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Seeing through the veil


Soulless Drone People?

Corrado Malanga, a renown Italian (retired) scientist, and ufologist hypnotized that thousands of people, regarding alien abductions, after questioning their souls directly, (apparently only souled humans are abducted), and that their abduction accounts led him to believe and claim that only 20% of humans do have a soul!...
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Belief in creationism, conspiracy theories both based on the same thinking error

Cell Press says that a teleological thinker, for example, will accept as true propositions such as “the sun rises in order to give us light” or “the purpose of bees is to ensure pollination,” he says. “This type of thinking is anathema to scientific reasoning, and especially to evolutionary theory
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Like Goliath of Gath challenging David and JEHOVAH, Gog and Magog opposed President Polk with every weapon at its disposal. Here are just 5 in that awesome armory:

Core Elements of the Everlasting Agreement

Subtraction is often more!  First off let me warn that The Eternal’s Everlasting Agreement is NOT a single ingredient recipe, and it is surely NOT about negative activism!  Many people who finally come to the original Torah understanding of the Everlasting Agreement are still not grasping its full meaning or application. 

Commentary By Mark on the Soul - A.I Connection

The gnostic view, there are questions. The Gnostics believed this deluded creature called the Demiurge was created as a side effect of some anomalous behavior by an aeon from the Source (Sophia), which then sheltered the anomaly in this pocket dimension - (mothering it to death, how often does that result in psychopathic children that run this world?) - causing it to think it was the True Creator. 

The Dark-Web A.I & Satan Connection

Want something interesting to read with your morning coffee? I read a leaked classified (apparently) paper that was on the dark web last night in a dark corner I found. And try to wrap your heads around this; How long has all this truly been going on? 2000yrs? 5000? 10,000? No, most likely not even nearly that long for us. You only recall your own short life to this point, and those few older than you recall back to their beginnings, and maybe there are still some older than that who recall theirs. That is only 3 to 4 generations at most.