



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