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THE FOURTH KIND - Their Will be Done - He is god  


 Souls Consenting to Control!

I watched this movie with the wife last night on Amazon Prime, but you may be able to find it else ware. I HIGHLY suggest watching this movie and paying very close attention to the details coming out of the mouths of those alleged “abductees – study-subjects” that the doctor is regressing. 

First, I will say that this movie is the kind of stuff I rarely if ever watch, but when I saw that it was a true story and that they also sequenced in original archive study footage into the movie, I decided to watch it and very happy I did. Happy because this movie 100% proves, with actual footage and linguistic evidence that man has NEVER had before. To me, it proves all of the most important and revealing points that I wrote in the Soul Revolution book, and nearly 100% accurate. It’s actually kind of freaky to me that it is to this extent.  

I found the following bullet points below from the original archival footage of subjects while they were either recalling a past nights “alien” adventure or, while under hypnosis being infiltrated, bodily, by the same, to be exceedingly revealing. I will tell you this, I have NEVER seen anything so unsettling, even in movies. And, if THIS stuff does NOT prove to you all the absolute and EPIC importance of the Eternal One’s 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, then there must be no hope for you. This footage, and the linguistic proofs they have, make it all more real than I ever could myself using mere words. 

Do you all recall my admonitions concerning CONSENT? That quite literally it was CONSENT to an evil – (breaking the 1st law of the Ev-Agg), for whatever reason we did it a long ago that put our souls in this revolving position of ALLOWING the evil, fallen ones and more specifically, their soulless-creation intermediaries, to gain direct access to many people. Intermediaries that the Shelanite cabal has convinced most of mankind as being mere, higher order aliens from other, distant planets. THUS, they have set the stage for the creative souls of man to ACCEPT - CONSENT to the existence of these entities, but under the false image and understanding of who and what they actually are! Which in turn is CONSENTING to whatever their little soulless selves have to offer men, women, and children. All of which is continuously, and by many commercial avenues marketed to mankind as the false, control narrative of, aliens from space.

In this widespread belief, which causes people to either directly consent to them, or by tacit consent, millions worldwide who have not been covered by the protections inherent within the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement have made themselves direct targets and open season for direct contact as you will clearly see in this movie’s original footage. The bottom line is, and this may be an amazingly subtle nuance of belief or consent in any person, but many have, at one time or another in their lives taken on the role of private researcher and, or believer of this purposely elusive knowledge stream, and thus, unknowingly, CONSENTED to whatever those streams push out towards us in their fullest capacity, even if you never learned what that full capacity was or is, it does NOT matter, they now have you! And most will never know the full capacity of many hidden mystical things because the cabal who holds those false, mystical truths has hidden their details from all but the highest initiates for many thousands of years in time, as we understand time to be. 

People, especially academic types, do not ever really give much thought to WHY or WHY NOT they should or should not delve into one or another narrative stream. And, without much thought, it becomes their direct experience, of that thing; which either begins with or eventually turns into CONSENTING to the truth or relevance of that thing; which then opens those people up to whatever may be hiding behind that seemingly benign narrative stream of consciousness. ALL things are derived from some consciousness!

From “ancient aliens” to magic, to white or black witchcraft, to demonology, to Jewish Kabbalah, to Mormon rituals for dead souls, to American Indian soul walks, etc., people, usually unknowingly open themselves up too many deeper, ancient evil sources that were originally created by some evil stream of consciousness, and, that which can act directly upon their souls before they come to know it, if they ever come to know it. Problem is, and as you will see in this movie if you dare to watch it, once they act upon you there is very little chance of becoming unhooked from them. That would take one hell of an effort in UN-CONSENTING on a fairly continual basis and for some time before these tenacious evil ones would let go. In my research, I have read from alleged “abductees” that using the name of Jesus immediately forced them to break contact, but I sure as hell wouldn’t be relying on that. Just be armed with this knowledge and make certain that your entire life, and if possible the lives of those around you are covered under the protective dome of the Eternal’s Everlasting Agreement. Because without that, and betting that even Jesus has some stipulations as to who he hears and how quickly, most then are surely doomed. And, at the very least, make sure no one close to you who have not yet complied with the 1st law of LIFE, is not dabbling in any such voodoo. Not even a little bit. At the very least TEACH them about CONSENT! 

A few points to look for in this movie that I found quite revealing:  

  • First off, by the end, you will see that no one involved believed these entities to be mere aliens from space. They fully understood that these were far worse than that.
  • I believe it was the female doctors second subject who clearly stated while recalling his last event under hypnosis who said; “Why are they here, I wasn’t EVEN THINKING about them today...”
  • Towards the end while the Doctor herself is under the same hypnosis and trying to contact them directly, which is super freaky, we hear again the recorded voice from them telling her that; “I will impose my will on you!” & “I AM GOD!” 

OK, so, did I mention that they had other, previous direct recorded evidence of these entities speaking? While in the doctor's bedroom, while literally dragging her from bed screaming bloody murder, they were speaking a very ancient language which when I first heard it spoken, I believed could be Akkadian. I was very close. Later, when she sought the aid of a linguistic expert it turned out they were speaking ancient Sumerian! YES! The “aliens” from “OUTER-SPACE” were speaking an ancient earth language! Yeah, right! But there it was more than once on tape. VERY disturbing. But fully proves my hypothesis as depicted in the Soul Revolution book; that all of these alleged “aliens” are nothing more than Cut-Outs for the original Fallen ones – Archon’s, and the evil insane souls of their children who continue to disrupt mankind. See Enoch-15

Further proof of that, in my mind, was what they were saying about enforcing their WILL, and that they/he (the entity speaking) was god! NOW, think back some months ago to a video I sent out about that guy who found that new message/sign in the sand, written in Hebrew next to the Giza Pyramid. Recall his account of how he was led to it and how he was led to contacting whoever left it there? Recall how he said that they confronted him near some river in Arizona to give him more info, and how the main “Alien entity” told him that his name was Abba! And that he was god!   Damn, it’s all I can do not to laugh, but at the same time, all of this is horrifically worrisome. Not worrisome because I believe we Yeshurim are in that same danger, although some of you may be, I can’t know for sure; but, worrisome to me for all the other people out there who just do not yet know anything meaningful that can or will save them from all this, and from what’s coming next. But the major point that I always revert back to is – THAT’S what the Greater Exodus camps will be for at that time of great trouble. The mixed-multitude will once again see the power of the Creator and His helpers, and they will run to it for refuge, and as it is written, they will have to RE-CONSENT to Returning to His 1st law at that time or be returned back into that Greater Egypt from which they came, which will by then will be under a great attack and destruction, just as we saw in the first. 

Again, the name of this movie is – THE FOURTH KIND                                                                       

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