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Truthful Emerging Science Proving DNA Coupled to Vegetation & Bio-organisms


 Kingdom Communication!

Had I not taught for years and finally published the books - The Land of Meat & Honey and Soul Revolution in past years and prior to emerging science and articles such as this one, you would believe I based my conclusions on their work. 

This article was sent to me this week and is nothing less than fantastic in its findings and scope. Also nothing less than hard proof of the ancient concepts I brought forward in my books. 

I remain amazed at how quickly this ages enlightenment flash is moving and gaining speed by the day, and science like this only enforces that pace and those of us driving it forward. I would highly suggest going to the site and reading the entire article. I would also suggest reposting it. 

I will also suggest that everyone reading this at least go to this article's site and make a post at the bottom of it for my LMH book leaving this AHLCglobal sales page link (below) in those posts so others who are stuck in their religious stupors over eating the animals may decide to read it. 



“A new inter-kingdom communication concept in the field of circulating miRNAs is emerging, that is represented by the regulation of human mRNAs by exogenous miRNAs (or xenomiRs) that are most likely absorbed when food is ingested [58]. Exogenous miRNAs from vegetal origin are very stable and bioavailable even after extensive cooking [59]. Therefore, as circulating miRNAs are generally contained in microvesicles, why not assume that plants and vegetables also may contribute with their ‘vesicles’ to inter-kingdom communication?”

"In other words, our genome is not only deeply affected by the microbiome via microRNAs and ‘cross-talk’ between them, but food itself forms an essential part of this structure, connecting us in our species definition to the entire biosphere via all the plants, animals, fungi that we use as food. As I have discussed in previous articles, food contains miRNAs that are packaged in microvesicles known as exosomes, and which have been found to survive digestion and cooking, enter into systemic circulation within us, and affect gene expression. The implications of this are revolutionary insofar as we can start to understand that food is more than just medicine, but that essential governing part of our health that also provides genetic and epigenomic stability to our species. That’s one reason why the absence of certain foods in our diet have at least as much to do with information deficiency as it does mineral and nutrient deficiency, and why we have focused on spreading awareness on the fact that food is a source of gene-regulatory information before anything else. This also means that GMO foods can dramatically alter (and disrupt) our gene expression in a way that risk assessments presently do not explore."

"The authors of this provocative paper summarize their findings as such:

“In conclusion, we are inclined to imagine the Vitruvian man by Leonardo da Vinci (Figure 4) as the new ‘holobiont’ who is connected to multifaceted kingdoms that interact with him in a feed-forward/feed-back cycle for the purpose of maintaining a universal ‘homeostasis’ and, ultimately, contributing to sustaining the complex network of Life.”

A Metaorganism: the Holobiont

What is this “new holobiont of which they speak? Consider the traditional holobiont concept which introduced the radical idea that humans are “ecological units,” and are best defined as being comprised of all the species which inhabit it, including the viruses, bacteria, archaea, fungi, and even other animals like helminths, as part of its microbiome. But this view did not include vegetal or animal contributions of microRNAs, represented by our food....."




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