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The Greater Exodus to Eden?


Are we meant to walk North to Eden soon?

An expedition into the great white north - Entrance into Eden! Let only the righteous ones Pass-Over!

Thanks, Lara for sending.

Really good stuff. 

 We recently heard about this alleged Northbound Exodus of people who have become enlightened to begin in our very near future by these same video commentators.

I believe it was mentioned in the last video from these guys on the subject of the Cosmic Egg theory and the Rings of this creation-space within the egg if you recall. I did a blog article on it weeks ago titled - The Event - The Plot.

So, now they say they are about to go searching for a way through the Northern tundra in advance of that coming Exodus. 

I have to say, this is somewhat intriguing to me, but at the same time how would we know that such a move would be part of the actual Greater Exodus? The question remains, will Elijeh arrive to tell us when and where to move out?  That’s all I have to go on, and for sure that would be a Greater Exodus. 

Pondering this after watching the following video I thought about my double Mandala Flat Earth depiction that I created for that first Cosmic Egg theory blog article I did - Discovering the 3-6-9 of Creation; where one flat earth, concentric ring creation backs up against the other. “As above so below.” 

Then I thought if these guys are correct, and the Eden place exists at the middle of the North pole area inside the earth. Could it be that merely walking in there instantly transports us to that other side? To the other (Mandala - Eden)?  Could it be that we are transported by some ancient technology that scans those trying to go through for, “Righteousness?”

Then it hit me, that this scanning tech could very well be the two flaming swords said to be protecting the entrance to the garden! Allowing only the truly righteous to PASS-OVER! 

NOW – Couple all of this with the corrected Enochian calendar timing days of Noach’s journey – AS IT WAS IN THE “days” OF NOAH…   That, (if) this is the Greater Exodus, and IF this is the destination for it, then the timing of it all MUST coincide with the timing provided on that calendar.

That understood, I also do not believe that we can just know all this on our own and move out based on what we THINK we know. I believe in my heart that we would need both a confirmation of it from a known and expected source like Elijeh, and then specific timing confirmation and direction along the way from that source or sources. 'As it was in the days of Noach and Moshe.' The timing from Noach, the Exodus from Moshe and the protections and provisions of both.

The prospect of it all, however, is highly intriguing to me as I know it will be for most of you who have wanted out of here for some time now. I am an adventurer- explorer personality at heart, as many of you may be. So for sure, the idea of such an adventure combined with true prophecy is like catnip to me.

Constant prayer on this topic of the Greater Exodus has been a point I have made for years now. And given this prospect, maybe we need to ratchet that up a few more notches.

Concerning the corrected Enochian Origin Calendar:

I have received many requests for a book version of all the calendar information. Initially, that idea didn't take hold in me because my time has been so limited by other projects. However, given much new information and in combination with the world scene as it is progressing towards full-on uncertainty; and given the very real possibility of power and internet outages for extended periods of time in the near future, I have decided to create a short calendar data guide. 

At this point, I believe it would be catastrophic for thousands of Yehshurim who have not had the time or inclination to learn the calendar information and required commentary explanations that go with it all, to be caught without that information in-hand when it becomes inaccessible by electronic means. 

So, I have taken my sick days here to piece the information together in a short guide book that will be available very soon in paperback form. I made the book size as small as I can so that it will fit easily on your person or backpack. 

Point of interest - The video title below uses the Hindu/Buddhist word - Shambalah. I have always found this word interesting and thought that I noticed that it may actually be a phrase from ancient Arabic and even Hebrew. Breaking the phrase down from memory of what the ancient words could mean, it may be describing the place.

Sham = sun or shining

Bah = river

Allah or Elah = God

Could it mean - The Shining River of GOD? 

Could it be referring to a special river on the other side of the gate into Eden that takes us to the other side like the ancient tale of the river Styx? 

OR - Could it be describing the shimmering water-like appearance of a Star-Gate?



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