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Rockefeller University Study says Genesis Story is Accurate


Jeanson, Ph.D. from Harvard - The research focused on mitochondrial DNA and proves a conflict with evolutionary theory.

"WND reported over the weekend the sweeping survey of the genetic code by the Rockefeller University and the University of Basel, Switzerland. 

"Nathaniel T. Jeanson, an expert in cell and developmental biology pointed out the research revealed, “the vast majority of animal species arose contemporary with modern humans.”

SA NOTE: The 6000-year reset hypothesis is interesting to me. The Prophets state that there will be a "Renewed" heavens & earth, along with ample evidence as I have pointed out in my books that a certain and specific "people" will be allowed to remain in that renewed location while the majority will not. So, one has to wonder if this 6000-year period is the specified sifting period for all souls - Wheat & Tares, etc. 

Equally interesting is that this all has to do with genetics again. However, something that I do not believe most people realize yet, is that genetics goes far deeper than that which we have generally been allowed to understand. Take my Beacon-Seed understanding and apply it here. Add to that how those OF the Beacon-Seed got that way; or more accurately, RETURNED to that way through the 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement. Now add to that the modern scientific evidence which has yet again proven the past, showing us that when a person - from their UN-clean state - abandons the UN-clean practice of consuming anything killed, that their cells literally begin to change, as does their DNA. They change from one STATE to another. They change from a state in which the Eternal Creator cannot SEE or HEAR them as I have clearly proven to be the case through the prophets, back to their souls' original state where the Eternal One CAN hear, see and communicate directly with them. I liken the blood from those things killed and consumed to be the FUEL that powers the DNA based Soul-Firewall within the human physicality - which I call the Trinity-6 body. 

Something like a wave, or a Flood maybe - (As it was in the days....?) that comes and "Passes Over" at its appointed interval and easily washes away all those tainted Trinity-6 bodies, but leaves the others untouched by it. Again, just as the prophets foretell it to occur without so much detail. Some kind of wave that easily differentiates between Firewalled souls and the Upright souls. I think of this process to be like using an old EtchaSketch, where there are many lines and dots drawn on the board, but giving it one big shake as you tilt it back and forth only removes the majority of lines and dots, but tends to leave a small percentage untouched in that first big pass. Usually taking several more passes, shaking the board vertically and upside-down to remove that remnant. A remnant that evidently earned their place on the board. 

This must be why we have the sporadic data in the Tanak and the Christian NT along with other ancient texts that all elude to a future event where certain few will have their Trinity-6 bodies dissolved away to again reveal our original Light-Body's. Along with the resurrection of those long dead to the same "renewed" state. Because they all, through one lifetime or another earned their place on the board. 

So then, now the timing of this "event" has me wondering, since "timing" via specific times and seasons has always appeared to play an important role in the Creators actions. Which again, makes perfect sense as to why our/His enemies would choose "times & seasons/dates, etc" as specific targets to manipulate. Can this be why our calendar needed to be reestablished and corrected? Does it make sense to think about how they later changed the "Pass-Over" date from the day prior to our New years day-1, and over to the 14th day of that same month? (See calendar pg here)






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