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Noah Movie Review and Commentary



As many of you, for as long as I have been watching biblically based movies with a sharp eye for literal historical detail, versus accepted dogma’s or Hollywood fiction, I have personally not yet found one of these movies to hover even slightly close to what I know our Hebrew culture or language depicts on these topics. That is not until I saw the new Noah movie. 

Much like a child, each time I have seen the advertisement of, yet another Torah based movie, I have to admit I find myself a little excited and hopeful that maybe, just maybe this time someone got it more correct, only to be totally let down right up front within the first scenes, but not this time! That said, of course as always, some astounding truth was mingled with more lies for someone’s gain, but I remain shocked, excited and yes, dare I say it, vindicated! In that, this is the very first time someone went to such great lengths to openly depict the long lost, 1st law of God. I will explain: 

Vindicated by Hollywood? Say-it-ain't-so! Believe me, no one was or is still as shocked as I remain twenty-four hours after watching this movie and even compelled to write my first ever movie review. This movie is a must see, and you must watch it very closely, paying attention and bearing in mind all that I have written concerning Noah and The Eternal’s 1st law of the Everlasting Agreement in my books.   

For those of you who have not read my first book, "The Land of MEAT & Honey", or understand the details about the Everlasting Agreement, I will hit on the main points of that Eternal Agreement as they were factually presented in context, and in character within this new movie; although learning the details and nuances of the Everlasting Agreement in their entirety is tantamount to fully grasping the Biblical correctness of this movie and your own soul. I will also point out that there are many other related details which can go missed in this movie, and several ideas which I believe come from remnants of more ancient understandings and events woven together which most people won’t identify as original, Biblical understanding, but should be considered.   

The first scenes begin with the young Noah and his father Lemech foraging for edible plant life on a nearly dead and barren landscape. All trees cut down by men, and all of the ancient crystal trees long felled by the Fallen angels as Enoch told us they did. But the movie cleverly depicts the remaining “seed” that Enoch was also told about.  

  First thing I expected to see out of Hollywood was everyone wearing animal skins for clothing, but I immediately saw none of that on the young Noah or Lemech, interesting I thought. Suddenly a band of skin covered Canaanites come upon them and kill Lemech while Noah hides, but watches.

   The second oddity I noticed and didn't expect to see, was when the now grown man Noah and his older of two sons began to pick some small flowers, but Noah stopped him, saying - 'that the flower should remain alive in the ground for good reason, and that they never take more than they need…WOW!  So, by this point in the movie my interest became peaked and thought, well, it may be depicting that they eat vegetation as all Western Bible texts depict to be “part” of their food source, but, I expected the subsequent scenes to show them also harvesting animals for their main source of food, and I was immediately proven wrong! Not seconds after Noah reminded his son about killing the flowers, a wounded animal runs by them, at which point Noah takes immediate chase. I thought for sure this was it, free meat! 

Surprised and amazed, I was wrong again! Noah, catching up to the animal who could run no longer due to being shot previously with an arrow, laying down to die, kneels before the wounded creature, only to comfort the creature as it died while his son watched from a distance in total disbelief.

At this point, three animal skin-clad men from the hunting party caught up to their kill and attacked Noah, who killed them all using the same arrow that killed the beast. 3 Murders? No! This scene also upheld the Everlasting Agreement which does stipulate our ability for self-defense and in defense of the weak.   

   Strangely, before the three men attacked Noah, the movie producer makes a specific point - One of the men comments on how they haven’t seen any animals for a very long time.

   To me, this said that the masses of Canaanites had nearly annihilated all plant and animal life on the planet by then. I won’t go into additional detail here about the opening scenes, only to say that so far in this movie I can ascertain that Lemech and his family, and Noah and his family were fully vegetarian, and had respect for even the smallest life, even the plant life that they were given, and allowed to harvest. This is the basis of the Everlasting Agreement that existed at the beginning, broken and decimated by the Canaanites, and was reestablished by the Eternal One through Noah as I have proven by the Dead Sea Scroll texts, Torah texts and via the Prophets in my books! That this movie, for the first time in such a production clearly showed what remains to be the same Everlasting Agreement that almost all men have broken again since, and continue breaking today. "As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be...."  

   The following scene then made a point of showing Noah’s youngest son, after hearing of the animal slaughter from his older brother, as being shocked, completely confused and not processing why anyone would kill an animal! Again, more proof that this story-line is pulling the weight of the original truth of the Everlasting Agreement.  At this point, I was convinced and excited to see such a flying unicorn of a movie.

 Has someone finally found the truth and somehow got it past all the hurdles of the Hollywood anti-truth politico in such a big production? 

As the movie progresses quickly from Lemech and young son Noah to the grown-up Noah with his own young family, our long forgotten Everlasting Agreement remains evident and more obvious among all the Noah family characters. In glaring opposition to the Everlasting Agreement being obeyed within the Noah family characters in this movie from their diet to their clothing choices, we have all the rest of the Canaanite characters who make Mad Max look like Ozzie and Harriet. If you pay close attention as the movie progresses within the Canaanite scenes, you will see that the writers made it a point to show the Canaanites tormenting animals, chopping them up and eating them bloody and raw, all along-side of the myriad of other evil human proclivities taking place. 

Another related and very interesting part of this movie is the flashback scenes back to the original Garden of Eden, complete with the ever-present snake representation of course, but with a most interesting apple representation. Watch closely, because this was Not an apple, but a representation of a living, beating heart, not a fruit. I tend to believe that the writers, knowing the truth of the garden and their fall being related to the killing and eating of some of the protected animals there, and not some dubious tree or fruit thereof, gave the movie the essence of the original truth, without departing from the accepted, but false dogma on this subject, which of course would have been just too much for their intended viewing audience. This, along with the many other more original depictions of the eldest but long hidden biblical truths, does prove to me that the writer and producer of this movie are well versed in the most original truths on these topics. So, I was not amazed to later find that he was of Hebrew descent. 

In an unauthorized bible version of the story, we have a very interesting part towards the end when the flood comes.  I won’t give too many details, but it does lend an answer to how the spirit of the original evil Kayin made it to the far side of the flood and lives on to this very day. How did they cleverly transport the “anti-life spirit” of Cain to the other side of the flood you ask?  Simple, but, 99.9% of humanity not knowing that the 1st Law of God even exists totally missed the nuance of how this happened.

I was amazed again to see how the movie's producers, again, and very specifically made it a point to clearly show Noah’s son Ham to have been SOUL-Tainted (by his own CONSENT) through the consumption of animal flesh just prior to leaving the Ark

Another ancient understanding that virtually all Christians never understood, and one that has been long (hidden by the Orthodoxy), is the truthful understanding of exactly what occurred with Ham that got him, and his descendants cursed. I will reveal that understanding here so that you will finally have a far better explanation and understanding of why the Creator laid in such a curse. And think about how deeply unrealistic the final scene in this movie appears without this original understanding being known to you. AND, make sure to combine what follows with Ham’s newly tainted blood and soul as I just described the movie to depict it. 

Ham saw his father’s nakedness…” Which makes no sense to any of you if you don’t understand the ancient culture which continued past Abrahim, and Moshe.  In short, this ancient understanding is NOT referring to the man/father/Noah, but to his wife! 

Seeing Noah’s nakedness, as culturally understood and translated, means that Ham either attempted to or did have sexual relations with his mother – i.e. Ham raped his own mother! NOW, THAT, is a reason to be cursed and cast out, isn't it?  

Additionally, if you have already seen this movie or going to see it, think back or watch for the main emotional theme issue that the young adult Ham was having. Ham had major emotional issues that revolved around not having a woman of his own. Which again, I understand goes against the known, Western Bible translation of this story and how all the sons had wives. But the fact remains that within that same Bible – Ham saw his father’s nakedness! Which must be considered deeply and seriously now that you finally understand the gravity of its true meaning, because that is one hell of a horrendous allegation against an entire bloodline. Whether two or three wives existed before entering the Ark is a far less important point here by comparison to the allegation; And I will posit from my vast experience with the highly manipulated Tanak texts that the scribes added Ham’s wife into the texts at a later date while at the same time burying the understanding of what it actually means to – See a man’s nakedness – so that this diabolical connection would not be made. Ham was adversely affected by the idea of never having a woman which was definitely depicted in this movie. Which would have been exacerbated by the reality of having to wait for one of his brother's daughters to grow up. 

Common sense dictates that by the mere fact that the world became repopulated, that Ham did eventually find some woman out there. Much like with Adam’s son Kayin who is clearly depicted in the Hebrew and western language translation texts as fearing some people “out there” beyond their Garden setting as he was ejected into their midst. Thus, for Ham’s family line to have continued at all, others quite obviously had to have survived the flood besides Noah’s small family, and this movie smartly did not venture into this area, sticking with the most basic “authorized” rendition of Ham, “seeing his father’s nakedness” … and leaving it at that for all to continue pondering the idiocy of it all. Which is fine. 

On a side note, I liked the way they used the words of Enoch for most of this movie, this again to my knowledge has never been done in such a large cinema production. I also liked the way they depicted the watchers, as far higher dimensional beings who rebelled against The Eternal One out of love and not hate for humanity as later narratives teach it. Additionally, how they were encrusted with the “dust of the ground.” Nice touch there, and is also a description directly from the ancient words of Enoch.

As with most of the truth that I identified in this movie, all depicted very subtly, I liked how the singular truth of “Return – Teshuvah” was also depicted in the Watchers as they were conquered one by one in mortal combat while defending the Ark.  In earlier scenes, they depicted other Watcher’s dying in battle fighting alongside Noah’s Grandfather Methuselah many hundreds of years prior, but who, obviously, at that time did not cry out to The Eternal One with the same contrite heart for their original rebellion. Those early Watchers were not depicted as being Returned to the Eternal Creator and their first estate upon their deaths, as these later Watchers were so obviously Returned to their Eternal status while defending the ark. All they had to do was admit their error and culpability to be Returned, and the movie cleverly depicted this. Although undoubtedly lost on the masses of religionists who watched it happen. 

I did find it odd and interesting how they depicted Noah’s understanding, or misunderstanding of the flood plan by the Eternal Creator, just as it is easy for any of us to do when trying to discern His small voice. Even so, the idea that Noah and his family were not supposed to survive past their own lives after off-loading the animals, and that only the animals were supposed to survive and thrive thereafter, is an interesting point of view. But again, even in this view, you will see the law of the Everlasting Agreement upheld by Noah, as Noah chooses love and life over death, even though by doing so he fully believed he was rebelling directly against the Eternal's plan. It turns out he was not. 

As I said on the outset, there are a few areas of the story that diverge from the traditional Western religion storyline, but they are in my opinion worth considering, and they in no way over-fictionalize the story. 

This Bible-based movie does break away from the accepted mold of the authorized, man-made biblical history for sure, and amazingly depicts original truths of the Eternal Creator’s most important tenet for all life and as it should be depicted truthfully – His 1st law of Free will as it is outlined in the Bible for those who can see it, as the Everlasting Agreement

Unfortunately, the masses of religious folk who gravitate to this type of movie will completely miss these original truths as anything more than Hollywood getting their religious dogma incorrect. I expect the likes of all the modern-day Christian Scribes and Pharaoh-sees at their pulpits in church and on TV to talk this movie down like it was created deep within the belly of Hell itself for what they will most certainly see as blatant and unforgivable biblical inaccuracies. Moreover, I expect all Jews to just ignore it completely as always.    

I will, however, suggest that everyone watch it twice.

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