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Seeing through the veil — Flat earth


Discovering the Mystery of the 3-6-9 of Creation!

I was finally able to see so clearly for the first time, after decades of periodic contemplation and searching on this subject of the 3-6-9 after Teslas quote, which to me seemed more like a challenge, and now what all of you will be able to see within Martin Kenny's working model presentation of the overall, Cosmic Egg theory, is that the entirety of this and most likely all other "creation-space" creations are represented in their parts in Three's - Sixes and Nines! And culminating in 12! 

The Dark-Web A.I & Satan Connection

Want something interesting to read with your morning coffee? I read a leaked classified (apparently) paper that was on the dark web last night in a dark corner I found. And try to wrap your heads around this; How long has all this truly been going on? 2000yrs? 5000? 10,000? No, most likely not even nearly that long for us. You only recall your own short life to this point, and those few older than you recall back to their beginnings, and maybe there are still some older than that who recall theirs. That is only 3 to 4 generations at most.