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Cardinal Direction - End Day Prophecies



Are they reality or more fiction?

I have done some research to see who originally invented the N-S-E-W cardinal points and specifically their nomenclature, and let me tell you, I found nothing conclusive at all other than some basic info about some man named Flavio Gioia of Italy; but all of that info only tells us that he invented a rudimentary compass, and NOT the original cardinal points or their names, etc. 

Yes, I found some basic studies in cross-language evidence that “may” show some basic tendencies for the cardinal points development and their nomenclatures based on the usual linguistic ideas and connections to local topographical alignments, etc. But again, nothing showing me the definitive inventor.

Best we can do is to compare the methods of historical linguistics for the N-S-E-W nomenclature to see how words and ideas were used to express such things as – [The rising of dawn/sun] in connection with [morning], and the [Setting sun] in connection with [evening/night or darkness] etc. 

So, obviously I will get into this using the most ancient Hebrew words and ideas which I believe besides the obvious usage of the “ideas and words”, paints another picture entirely which then must be applied to all prophesy, which then answers many questions concerning where all those evil, end of days satanic monsters and previously locked-away evil souls come from to destroy mankind in those days. Which then, may also provide us more insight regarding why they invented and added so many Soulless Drone Hu-Man’oids to inhabit this place alongside the far fewer souled-people. 

OK so - Hebrew words for: 

  • North is Tsafonah – Literally means = Darkness or hidden.

  • South = Negbah – Literally means = To the Negev or Wilderness.

  • East = Qedemah – Literally means = Rising sun or, direction of.

  • West = Yamah – Literally means = To the Sea or, direction of. 

Now, most of this is obvious right? Words based on ideas. Simple stuff. But one is NOT like the others and I believe for good reason. 

Qedemah – NORTH = DARKNESS?  What? 

In ancient and into modern Hebrew and Jewish circles the word Qedemah invokes the image of RETURNING!

  WHAT? “Returning?” Wow, that is interesting! 

And as I previously pointed out, directly invokes the idea of DARKNESS or a dark place, and also a hidden place. Some from ancient times say it is speaking directly to the Garden of Eden! Where all souls started from before having to LEAVE – Thus, this invocation of Qedemah = RETURNING is quite interesting is it not?  And having that coupled with the idea of DARKNESS and a HIDDEN place? Well, now I believe we are getting somewhere if we continue to go in this direction. 

NOW, before I go on, go back and think about the entire creational idea of that COSMIC EGG, and how it depicts 2 creations – One ABOVE and One BELOW. Or, one to the NORTH and one to its SOUTH. One original and one mimicked creation space! 

And, in order for the souls caught in the Southern-BELOW creation space to RETURN to their original habitation ABOVE, those souls would have to venture into the DARKNESS-ABOVE them to go NORTH-Qedemah to RETURN back to that HIDDEN place – EDEN! 


If you also go back and reread all of the seven warnings I gave, and now, while also bearing in mind all of the prophetic imagery you have already from both the Hebrew prophets and also from Revelation, and specifically relating any and all of those which supply a cardinal direction for the emergence or invasion of some insane sounding entities into our current creation space in the end of days, where do most of them say these entities will be emerging from? 

The bottomless pit? And from the SOUTH in many cases. Which would now make perfect sense if the NORTH is NOT towards the North Pole, but straight up towards the original creation space – AS ABOVE, SO BELOW, Right? 

The NORTH POLE and the Northern direction OR Qedemah? 

  If you really think about this ancient word and all it entails – DARKNESS and HIDDEN and RETURN; From a linguistic standpoint and regardless of the culture, what in the hell does any of that have to do with the literal Northerly direction? Is the “north” inherently DARK? Or Hidden?  NO!  There is quite literally no reason whatsoever to engage those ideas to depict a northerly direction on the ground or in the air, none whatsoever. This alone is proof enough that the ancient lexicon of it had nothing to do with spawning the idea of the later, north direction nomenclature. And also appears to prove the prophetic meanderings to be pointing to completely different directions for all future events. Attacks from above, and attacks from below. And as far as I know, there is only one way to ensure our souls RETURN to the ABOVE. And that would be the Everlasting Agreement - https://www.ahlcglobal.com/collections/ahlcglobal-books/products/land-of-meat-honey-paperback 

So be prepared for a Tsunami of evil souls rushing in from the SOUTH/DOWNWARD from out of that pit to inhabit many humanoids who will then set out to murder every single "marked-sinner" on the earth at that time.  And, as the prophecies state, in the end, they will all be loosed somehow and get to inhabiting bodies in-mass and then things will get real sporty.  Ethereal demon souls that fly into bodies to regain their 3rd-dimensional physicality in order to usurp this world, completely.  If you want to watch a very good depiction of this exact thing occurring and how the world looks after such an extreme war against demons, you should find and watch the TV series – DOMINION

The POLE STAR points the way up and out into the darkness and back to a place that is yet hidden from all of the souls in this lower creation space.

And the rest of the story regarding these alleged North, South, East & West cardinal points as they pertain to direction finding upon the flat-earth creation-space, is yet again a mere distraction from the original truth in order to keep all souls looking in the wrong direction. And exactly as they have done with the original calendar system so that we do not know WHERE we are, nor WHEN we are.



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