Welcome Back My Friends to the Show That Never Ends, So Glad You Could Attend, Come Inside! Come Inside!

STAR-GATE Found and Photographed Near the Sun!


More specifically, this is a Super-Gate that will allow large craft to enter and leave!

This video below was sent to me today by my friend, Mack, and I will be going with his assessment on this one; that the presence of such a large StarGate within our Domed-creation-space can in no way be a good thing. If this is real, and so far as per the photo taken it appears to be, we may be about to witness fantastic events.

Like Mack said - "Read Shmuel's book SOUL REVOLUTION and then tell me this new reality of a Supergate is a good thing." 

Recall who used to come through the smaller gates as they found in 1931, in Egypt?

And now found displayed today as the CERN laboratories main mascot!



And what is Shiva always displayed with UNDER his foot?

A child of humanity!

For many years after intently watching the original, made for TV StarGate series, and all the subsequent spinoff's, while  seeing the specific depth of the original shows historic and scientific details; details which few if any other Sci-Fi shows ever rose to, I came to believe that 90% of what that show was depicting concerning the origins of the ancient "gods", and how they enslaved mankind here and in many other lands - (Outside of our Ice Containment Ring called - Antarctica) and NOT somewhere in "Space", to be true.  

And of course, most will instantly devolve that idea into the myth that those "gods", created all life here; but they will always forget to ask - WHO CREATED THEM? None of those alleged "gods" is anything more than I depicted within that Soul Revolution book; they are the fabrications of the higher, but fallen Malakim - (Sons of GOD).  Or, possibly even the physical manifestation of those fallen ones. 

It would appear, although we have no clue how long that Supergate has been up there dangling like a lucky charm, that those false "gods" are soon to reappear. 

As it was in the days of Noach!

I have mentioned this many times in my books and other venues, and it is an absolute point of universal truth that will hold and apply quite heavily someday when these Wraiths swoop down and become the reality of the Indignation to come, as warned by our prophets - And that universal Karma is: 

That which you do to the weaker beings below you; is the CONSENT by YOU required for other beings to bring the same fate upon you!


Is that what Christians were told by a Hebrew prophet? 

So then, we can expect AT LEAST 50% of the world's population to be TAKEN, and another large percentage to just die of fear! 

Leaving then only a small remnant alive and well of the main body until either we are led into the prophesied Greater Exodus, and provided and Renewed heavens & earth, or we expand again until the next great culling. 

The greater Exodus prophecy as we know it has been given and written in concrete form. Meaning, the prophecy means exactly what it says. However, could the prophecy be Binary? Is it possible that by such a culling event that this to could be considered a Great Exodus for all of those people as well?

Removed and delivered upon a different land? A far off land of slavery, like it was in the days of Egypt? And Babylon? 

A far off land - A land mass in the (Outer-Space) beyond our Arctic Ice-Containment-Ring?

 Freeman TV - Aliens from Hell 

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