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The EVENT - The PLOT - Seeing 20/20 in 2020


 Is it the Greater Exodus or a Delusion?



This commentary is based on the following video presentation (below).

  • 4 Concentric rings of land and water – Although I have spoken and seemed to agree with this concentric ring idea as given by the Cosmic Egg universe theory, and although I can see how it would work, I have always had a slight issue with it, although I have been trying to work within it after understanding that the many constellations we see in our sky and planets are there to rule those other Creation rings as our 12 rule ours. I still keep feeling like there is something missing here, but possibly my issue is with the unknown scale of the other, outer rings, which would have to be nearly incomprehensibly enormous if our perception of the distance to the other outer planets and stars is any measure of it, which is why my flower of life hypothesis makes so much more sense to me as being the overall, creation building platform. Especially when we see that virtually everything within our creation-space is all created down to the smallest detail in the exact same way, with the Fibonacci spiral marking the creator throughout His creation. All perfectly symmetrical, with possibly the exception of these alleged concentric circle civilizations. Or, does the Fibonacci Spiral also fit over the top of these concentric rings? Maybe these concentric rings are not as perfectly circular as many believe they are. Maybe they follow the Fibonacci Spiral as well. Making them both symmetrical and offset at the same time. Something like this:


  • My Flower of Life hypothesis – Many should recall my older blog article titled - Flat Earth- Ultimate Proof God Exists! In that article, I went a long way to detail how I tend to believe all creation-spaces are constructed. What I found odd in the video presentation (20/20 The Construct of Reality), was that they detailed an entire process of 24,000-year cycles of creation expansion into these concentric rings, but at the end of the video they blatantly used my Flower of Life hypothesis with the overlay of sacred geometry, which is also how I depicted it originally. My question is, which is it? Are they trying to show people that our creations are constructed of two small medallions and two larger, but narrow bands of ocean, land, and sky surrounding them? Or is it the Flower of Life hypothesis? The video left me confused on those points. 

  • Time and Concentric circlesThis 20/20 video establishes that all time and all calendar systems were and are based in a circular and repeating pattern, which of course appears to be true. However, as they go through this video, we can see them slowly building to the age-old lie of this system being a benevolent system for all souls. More on that later, for now, the only point I want to stress here is that TIME, in and of itself is a prison - A Cyclic prison. Does “time” free you up or restrain your life? For instance, when we say while on some extended vacation and finally relaxing in freedom – “Ahhh…I have all the time in the world…” Does that sound like a statement or intention that we believe “time” as being a point of freedom, or restraining? Why do we need to know or plan our days around “times?”

  • Answer: Because we have been made to be slaves of many false control narrative systems which RESTRAIN us! 

  • And all of those systems dictate times! Times to show up, times to leave, times to eat and times to return to slave work, and times to pay into the system, times to pay taxes, times to pay fines, times to pay tuitions, etc. So, if you believe that concentric circles that revolve around the restraining of “time” to be a benevolent system of freedom, you are really not paying attention. Our living-souls are meant to be free of all restraints other than the 1st law which is the antithesis of literally everything evil one can do. We are meant to be out there, free-ranging living souls moving in a linear motion with no end and in all directions. NOT captured within a cyclical, snow-globe creation space like Sea Monkeys. I took all of the available historical information that is not hidden yet, as well as the most credible, non-mainstream science from highly accredited sources and a ton of other data into deep consideration prior to writing Soul Revolution; and I believe given my background and ability to compile, collate and sort through so many genres of data without losing sight of anything useful, while at the same time keeping an open mind about falling into one of the many dogmatic holes out there, that SR is the best overall explanation of where we are, WHY we are, WHO we are, WHERE we came from, WHO captured us and WHY, and most important, HOW to get the hell out. Which is yet another proof that I am correct on these points – Because if this was such a benevolent system for all souls to reside in forever and ever, etc., as many would have us believe, then why would there be such a concrete and provable method of how to get out and return back to where our living souls came from in the first place? Hmmm….. 

WHY doesn’t anyone ever ask those obviously simple questions when they consider these intricate creation theories. Because KNOWLEDGE and DATA is NOT Wisdom

  • The Polareans – Master-Root-Race – The Polarean- creators? So, which is real? Which one contains more truth? That these alleged “Polareans” exist as AHEEYEH created beings who work here as “guardians” like these 20/20 guys are saying? Which by the way completely reduces virtually every word of Hebrew and other cultures prophecies to dust, rendering them meaningless. OR, is the greater preponderance of cultural, historical, archeological and Hebrew Prophetic data painting us the clearer story here? Which would also be why those powers that be worked so long to change the texts and teachings of them. The data that I compiled within the Soul Revolution, Beacon-Seed and Asher Codex books goes a long way to painting the picture that clearly contradicts this idea of some "Righteous Guardians" watching over a system that brings people/souls from horrifically negative and destructive “ages” and into highly positive and productive ages filled with love, peace and Pucca beads, only to be dumped back down to the very bottom of the worst possible age at the end of these alleged “golden ages" as being some benevolent "Soul school."  With NO ONE getting out? Only to remain CAPTURED by their cyclic time and space continuum, forever? Sure, all of these people like these 20/20 guys that are attempting to understand the greater system here always allege an end date and time of completeness and all that New Age jive, but who has shown any proof of that time? More importantly, who has explained the HOW, and WHY the HOW matters for getting out of this place? Nope! Not a word, ever. Just all the alleged mechanics of the place, but never the true reason for WHY the living souls of AHEEYEH are here, and HOW they can get out. Sure, we all know there have been many religious distortions of HOW we get out; problem is, the massive and extensive mountain of Near-Death and Past Life Regression data also goes a long way to proving that most do not get out. Which of course aligns perfectly with all of the prophecies and the words of Prophets like Yehshua who plainly explained how most would not get out until some forced end-time event to save the souls here from total extinction or permanent capture. And not one single word about some green gas-shockwave from the North. Why not one word of that event? Sure seems like the event of all events, but the Hebrew prophets remain totally quiet on this?  And do I really give a crap about what the pagan South American cultures had to say about any of this? Or any other seriously pagan culture?  We can only go by the data provided to us. And all of that data regardless of its implied importance must come from a source who both received and kept the undeniable law of the universe, which is the so-called Golden Rule, which we know to be the 1st law of free will as outwardly expressed by the Eternal Creator's Everlasting Agreement. And to my knowledge, the Mayan’s never came close to filling those shoes. I realize some of the Buddhists and Indian countries have, along with portions of the Hebrew’s, but that is it as far as I can tell. So for us, we must wield the Everlasting Agreement like Micha’el’ s Imperium steel sword against all theories of this nature. Because if it doesn’t last standing against that universal and proven Agreement of Life, then it’s false. 

  • The Galactic Alignment and ShiftTHE EVENT! When we all get to see 20/20: OK, I do find this portion quite interesting, mainly because it reminds me of other information, like the plasma storm of total annihilation to come at this exact same timing soon, with the only survivors being those who tied themselves to rocks like lambs for sacrifice. Others as we saw last month predict this event happening in August of 2019 if I recall, but they understand it to be a totally benevolent event for mankind.

Their explanation of the SON/SUN’s death and resurrection is one I have heard before, and I do like it, but I tend to believe there will be something far worse that may come at that time.

Three days of darkness. We all know the prophecies attributed to this idea. And as I have taught for a lifetime now, that prophetically we are told to remain inside of our dwellings for that time and until the indignations PASS-OVER. Will THIS be the event to hide from and wait for its passing? According to these guys and others, it is not. They say we should embrace it, be outside in it. Breathe it all in!

Truthfully, I cannot advise anyone on that. These will have to be personal choices. For me, I can only go by what I know I have proven. And all things must align themselves with the only perfect law "of life" that I know. If the Father intends on sending Elijeh to us for directions on these matters before they happen, yes, that would be greatly appreciated and take all the guesswork out of it.

  • The Event’s Green Mist – A radioactive green mist that will activate dormant DNA (in a positive way of course), and upon ONLY those people who do NOT have heavy metals in their bodies? Then, these video commentators go on to stipulate specifically that - those who have been vaccinated and those who have iron in them from eating meat will either be affected in a positive way, or adversely affected but didn’t say just “how”, adversely affected. Which then means virtually all females will die off or whatever happens to those who have “iron” in them. Not to mention that by this understanding, and without direct angelic intervention, the Chem-Trails have all but guaranteed that everything that lives, absorbs or breaths air will have heavy metals and who knows what else in them already. So, to me, none of that information is helpful. I was, however, amazed that they hit on the meat-eating aspect of it and connected that with NOT being one of the “DNA upgrade-chosen”, but he either completely misunderstands why those who live by the Everlasting Agreement won’t be negatively affected, or they are purposely misdirecting everyone. Either way, buy his estimation, between vaccinations, meat eating and chemtrails there won’t be anyone left. So again, as always there is far more left out in all this than provided. 

  • The Pilgrimage North to Eden – Well, this one threw me initially. But I can assure everyone, that no one is getting back into Eden if they have not been earnestly living the Everlasting Agreement for more than two minutes or one weeks’ time. And if this part has any truth to it, this better be THE Greater Exodus as prophesied because this trek across miles of frozen tundra and huge mountain ranges won’t happen without divine intervention. He does say that the only people who would be allowed into that higher frequency realm "circle" at that time, would be people/souls who have already been vibrating at a higher frequency, i.e. ahead of their time compared to the majority of others from their former creation-space-ring. As far as I have been able to discern in so many years of concentrated study, I have known only one single way for anyone’s consciousness to be so elevated, and that comes through His Everlasting Agreement. Just having kind thoughts or creating in yourself some faux feeling of Oneness or Tranquility, etc., is NOT the elevation required to Return to our original estate. Only Action and the unwavering Belief of said action in the 1st law will cleanse a persons Trinity-6 body and soul to that extent and elevation. I'm just not sold that heavy metals play into all that.

  • The 7 Trumpets – I find this theory quite interesting and it is also falling on the same timing as we saw from that article sent to me from Dr. Wong which also spoke of this Galactic Event to occur in 2019. But I could swear they said August 21st of 2019. The timing from 2012 does appear to fit. 

  • Remember, remember the 16th of Nov – I swear, Montana must reside in some protected space or realm because we never get to see any of these phenomena that others see. I’m not sure if this one had any significance, or if any of you saw it, but if you did let me know what you witnessed. 

  • Creators in quality, but not quantity – Here in this last section of their video, saying specifically that the Creator is a Macro-Soul-Energy source and that we are that Creator sources Micro-Soul-Energy mini-creator forces comes straight out of my work. That we will eventually be singing the same frequency, the same song and finally be ONE. Problem is, ONE is how we started out and left, so they are not exactly accurate in that determination. We are collectively fragmented and being kept that way by the controllers – Archons – Fallen ones – Polareans? 

  • Growth and Harmony – At the end, they speak of a greater growth to the harmony that mankind needs to achieve before we can all be one. On that we agree, however again, in this massive system of false control narratives and controlled memory loss after death and rebirth, no growth or harmony will ever be reached by anyone through the confines of this cyclic soul prison system. Again, I refer anyone who has not yet read Soul Revolution to do so.  

  • Only Travelers"With many more lives to live, experiences and growth to be had and ROLES to be played on this journey before harmony can be had. That we are just visitors to this time and place, ACTING out various roles and characters, with some of us being directed by various scripts and programs, OR, scriptures." He says that they (the video producers) have decided to LOSE the PLOT, rather than follow it. This I can understand and maybe I am misunderstanding how they understand this, loss of the plot, but how can the protection of all free will and sentience itself be a plot worth losing? The Everlasting Agreement is NOT “a plot”, or a religious dogma, the Everlasting Agreement IS THE ENTIRE PLOT! And no soul will move on to the “original” stage of our experience if they continue to ignore that plot, or intentionally leave it behind like some unneeded baggage.   

In summation; I have to say that I do like these guys, and as many of you have identified and expressed to me after watching their commentaries, that they sure seem to have gleaned much of their understanding and even some highly specific ideas from my own work, which is great, to me it still seems like they are missing some important key points. Either way, it is all worth considering and committing to memory. 



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