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The Snake Heads -


Proof of their winter retreat!

Aztec Vacation Resort

Sent my way today by Dr. Wong after he received the photos. These are my thoughts on the topic, and do not include my serious misgivings concerning Mr. S. Quayle

"A dig has been going on in Mexico for the last few years in which Steve Quayle is funding. It is an Aztec area comprising 118 sq miles. Ill let you decide on what you are looking at."

Initially, I want to say this is real, but my deep skepticism keeps driving me back to the 5000+ clay Sumerian cuneiform tablets, all of which are in nearly perfect condition, while so many granite rock "Tels" in Israel that I have seen and touched, and from far more recent ages, are found to be highly degraded. Come on!
 Therefore, my tendency is to believe that the cabal recently created all the Sumerian cuneiform tablets to sell their "Alien" narrative just like they created the LUCY skeleton, and the Pilt-town man; both now proven fakes. Thus, like those, and the Sumerian tablets, these Aztec / Egyptian / Mayan tablets look too good to me.  Not to mention, they arrive right on time for all the "alien" disclosures and invasion-culling to come.
 OR, maybe they are real, and they are depicting exactly that scenario, carved by the survivors of that cyclic culling event.  That is the problem, there have been to many proven fakes by mainstream science now, that we cannot know which is real anymore.

 I Would also add, that these pictures below appear to have some odd cropping going on with them, and the photo quality is very sub-par, neither of which makes sense, especially for a find such as this, if it is real. 

Either way,  I do find the pictures interesting. I find the pyramid, which is obviously of Egyptian origin, projecting power / frequencies from the top which is exactly what I said it did so many yrs ago in my Asher Codex book based on the war texts in the Dead Sea Scrolls - That it was the Arc-Machine - aka - the so-called "ARK of the Coven.."  Which I spell - Arc, as in electrical capacitance - frequency generator. Stolen later by Moshe and friends to stop the Pharaoh from using it against them as a weapon when they left.  Later the Hebrew texts show them using it as a weapon against their enemies, and also against the walls of Jericho. I also show how someone in their camp later disabled the Arc machine by removing a part and hiding it under his family tent, which led to a partial defeat against the city of "AI" = (Aye-Eye). Or was it - "A.I" ?? ;)
   So, to me in these Aztec/Egyptian tablets, it looks like the power emanating from the pyramid is "illuminating" two other massive worlds that are there just beyond our spectrum, both having moons, and both being ALLOT closer than Saturn which is in the background. OR:

  • Is that picture of three converging worlds a depiction of 3 cultures merging?

  • Or, is it a depiction of 3 flat earths pulled apart from laying like three circles, one inside the other?

Summer homes:

The obvious Egyptian influence appears to be proving my find concerning the old stories which tell about the seasonal migrations of the "gods" from Canaan to warmer digs. The eye of Horace is also seen on these Aztec/Egyptian tablets, which again, makes them more Egyptian than Aztec or Mayan. My research shows, how in the time of Yehshua, and after, the local Canaanite folklore which was written down, said that the "gods" got cold in Northern Canaan - (Is-Ra-El), and, that they left each winter through the "water pool" - (Stargate) - inside of Mt Hermon for - (under sea & underground travel).  Where do you think they went??? Hmmmm.... Somewhere warm? Like, South America maybe? 

I also posit in my books that they really had little to no presence here in what we now call the USA and Canada, likely because it was too cold for them most of the time.  More proof that these "gods" were the created beings of the fallen ones, reptilian cut-outs that they use to interface in the physical form and realm with us, when allowed. And I don't believe that anyone is going to have to take my word on any of this for much longer.  

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