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Water Levitating - Clemson University Tests


Trinity-6 Body destroyed by Higher Frequencies!

I found this test very interesting, but not for the obvious reasons. 

THINK about the transcendence of the human condition (certain people) to a higher and higher frequency condition; while at the same time our SOULS which are aided and expanded by the higher frequencies, but, at the same time our mostly WATER, Trinity-6 bodies are destroyed by those same higher frequencies as we see proven here by this test. 

GOOD PEOPLE DIE YOUNG!   Why? Is it because as their frequency gains modulation and perfects their soul, but at the same time those same frequency gains also prematurely destroy the Trinity-6 WATER-body?  Thus, they die younger. Just a theory, but interesting.  

Maybe then, the gain in frequency eventually causes the WATER-BODY to eject, leaving only the living-soul behind intact. And possibly leaving the soul here, in the same place as we see written in the prophets and also stated by Yehshua. AS IT WAS IN THE DAYS OF ADAM. 



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