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Israeli Defense Force Soldiers Going Vegan


 The Expanding Return of the 1st Law!

I have been shown an Israeli scholar that teaches much the same thing as I have for thirty years now. He is quite excellent, and if you listen or read carefully (subtitles in Vid-links below), you will see that he not only teaches from many of the exact same Torah & Prophetic text that I have used to prove the existence of the forgotten 1st law, but he also teaches them in the identical order as I have in my books.   

What I find outstanding is, although he is teaching the identical Everlasting Agreement without ever identifying it as Isaiah did, it is most obvious that he was more specifically sent to the Jewish state and population to teach them from points of reference that they cannot and will not argue against. Moreover, that they will be convicted by to cause this change. Exactly, in the same way, I was reared and trained specifically (looking back for some time now), to be able to confront and teach an entirely different people (mostly Christians) the same thing, but in a way that only they would accept it.

Many people have asked me why I don’t have my books also available in Hebrew and being sold in Israel. My answer is because they won’t listen to me long enough to get close to being convicted and changed. For one, I was not reared in the rabbinical orthodoxy as this scholar obviously was. With me, this then provides any Jew all the reason needed to find fault or excuse in their own minds, and dismiss what I say. Additionally, since I have not spoken Hebrew daily as a rule for many yrs now, although I can, I can no longer speak it at the required pace to teach opinionated Israelis.

What most do not know about Israeli’s and many Jews in general, is that the first casualty in Israel was patience. 😊 They all think fast and have zero patience for waiting. Not that what they think fast about is useful or truthful in these areas, just that they won't tolerate a slower burn of data. Truthfully, I am the exact same way. In my recent AHLCglobal teaching recordings I have been actively working to slow down my speech because so many of you have commented on that after listening to other interviews. Unfortunately for me, asking me to slow down the surge of info when it starts is like asking an F-1 driver to tool around in Manhattan traffic. Additionally, I am not a Sabra – (Israeli born), and thus, I am always viewed as an American which comes with additional, lowered opinions.

These things provide them with other reasons not to HEAR. Last but not least, although he and I teach having many of the same personality traits, my stronger, take no prisoners style when it comes to unveiling scribal lies is a bit too assailing for that audience, where, by comparison, the Christian audience agrees fully and embraces those points.

This scholar is smartly, and in a very Jewish way, standing there showing them the thoughts and opinions of their great and most revered scholars while at the same time hiding behind cover, saying, ‘hey, these are not my words or ideas, it’s theirs, be mad at them..’  A deflecting argument that he openly states more than once to remind those within the orthodoxy, and those who believe they are under the authority of that orthodoxy who attack his message, that the thoughts, beliefs, and words he is using as proof are coming from those they have always revered as the ultimate authority. Oppositely, in my experience, Christians could not care less what some ancient Jewish scholars thought or said, so they had to be shown the literal lying pen of the scribes and Pharaoh’sees in ways that could not be argued away by using their long-standing superstitions, misconceptions and circular logic. 

So, in answer to why I have not been compelled to translate my books into Hebrew, those are some of the reasons why I was not made to teach them. 

NOW! No communication from me would be complete without me pointing out some obvious flaws to look for. Mainly so that you don’t believe one or two of his minor points to be true and inundate me with more questions that I already provided the answers to across six books. Hint-hint…READ MORE, type less… 😊 

In his attempts to show what the ancient scholars stated about killing and eating flesh, he does run straight into a wall regarding Noach and his family upon leaving the arc. He states that “God”, ALLOWED them to kill animals and eat them because when they came out of the ark it was directly after the flood and nothing grew from the ground to eat yet. OK, now this is a PERFECT example of how one must be able to see ALL of the data from far left to right, up and down in all directions and dimensions or you will make statements like that and mislead people; or worse, appear ignorant. 

  1. Absolutely nowhere before or after that story does the Torah state that “God” provided Noach any direct or indirect instruction to kill or eat the animals. Conversely, I have shown that in the DSS version it depicts Noach making an altar and burning flowers/incense or something to that effect unto The Eternal One, and no mention of killing anything.
  2. I have also shown that it was at that exact time when the Eternal One renewed His Eternal Agreement with Noach and the creation. That cannot be or happen while murdering animals for food.
  3. I have recently shown via the original and corrected Enochian calendar timing, that Noach and the animals DID NOT leave the ark for several months AFTER it landed on Ararat. And, that when they did, it was well into spring and surely there would be enough growth for both them and the animals. AND, his argument also completely negates the possibility of some divine “growth” intervention. Which is very rabbinical by the way.
  4. His argument, via the “sages’, falls woefully short for one exceedingly obvious reason, which is; that if there was not enough growth on the ground for his small family, how could there have been enough for that many diverse animal species upon leaving the ark? The entire argument is circular.
  5. To believe that the Malakim of the Eternal One would not instruct Noach as to how much provisions to bring in order to cover them for the entire water journey and any amount of time after that before any useful vegetation grew, is again, just ignorant. But again, without having the corrected calendar, you will never be able to SEE how the entire timeline worked out for Noach.
  6. In quoting the sages, and in saying that Noach killed and ate the animals for a time; while at the same time all of the animals would have been starving to death from no useful growth based on their “sage” opinions, he states that the killing and consumption of flesh was afterward “allowed” by the Eternal One, or Yehovah respectively, to the descendants of Noach, and he even said that Noach’s sons continued in this unclean practice. However, we have Torah and other originally authoritative texts that were later removed that clearly defy this idea. ‘and after Noach died his sons returned to eating meat..’  etc. 

Jubilees 6:1-38 “…as the green herbs I have given you all to eat, but all flesh, with the soul within the blood, you will not eatfor the life of all alive is in the blood; lest your blood of your lives be required. Surely your spilled blood I will seek, your blood, wherein lives your soul; from the hand of all living, I will seek it for all the slain animals, and for the souls of all slain men. Surely, in this image, AHEYEH, did not fashion man. Thus, increase and multiply on the earth. And Noah and his sons swore that they would not eat any blood or any flesh, and he made an agreement before God forever throughout all the generations of the earth in the 1st month.

  1. Thus, if Noach and family were chosen initially because they had previously been keeping the 1st law, as I have proven, then to believe that the Eternal One could not sustain them after they landed, and worse, actually cause them to then break the Agreement to continue living long enough for plants to grow, is preposterous. In point of fact, since they were already long keeping the Agreement, their beings would not even allow the consumption of flesh regardless of how the animal died, much less by murdering it. Many of you have experienced this same phenomenon. 

As I said, this is a great video and for the first time, all of you will finally see how virtually all of the Jewish sages/rabbi’s, etc. knew and understood fully that man was never allowed to kill or eat anything sentient. And, as I have stated in the past, that it is our tradition to understand that Moshe asked for them to be provided another law to use as a crutch until a later time when they became ready to embrace the 1st law again, and make Teshuvah. Moshe was obviously optimistic.

I have long taught that the rabbinate has always known the truth of the 1st law and kept it hidden amongst their inner circles, and this man proves that in spades. I believe this mans videos to be a great learning tool for all of you, and a prophetic mile marker happening in real time.  Yes, some of the sage opinions can be skewed towards how they wanted to see it, although he also makes that clear, so, this is a good tool to learn how they understand this topic.

At first, you may get the impression that this man fully believes in the animal sacrifices, and only differentiates between them and the killing of animals outside of that specific practice to be wrong, but give it time and you will see that he is smart enough to ease them into and away from that sacred cow. EVEN to go as far as to show that the sages understood and admit that there will be a Return all the way back to total veganism someday and that the sacrifices will be offerings of vegetation. Which, as I stated earlier, is exactly what the DSS texts say concerning what Noach upon leaving the ark.

In the end, the bottom line is that the so-called sages were mere men who studied allot, had a lot of data, but usually minimal wisdom. And simplifying precepts and ritual was not their main goal. From my perspective growing up as a Karaite, and by my long experience living among them, they tend to complicate the little things in Torah. Generally, so they can live their way while believing those things to be “allowed” by their authority. Which is another point you will hear stipulated by this scholar/teacher. Which again is why the texts eventually became adulterated on certain specific topics as I have shown. Because just like those with Moshe, people continue to want their meat regardless of station.

I would suggest holding on to this video and going through it at least two times. It’s also a good tool for certain people/Christians to watch if you have any on the fence. If only for them to see that even the highest Jewish authorities knew this to be the original path and still the best path to follow. Then give them the LMH book.   

Scholar Asa Keiser 

 Asa Keiser's short conferance video 

Additionally, here are four short videos recently published on youtube in regards to the growing trend in Israel towards Veganism.  

Vegan Congress in Israelhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JCaRFwA4iNo 

IDF going Veganhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=clo8LZNpjxc 

Israel’s Vegan Revolutionhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLfaFtxUKOQ 

Some strong supporting video that can be shown to Christian's or anyone in general who may be starting their journey back to the 1st law path. Truth showing the Elect One and his Brother James were indeed vegetarians and did not eat lamb as so many Christians claim Jesus to have partaken in on Passover. 

Includes Supporting Text from:

Eusebius' Ecclesiastical History (Complete & Unabridged) 2.23 Translated by C.F. Cruse

The Clementine Homilies (Homilies 3:45, 7.4, 7.5)

And many more at the end of the video!! 




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