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Discovering the Mystery of the 3-6-9 of Creation!


I believe that I cracked the code!

Next question is, how does that help us?


"If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe."

                                                                                               – Nikola Tesla


If you recall, I recently posted a blog showing some new product tag from the Nike company that openly depicts the ancient sign of the Egyptian Pyramid mystery school, and coupled to what appears to be the sign of the eye of Horus, neither of which separately or together in one logo should be odd or alarming, we have all seen both many times.

However, this would be the first time that I am seeing these two pictures connected to the mystery of the 3-6 & 9. So, today, after being allowed to see what the 3-6 & 9 means and how we can now SEE it depicted and connected via this young man, Martin Kenny's fantastic flat-earth model overview in the video's below, and although he never touches on the mystery of the 3-6 & 9 himself in his presentation specifically, I then remembered this Nike logo. Now I want to take another look at this logo because most definitely, someone is sending the world a message. For good or for evil I have no clue yet.

I don't believe that I have to convince anyone that the pyramid and the eye of Horus or Ra have been the mainstay logos of the various occult schools and control mechanisms within this creation-space. But, now it appears they have taken their control status to a new level, for me anyway, with the addition of the 3 -6 and 9 representation, and this is why I believe that this may be some kind of proclamation from one side or the other. 

What I was finally able to see so clearly for the first time, after decades of periodic contemplation and searching on this subject of the 3-6-9 after Teslas quote, which to me seemed more like a challenge, and now what all of you will be able to see within Martin Kenny's working model presentation of the overall, Cosmic Egg theory, is that the entirety of this and most likely all other "creation-space" creations are represented in their parts in Three's - Sixes and Nines! And culminating in 12! 

Allow me to backtrack a bit to the correcting phase of the Creator's calendar as provided by the prophet Enoch which we have all been restructuring in the last weeks. While acquiring the revised data on the calendar and vetting it, at the same time I have been spending time outside all hours of the night sighting the month's correct constellation. Attempting to learn it all better by seeing it before trying to pass it on. While doing this, I was initially very frustrated for several reasons as I have pointed out in previous emails to everyone. However, the one issue that I found most vexing was the sheer amount of stars and constellations up there. I began speaking aloud while out there frustrated with myself, and asking why all these others stars are needed at all if we are only to use the 12? Stars, alleged planets and moons, small and large constellations to my far right in the sky and far left, just why? No answer on that one of course, until now. 

When you watch this mans outstanding presentation with a show & tell the model, pay close attention to HOW MANY of each thing, part or section there is among the parts of the whole as he goes. Everything within this creation-space is fabricated on threes, sixes, and nines. Culminating in the 12!

The answer to that came to me was this; that within all creation ring layers - 3 in all - that in this FE creation space, from us in the middle - (Midgard) - AKA - (Atlantica) to the next OUTER-ring creation space, and to the next, larger SPACE outside of that one, that each creation-space-ring MUST have its own set of specific constellations directly above them just as our 12 are seen from our perspective to be directly above for us, and the governance of the  signs, seasons, days and years. 

"And The Eternal said: 'Let exist lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days and years; 1917 Tanak

So then, as I have seen this now, each creation ring has their own specific set of constellation "signs" to govern the exact same things as ours do. My guess is, each ring has 12 constellations dedicated to its governance. 12x12x12=36 or 3&6. With 3 & 6 being multiples of both 12 and 36.

And everyone living in those other two creation-space rings views our set of constellations, and our sun and our moon from their specific location and perspective. They DO NOT see our sun as a "sun" like we do, as they are too far away from it, and the same with our moon. Just as we do NOT see their moon and sun as a moon or a sun as we perceive ours to be, etc. This will all become clear when you go through this young man's videos. 

THREE (3) Creation spaces separated by Ice or mountain rings; each having two main governing bodies - a Sun & Moon = 2+2+2=6 - - sets of 2=6 And by applying the Pythagorean Skein - 3+6=9 and so on.

 Additionally, if the Creator's creation process does NOT change, then as well each of the three creation rings will also have 9 planets associated with it - (9) - As well, within Mr. Martin Kenny's model presentation you will see the three, six and nine represented in other parts, but just these parts as previously described prove to me beyond doubt that this is at least the beginning of the creation mystery as represented by these three numbers.

Of course, there are other very intelligent people who believe they have broken the numbers code in association with this 3-6-9 mystery as laid out by Tesla, and they may also be correct in the relations that they see. What they are presenting may be the next level of understanding for sure. In my mind, there must be additional levels of understanding and wisdom to this model because just knowing the "parts" that the 3-6 & 9 represent as being parts of the overall creation, in no way provided me with the "key" to the universe as Tesla appears to be goading us to find in code. Not that I have noticed yet, but maybe that "key" will also come my way. Although another point of view as pointed out to me by a close friend was, that just knowing the overall 3-6-9 creation model and having its proof of where we are and what else exists overall, might be tantamount to having the complete key. Because in this physical realm, what could be bigger than knowing, and being able to picture in one's mind the entirety of our creation-space when all the masses throughout all time have been provided only lies about the same. Good points for sure.

HERE is another website article with a great video where they believe they have broken some of the mathematical wisdom of the 3-6-9:


 BEFORE moving on to these three videos, I want to dissect this Nike label logo again with all this in mind now. 

 Forget the idea of the genetic, Hittite eye occlusion as I theorized in the previous blog article. When you watch the video on this "Cosmic Egg" theory presentation with the included flat-earth model, I now believe that what we are being cleverly shown, in this Nike image, to be the flat earth model in the middle of the greater egg or protective shield that separates all the parts of this created space from the waters above and below. THIS, will also become clear when you watch his presentation in full.

(Note: In the Nike image the flat earth circles are technically rotated 90 degrees out of synch with the egg's shape - Meaning, the earth circle should be on edge from our perspective looking at the entire creation - bubble, egg, etc. - as we are here from the outside). This will all be made apparent when watching the videos.

For now, let's spin this picture 90 degrees to the right, which will now put the #3 in the 3:00 position. Do we not now see the flat earth within the middle of the "cosmic egg shield" as Mr. Kenny's model depicts it in the videos? Come back and look at this picture again later after watching the first video.

For now, look again at what I initially believed could represent that eye, pupil occlusion. Look close, the shadows seem to fall in such a way that it appears more like a small pyramid shape. Which on this foam/textile medium would not have come out to have sharp corners or edges on this tag. But upon closer inspection I do believe it to be a small pyramid, but why? 

Now look at its relative position within the Atlantica flat earth circle, and keep in mind that this is a fairly undetailed tag logo. Can we now agree that it appears they have tried to position that pyramid either under the ocean and right up against our Antarctic ice-containment-ring? Or, even on the ice-ring where we now know ancient pyramids exist? 

The upper & Lower Creation Power level, lines:

Now, look at the separation lines at the very top of the overall eye shape and at the very bottom as I highlighted in the following picture. 

When you watch Martin Kenny's presentation you will clearly see these two, upper and lower power section lines depicted. You will come to see that these areas are high and low creational, levels and separated areas. The top area understood as AHEEYEH or the power thereof, and the lower area known as hell or the negative creative force. You will also see these two areas in his model as (3) sections each = (6). Regardless, we see them depicted here in this logo for seemingly no good reason. 


Another amazing part of this FE model is how all of the ancient cultures believed they knew that there are actually two identical, but opposing creation spaces hanging out there in the middle of the egg-shield. And, that all three creation-rings are slightly stepped down from the middle ring. Martin Kenny makes a great assumption here that this knowledge of a stepped, multi-tier creation, which all of the ancients had, is why they all built their pyramids in steps. I would have to strenuously agree with that hypothesis and add; 

 The hypothesis is, and how I presented it in Soul Revolution, that the souls with us today and through time and memorial are currently residing on the lower - fallen - creation space. That we began our lives above, and as I have always taught, that we souls, while still in our Light-Body's, consented to another voice to hear another law and chose against the 1st law, which we most certainly must have known, and are now for a time relegated to "below" while having our Light covered with skins!

With our only way back to the "above" and out of these Trinity-6 bodies, is to get back in direct and full connection with the Aheeyeh force while here, and then back, or, retransformed into our original light bodies again. And, to do this we must RE-consent to choosing the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement while down here. 

And maybe that's all it really is! Maybe, like all truth, this truth, or, Key-Creation-Knowledge, is just as simple and easy to see once allowed access to it. To know beyond any doubt that we are within a highly detailed and amazingly created space which has in it the ability for us to choose Good & Life or Evil & Death. And depending on that choice, you have chosen where to spend most of your time. And, as I continue to show, you can also choose otherwise again - TO TESHUVAH! The dark forces chose their side, and possibly, this mirror image - "below" -  place was all their doing, but allowed to exist because of our free will choice to be here - We CHOSE to ALLOW it! And, as I have also taught; that once most or all of us decide to choose wisely again, the dark forces will cease to exist here. Possibly relegated back to the depths of the yet unknown Abyss which is outside the Egg-shield. Until then, and as we can all see and attest to by merely experiencing this life, their forces work feverishly to keep us here because their entire eternal existence now hangs on us doing so, along with our continued compliance with their many false control narratives of negativity. Yet, in each cycle here, in all generations, we SEE and HEAR His original truth again and CHOOSE to leave on an individual basis. While the rest of the souls begin again and again as Archonian chum. Locked in their soul-recycling program and keeping them alive. In this "Below" creation, souls are recycled to "live forever in eternal life!" While in the "Above" creation we are Aheeyeh-Ashar-Aheeyeh! Which in the Hebrew equals - 12! Spelled out using (3) words!

We live and we live, forever!

If you listen closely to this young man you will hear exact words and phrases concerning out of the box ideas or observations that I have expressed in my books and on radio shows, and to my knowledge I have not taught this man directly, but it does appear he has gleaned from me, which is great because he really ran with it.

You will hear him express very specific ideas which I have taught all of you, like, the understanding of how to understand the controllers when they tell us something - - Remember - "Semantics", like when I advised, that when the controllers speak about "outer-space", that they are never speaking about the alleged vacuum of space, but, that already having this hidden knowledge about the other creational levels, that the controllers are actually speaking about the SPACE that resides outside of our Ice-Containment-Ring. He states exactly this verbatim in the second video.

As well, and as I have, he also expresses that no planets exist out there as the controllers have taught us. Additionally, I am the only person I have ever heard hypothesize that our entire "earth" under its dome, which is also underwater above and below, to be, in the literal sense, THE Atlantis, or, as I have called it for many years - Atlantica.

For some time I have been expressing that people should stop looking for another place called Atlantis somewhere ON the earth because we are standing on some of it presently. This young man says exactly the same thing. I bring these points up not to boast, but to express that I believe what he is depicting is well worth everyone's time to learn, and I DO NOT say that often.

Martin Kenny also gets into hypothesizing how "Atlantis" may have been the capital city of Atlantica, which, as ancient cultures speculate, had a giant pyramid at its center with their sun sitting directly atop of that pyramid. Possibly that "sun" which he also shows remaining today as one of our 9 planets from our falsified perspective far away from it, may have fed that subterranean area/city through that pyramid structure.

AND, that all the stories told about "Atlantis" sinking, are actually speaking to an event that caused that giant pyramid to collapse. I would continue that hypothesis by saying that their sun, may NOT have been a "sun" as we see and feel our sun today, but some other type of radiated energy in which that pyramid absorbed and relayed out to their city as usable energy from the bottom side. With that ancient "sun" only now seen to us as another alleged "planet." 

This ancient story and picture of that pyramid and the "sun" which powered that capital city as Martin Kenny is depicting may be seen today in our imaginations as a pyramid with an open bottom to allow that energy to be transmitted onward. 

Funny thing is, that in the highly acclaimed and highest rated Sci-Fi series ever produced - Stargate SG-1 - appears to be shoving their SG-1 Team patch logo and this specific idea directly in our faces.  HERE is that logo! 

The picture above to our knowledge is a non-copyrighted image and placed here for critical teaching and scholarship demonstration purposes only. 





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