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Noah movie – Understanding the Skin and Tefillin


A more ancient understanding of the Tefillin skin and original Law 

So many points of original truth and understanding are woven into the 2014 Noah movie that enlightened folk continue to pull out. Erica W, one of many Yehsurim just recently read my Noah movie review and watched the movie. Contacting me about it Erica had this question that jumped back out at me. 

I will be watching this one numerous times. Still thinking through the serpent sloughing out of its skin. Was it exiting it's covering and moving to deception?

 Yes, could be a form of that. They broke the law – TOGETHER – not just her, and THEN, as I have shown it to be written in the Soul Revolution book – ‘their LIGHT was COVERED with SKIN….” 

Even for me, the later use of that snakeskin in the movie as his Tefillin during prayer was a mind blower. I recall asking my grandfather about its use by my orthodox uncles, his brothers. He did mention that it had much older, lost origins, but that since the Exodus they have used it as a recalling of that event, and that’s where he left it. We, Karaites don’t use that ritual which is why I asked back then, but I have contemplated its continued use based on the Exodus texts and knowing the truth of the law being referred to in early Exodus – The 1st law of free will. BUT, because the Shelanites use it, that’s where any real contemplation of it ended for me. 

However, seeing it like that in the movie and seeing all of the other ancient truths the movie depicted, truths that only my grandfather and I knew of and taught openly to my knowledge, got me to thinking that in the movie the writer/director may have been working from some other very ancient information that even I never found hinted at. AND, that the director depicted the snake skins use around the arm during certain rituals w/ Noah as a prop of remembrance of that fall and of their light being COVERED/WRAPPED in skin.

  If we remain within the full context of Noah’s time, and all the came before him, it could only be referring back to Adam and Hawah’ s indiscretion. Which by the way are the other scenes in that movie which they depicted so cleverly with the first couple, in their “Light-bodies”, “killing” the “living-fruit” of that tree which was clearly meant to resemble a beating heart to depict LIFE and the DEATH of that LIFE by their hand which was of course the breaking of the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement, which was later re-established with Noah using that same snakes skin. Once we couple the ritual use of the snakeskin “Tefillin” with the true 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement that all souls fell from, what else could it be? 

Additionally, the later Shelanite cult continued using it but using “other” animal skin/leather for the updated Tefillah, and as usual, teaching it from their skewed, ORAL LAW point of origin. MEANING, they site the Exodus and Deuteronomy texts of LAW in connection to the Tefillin ritual, BUT they taught it within the confines of the WRONG Law! Citing the ritual as only a remembrance of the 1st Exodus event and not in connection with the far more important recollection of the giant FALL from the Eternal Creators original, Everlasting Agreement law! As always – 180 degrees opposite of the truth! 

Now, if you know what we know, that there are TWO laws, and that the original 1st law has always been primary to the ultimate RETURN and salvation of souls, and then read the four texts in the entire Torah that elude to what Noah was doing in that movie with the snakeskin, and as I described it above to mean, then you will see that the movie version of the origin of Shel-Yad TefillinArm wrap – is the correct understanding. It was always meant to be a remembrance ritual of our light bodies having their Light, wrapped over and covered with skin. The result being Genesis 2 and the creation of these Trinity-6 bodies in which our souls are continually trapped. Or, as they call it – Everlasting Life! 

The command for the Tefillah is mentioned four times in the Torah, But always in connection to the 2nd law and later additional Oral Laws, and as a recollection to the first Exodus. Additionally, they subtly changed how they identify and station of the Yehovah entity was to be understood. NOT as the master or “Elohim-mighty one” over this creation space, but they cast him as the Prime Eternal Creator in lieu of AHEEYEH.

That understood, as we read the following, or any Torah texts, we should understand that it was the mighty one Yehovah, with I am sure the aid of other Malakim who strong-armed them out of Egypt. 

Exo 13:9 “And it will be for a sign for you upon your hand, and for a memorial between your eyes – [Remembrance], that the law of YHVH may be in your mouth; for with a strong hand did Yehovah bring you out of Egypt.”

Exo 13:16 “And it will be for a sign upon your hand, and as totafot [Remembrance] between your eyes; for with a mighty hand did Yehovah bring us out of Egypt”. 

Deut 6:8 “And you will bind them as a sign upon your arm, and they will be as totafot [Remembrance] between your eyes.” 

Deut 11:18 “You will put these words of mine on your heart and on your soul, and you will bind them for a sign upon your arm, and they will be as totafot [Remembrance] between your eyes”. 

Now, we, Karaites and now Yehshrun do not take these commands literally, or at least not usually. Because my correct ancient understanding of the Forehead and the hand is; that the hand is the work, I do from the HEAD which is what I know to be true. And in most Torah cases this is exactly what this Head & Hand phrase is referring to. As in – My law will be a MARK on your forehead and Right hand. 

However, in these cases that they took from the Exodus event and commands therein, we were supposed to understand them from the point of view of the 1st law that was now “reiterated” to Moshe on Mt. Horeb and again reinstated upon the earth just prior to this Exodus event, THROUGH Moshe. 

Meaning, the command was also designed to make them do this on the arm for the remembrance between the eyes of our fall from that same 1st law from the first couple. 

‘that Noah depicted the snake skins use around the arm during certain prayer rituals as a prop of remembrance back to that fall, and of their/our light being WRAPPED and COVERED - in skin’. 

The whole “between the eye’s” thing was later taken way out of context by the Shelanite cult, with them adding those Black Cube (Kabah) boxes on their heads. This box is most certainly of Babylonian influence and not at all derived from an ancient Hebrew text or ancient Hebrew culture. 

Gen 3:7 “And the eyes of both of them were opened, and they knew that they were naked. And they sewed leaves of the fig tree, and made girdles for themselves.”   

At this point, the nakedness that these living souls experienced was the immediate understanding that they just separated themselves from their Creator, i.e. no longer covered! This is not a representation of a physical naked body, as they/we were not physical beings at that time.   

Gen 3:21 “And Yehovah elohim made covers of skin for the man and his woman and covered them.” 

The corrected and most telling literal translation from the Hebrew of the Gen 3:21 verse above proves what I am saying here –  

“To Adam and his woman, Yehovah elohim covered their light, wrapping them.” (Asher Literal translation) 

The Hebrew word for light is (ore). It is absolutely specific to mean and depict (any source or entity which generates and emits light), like a star, a candle, or in this case the living-soul still in its original plasma light-body form.  

Remembering, that the later manipulated texts with their added allegories’ of only two physical body humans falling away by eating apples, is not nearly an accurate depiction.  It is more accurately understood from the greater Genesis context that the Adams’ and Eves’ referred to here and being the multitude of souls already present there at that time, were not only two! All living-souls existing in Eden in our original light-bodies. Moreover, and quite, unfortunately, by their/our consenting to a deceiver’s voice and direction to usurp the free will of another, our Light was covered, in skin! 

Meaning - the physical body which was made “in their image” was the vessel produced to house our living-soul by adverse possession due to our consent to breaking from the original, 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement! 

Our action, or sin as it were, was the usurpation of the free will of another sentient entity, namely the animals that they also created here in order to facilitate this destruction.  We failed that test miserably, with most of us continuing to fail that same test daily ever since. The complete loss of any “remembrance.” 

The movie most assuredly depicted the most original meaning and use of the Tefillah skin, and looking at it, this leaves us with a very powerful and sobering understanding which has obviously been lost to time.



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  • SamyazaTheWatcher

    That’s an interesting thing to say, about how Adam and Eves soul bodies were covered in skin after they sinned. It’s like in the movie where the Angels/Watchers are given bodies of rock after they disobey the Creator and sinned.

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